Friday, July 15, 2016

Oz VeGaon Commemoration of Gilad Eyal Naftali. It's been 2 years . Uplifting and Inspiring Video from Women in Green, Nashim BeYarok! Please forward...


Kol HaKavod to Nadia and Yehudit Katsover, Eishei Chayil, and to all those involved and participated in this heartwarming emotionally uplifting celebration of Living through Blood. BeDamayich Chayii.

Enough of human sacrifices.  May we merit the coming of Moshiach and the building of the Holy Temple in our times very soon! Shabbat Shalom UmeVorach!

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Subject:Uplifting and inspiring video clip- וידיאו מרגש ומרומם

Growing together in Oz veGaon-

Moving video clip of the event marking 2 years ;

with Racheli Fraenkel, Bat-Galim Shaer and Uri Yifrach, (parents of the 3 boys Naftali,Gil-Ad and Eyal hy"d)

and with Davidi Perl, Gush Etsion local Council head


An inspiring and uplifting video with English subtitles – please spread far and wide


Shabbat Shalom


Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar



צומחים יחד בעוז וגאו"ן- וידיאו אירוע לציון שנתיים לעוז וגאו"ן

עם רחלי פרנקל, בת-גלים שער, אורי יפרח  (הוריהם של שלושת הנערים נפתלי,גיל-עד ואייל הי"ד)

ודוידי פרל, ראש מועצת גוש עציון


קליפ מרגש ומרומם- אנא הפיצו


שבת שלום


יהודית קצובר ונדיה מטר




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