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Fabulous Speeches at Republican Convention. Donald Trump, Ivanka, Mike Pence, Eric Trump,Tiffany Trump, Donald JR. Trump, Ben Carson, Rudy Giuliani


Trumps Acceptance speech on fighting Terror:

Focus on 3 things
  • Best gathering of intelligence,
  • Abandon failed policy of Nation building Hillary Clinton 
  • Stamp out Isis and Islamic Terrorism NOW and Quickly. 

Trump singles out  with our greatest Ally the State of Israel to fight Radical Islamic Terrorism. 

Previously said he 
We must suspend immigration from any country compromised by terrorism until proven vetting has been put in place we don't want them in our country.

Hillary called on 550 percent increase of Syrian refugees  on top of the flood coming in under President Obama in spite of no screening in order to find out who they are or where they come from . Only admit individuals who support our values and love our people! Anyone who endorses violence, hatred and oppression is not welcome in our country and never ever will be. 

Trump Accepts Nomination. Arutz7


Trump: Clinton's legacy doesn't have to be America's legacy
Republican presidential nominee accepts the nomination, warns against a Clinton presidency and vows to make America great.
Full Speech: Donald Trump Announces Mike Pence as Vice Presidential Candidate (7-16-16) 43:32 minutes

My notes:  Some of his points  

  • Make America Safe and Make America great
  • Islamic Terror attack in France
  • We are Law and Order candidates and Party. There will be respect for Law and Order.
  • Addressing Middle East Instability stemming from Hillary Clinton and Obama in Iraq, Syria.. 
  • Middle East Situation:  Iran gets 150 billion dollars and a nuclear Iran. We didn't get our hostages until the end.  Unrest in Turkey. All because of Obama and Hillary. 
  • Everything they they have done has turned to horrible, horrible death defining problems
  • Jobs were taken away. Bring back Jobs.
  • Mike Pence first choice since he brought back jobs and balanced the budget in Indiana. He is a solid person. That's why Trump chose him as a running mate. 
  • Hillary is crooked Hillary. Bought by Wall STreet. She got away with murder escaping the recent scandals and lies and loss of 33,000 emails. Others have been prosecuted for far less. Wipes her server clean? That's ok?  These are crimes.  She didn't pay the price yet but he believes come November at election time she will pay the price. 
  • She made $ 26 million dollars giving speeches. She is owned  by Wall Street. She will believe in whatever they want her to believe. 
  • Compares her to Mike Pence. He is not afraid to say Radical Islamic Terror the name of our enemy. World Trade Center, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Nice - France etc.
  • Trump says he predicted Brexit
  • Hillary launched Isis. 
  • Will put miners and steel workers back to work
  • Donald Trump speaks about abolishing the Johnson Amendment..  Why is this important? Donald Trump said that he had great leaders of Evangelical's, Christians, Jews and even Muslims in his office who were powerful as individuals but out there,  were timid.  It took him a while to figure out why, until his friend explained that "We live in fear in our churches and synagogues if we say anything slightly political . We live in fear we will lose our tax exempt status if we speak."  This is so because of the Johnson Amendment that established a law that makes people shut up when they say anything that may be interpreted as being political.  The religious voice was taken away.   See 14:53 - 17:25 of above Youtube. 
  • Donald Trump talks about builders who are building plants outside of the USA. Not much going on in USA his builder friend told him.  Trump says that we will bring jobs back to this country and not be stupid.  His conversation with this builder friend was more valuable and telling than any poll.  The builder wasn't being judgmental. He was being factual.   Builders are building massive plants elsewhere. Trump says that there should be consequences when you fire people and move to a different country. That will keep jobs in America. 
  • In Indiana as Governor, Mike Pence cut taxes, balanced budget, provided Education Choice, Spent more money on Education and more money in infrastructure. That is how Donald Trump operates in his business. Get things done under budget and ahead of schedule...This turnaround impressed Donald Trump.
  • Says Ted Cruz is a good guy.  
Mike Pence speaks
Says "I am Christian, Conservative and Republican in that order". Family man with family values. Wants America Safe and Prosperous. Weakness arouses evil.  Said we will lead with strength to hunt down and destroy enemies of our freedom. Get rid of Common core.   Hillary Clinton must never become president.  Solid Guy.

Donald Trump's Children Shine (links to all three of his children's speeches)

Donald Trump Jr.,  FANTASTIC Speech at Republican National Convention (7-19-16) RNC

You really have to watch this speech. Briefly,  he described his upbringing where he and his siblings were taught to appreciate the doers, those with character, street smarts with a good work ethic and drive for excellence. Trump was not afraid to get his hands dirty to learn those who were knowledgeable and encouraged his kids to do the same.  Not necessarily from academics who merely talk in theory with no hands on experience.  Trump was able to recognize potential in people who were not able to see it in themselves.   Donald Junior Trump said that they want all of American's to have the opportunities that he and his siblings had.  AFter listening to his speech, one can not help to admit that Donald Trump did a wonderful job in raising his kids.  

Eric Trump
Another fantastic speech.
He raises many of the Trump platform and adds interesting points.  Eric speaks as a proud son. His father is running in order to be public servant. He doesn't really need the job but he saw the crumbling of the nation before his eyes and felt he has to make a difference. As a businessman he couldn't stand seeing special interest dollars dictating incompetent foreign policy putting other countries before our own,  or see 150 billion dollars to Iran and releasing 5 radical Islamic terrorists as a successful negotiation, or the continued attacks on 2nd Amendment, the word Christmas stripped from public use, or the pledge of allegiance removed from our schools in an effort to being political correct.  Quality, uncompromising, the best, to give the American dream back to the people to whom it belonged. Common sense business approach, practical solutions, practical decision making to a nation in trillion dollar debt...common sense tax deductions, to allow our citizens to keep more of what they earn rather than have it squandered away by an inefficient gov't, he wants to bring business back to America. He employed tens and tens and tens thousands of people. He understands the value of the dollar. He is accustomed to sign the front not the back of the check.  He sees public projects managed with incompetence and ineptitude.  Completes projects ahead of schedule and under budget. Frustrated with infrastructure compared to other countries. Security because of unvetted immigrants.  Trade imbalance with China and Mexico, He loves and is proud of his country and wants it to be great again.  Eric talks about Charity.  What are we doing for others? Eric founded  Eric Trump Foundation raising funds for terminally ill children at St. Jude. Runs charity based on honesty integrity and values and not corruption and scandal or a conduit of personal enrichment. For whom much is given, much is required.  His father is running: For the unemployed, the veteran, the school teacher forced to walk through metal detectors in underfunded schools, for labor worker, oil and coal worker, single mothers, special need children,  Vote the candidate who is running for the right reasons, who never was a politician and never received a paycheck from the gov't.  He can't be bought, bribed and steer from the path that is right and true. Vote for the candidate who doesn't need the job. 

Tiffany Trump Donald Trumps Daughter Speech at Republican National Convention (7-19-16)
Speaks lovingly of a caring father who encourages challenges and to be the best version of herself and to stay true to who she is. She said her father draws out the talent in people, he encouraged her to do what she loves and for excellence, supported her when she was going through hard times.  He is good with advice but keeps it short.. to help one find ones own way...  Do what you love, don't hold back,  don't let fear of failure get in the way is the Trump formula. 

Ben Carson Addresses RNC
Ben Carson is a religious man and puts G-d in the front burner.  He denounces Hillary Clinton for taking G-d our of our lives.  He quotes "We the People"

WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Republican National Convention Speech 

Donald Trump Biography Video Played at the RNC featuring Jon Voight, Trumps kids, Mayor Giuliani
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