Monday, July 04, 2016

Rabbi Miki Michoel Mark 0f Otniel HY"D.:Hespedim and Videos from Funeral Levaya. Link to Kalev Ben Yefuneh, Otniel ben Knaz with the Spirit of Chevron


VIDEOS: Hespedim From The Levaya Of Rav Miki Mark HY'D 

July 3rd, 2016

The spirit of Caleb and Otniel was evident at this Levaya.  Hashem only takes the best.  What excruciating pain. What a tremendous Kiddush Hashem listening to the speakers' heartbreak and love of their precious Abba whom they thirst and yearn for now that he is gone, his living presence yet no more and their heartfelt prayers for a full  and speedy recovery of their precious Ima,  Chava Rachel bat Ayelet Hashachar whom their Abba loved so much... Love of their Father in Heaven in spite of this tragedy,  Love of the Land of Israel and their commitment to live on the Land in spite of  horrific tragedy.  

No better testimony to their resolve is listening to them sing at the Levaya.  

Who sings at a Levaya one can ask?  

Those with the spirit of Hebron who are, bs"d,  with the Almighty's help, only temporarily broken, not completely broken, whose spirit is strong, who understands from the depths of their hearts and in their intellect, BeDamayich Chayii, in your blood you shall live and  accept the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven with love,  but with seemingly non ending tears and much emotional heartbreak, grief and sorrow...

Al Eyla Ani Bochiya....

Message from Resident of Otniel

Chevron and Otniel - Kalev ben Yefuneh and Otniel ben Knaz those who merit to inherit the Land

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