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Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky When Asked, Says That He is Voting for Trump.... "A man is known by the company he keeps" Aesop


Shmuel Koenig, a fellow activist for Eretz Yisroel Hashleima and for Yehuda and Shomron,   asked Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky whom he is voting for and Rabbi Kamenetsky answered, Donald Trump.... Rabbi Kamenetsky also told Shmuel Koenig that if asked, we can tell people but didn't want to publicize.  

That seems confusing to me....

So I debated whether to put this on my blog...

My Mother zul er zeyn gezunt, may she live and be well, always said "Nisht do kin Behaltene Zachen" which means that there are no hidden secrets.  Bill Clinton found out the hard way....

Why would Rabbi Kamenetsky share this important newsworthy information with us, avid Trump supporters, if he really didn't want others to know.. Didn't he knowingly realize, that there are activists like myself in close contact with Shmuel Koenig, who are itching to get the news out there and that he was putting a stumbling block in my blogging path?  

I concluded that Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky personally didn't want to publicize his choice for President due to political considerations but didn't really mind if we somehow let others know.  At least that is what I wanted to believe. (Otherwise I think I need to ask Mechila for this post...)

But the following clinched my decision to post this news...

In order to get an idea as per how Rabbi Kamenetsky's choice would influence voters, we, (avid Trump advocates) asked a well known Rebbetzin and a typical Beis Medrash Yeshivish guy whom they were voting for.  Both replied they wanted to vote for a write-in a candidate.  

In our limited survey among friends and acquaintances, this seemed to be a voting trend in the Jewish Orthodox world.  

When we casually mentioned to these 2 individuals that Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky was voting for Trump both then said, if that is the case, then they too will vote Trump.

It was then that I decided to write this post.  

So the above information is purely for those of you who are sitting on the fence, wondering for whom Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky is voting for to help you decide and in the meanwhile are planning on voting for Miriam M a Brooklyn write-in  candidate.  (see below)

Why Jews Should Vote for Trump.  A digression.... Maybe you haven't heard it all...

"A man is known by the company he keeps" Aesop

A man is judged by the company he keeps....

If you want to know the character of Donald Trump and what his true inner feelings are towards Jews and toward Israel look at the company he keeps. 
(I know my posts are lengthy and people tend not to have the patience to finish reading the entire post, so I purposely put my digression in early on.)

Let us return to the discussion of the latest voting trend of voting for a non candidate.

Apparently the Orthodox Jewish Community is confused as per whom to vote.  The Jewish Leadership is "Neutral" at best or in the case of the OU,  openly supportive of Hillary Clinton.  

On page 11 in this week's Jewish Press there is an ad for Borough Park - Flatbush - Kensington's own write-in candidate for President 


An educated guess would predict that a significant and sizable number of civic minded, intelligent, frum Jews are choosing to vote a write in vote, a wasted vote, since they have been encouraged  by our community leaders to come out and vote but they have not be advised as per whom to vote.  They have come to the conclusion, based on what they have been hearing from Rabbinic and Community leaders, that since both candidates are equally bad they will vote  "neutral",  for a non candidate.  
I wonder how many votes CHAYA M. the Neutral, non candidate, will get from religious Jews in Brooklyn?

Many liberal Jews will opt for a write-in candidate, because they are turned off by Trump's offensive remarks and Hillary's treason. 

Being offensive, apparently for many,  falls into the same category as being treasonous!?!

This non voting choice from the Orthodox Jewish community,  however is quite shocking....  coming from a religious,  fiscally conservative, Torah educated, pro Israel community whose Torah values are much in line with the Republican Party's platform!  

Apparently, secretly they are praying that Hillary is not elected so long as it doesn't affect their bottom line. (Something Trump probably can relate to)... 

How do I know? Because after defending their choice of voting for a non candidate they will add "and let's pray Hillary doesn't win".

This Mehalech, this trend, significantly benefits Hillary's candidacy.  To be "neutral",   is to neutralize the opposition and those who dare to expose the evils and treason of the Obama Administration and of  Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. 

This approach was similarly used to delegitimize Jewish hilltop youth in Judea and Samaria.... Just make them appear to be "Jewish Terrorists" as bad as the Palestinian terrorists...Yemach Shemam. America then can claim to be a third neutral party working with both sides of the Israel/Palestinian conflict who actively engage in terror and human rights violations. 

The best damage control Hillary's camp can hope for is to make both candidates look equally bad. Anyone who actually tries to make Hillary Clinton look like a wonderful candidate for Jews will be taken as a fool and this would be counterproductive. It would serve to hurt Hillary as it would appear to be disingenuous and doing so risks losing one's respect, reputation and credibility in the  Jewish community. ( I genuinely feel sorry for David Greenfield and Menachem Genack....)

Dov Hikind fell into this hole as well.  At a "neutral" forum hosted by the Talmud Torah of Flatbush, mediated by Leon Goldenberg a Board Member of the Agudah, Dov Hikind a Democrat for Trump was  to debate a pro Hillary supporter Menachem Genack CEO of the Kashrut Division of the Orthodox Union.  Hikind backed down and announced he simply can not vote for Trump.  At this forum there was not even a pretense of "neutrality"

Then today on the Nachum Segal radio program JMINTHEAM Jeff Ballabon, a true Trump supporter debated David Greenfield a Hillary supporter, with Nachum Segal being the "neutral" moderator.  Here they almost succeeded in pulling off a proper "neutral" and civil debate. Nachum did not quite succeed however when they started lashing at each other in a most uncivil manner...Nachum tried his best to remain neutral and maintain decorum...

What is clear to me is that when one postures as being neutral, in truth they are coming from a bias.  The questions were clearly formulated so as not to antagonize either candidate since then one would question the neutrality of the moderator.  If a candidate is antagonized by the question the moderator will be accused of a bias. This then biases the questions on the side of sounding neutral rather than on the actual questions themselves.

Here is the catch...

There is no such thing as a Torah neutral position just because there is a Presidential election.  There is just Emes of Torah. 

The Aguda and the OU are political organizations who have been funded directly from the Democratic Party.  Neither party is objective and each are blinded with a bias. Prime Minister Netanyahu as well is a politician blinded by political considerations and no one can look towards him for Torah clarity.

Allow me to be presumptuous, speaking with the spirit of Chevron,  and speak out like the child who sees the Emes of the Emperor's clothing.   

The Child sees with great clarity that the Emperor is naked. 

Any child who learns Torah and about the Bris, the Covenant, which Hashem Promised to our Forefathers individually, Avroham, Yitzchak and Yaakov,  will have Emunah Peshuta, simple faith,  that Har HaBayit, Temple Mount, all of Yehuda and Shomron which includes all the H-ly sites,  Kever Rochel, Maarat HaMachpela and Kever Yosef are an integral part of our Biblical Heritage, G-d's Land.  No leader nor individual, as powerful as they are, has the right to give away our Promised Land. We just learned that from the first Rashi of Breishith.

Hashem is watching this campaign and is wondering why our Rabbinic Leaders have been silent and have difficulty with this basic, fundamental truth and are unable to vocalize and publicize it!

The reason is clearly because foreign gods, the Sitre Acher have infiltrated our holiest of places, our Leadership, our Batei Medrashim and our shuls and schools to confuse us.  

That is why we find ourselves unable to yell out in emotional pain when the gov't of Israel, being under the influence of the Israeli Supreme Court who is under the influence of foreign G-d's, funded by the likes of Soros, and leftist NGO's rule against Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria, and can not unequivocally revoke their decision to demolish homes in Amona and Ofra. 

One does not have to be a brilliant Chacham to know that the destruction of Gush Katif was evil and a tragedy of epic proportions a Bechiya of Dorot, a cause for perpetual mourning,  a continuation of tragedies which all happened on Tisha Baav.  Nor does it take hours of learning Mesechtos, tractates that deal with Property rights to know that the property of 10,000 Jews were cruelly taken away for an idolatrous and false vision of "Peace".

Donald Trump is surrounded by G-d Fearing people.  See above...He is surrounded by individuals who have a proven track record that their support of Israel is real and not merely politically nor money motivated.  

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, is surrounded by individuals who are closely tied to Israel's enemies (The Huma Video in her official capacity has personally empowered Israel's worst enemies. Good Jews who are her strongest advocates are in my opinion, misguided individuals under her political influence who unfortunately will with time be embarrassed to know that they were merely useful idiots who promoted her agenda into office.  

Will others say the same about me for supporting Trump?   That I was a useful idiot?

One can only judge based on the evidence at hand.  

I can honestly say that neither candidate has in any way acknowledged my blog nor my input in any way.  I hope that my only influence comes from my understanding of what is written and what we learn from Torah and from having lived in Kiryat Arba hi Hebron. 

Hillary's platform is to advance the 2 State Solution.  Her close relationship with Netanyahu is contingent on his willingness to advance the 2 State Solution.

How would Hillary respond if  Netanyahu openly rejected the 2 State Solution Narrative? 

Very possibly with a vote in the UN for a Palestinian State and she would probably berate him as she did in the past when there was news of construction in Jerusalem or in areas over the green line.  

How would Donald Trump respond? Probably favorably.

Trump has said that he will be neutral with negotiating for an Israeli and Palestinian peace.  Since then his platform has rejected the 2 State Solution. The Trump campaign in Israel in fact is based in Judea and Samaria.  His "neutrality" has a given that one does not negotiate with terrorists nor with governments that educate and glorify terror.  Hillary's starting point of negotiation is to negotiate unconditionally, with the PA who is Fatah who is in cahoots with Hamas. Both Hillary and Donald claim to be a "neutral" party and a great friend of Israel,  though with Hillary her starting position and willingness to negotiate with evil makes her position extremely untrustworthy and dangerous for Israel. 

Trump and the Republican Platform has clearly been supportive of Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria and Trump is probably scratching his head why Orthodox Jews who learn and read the Torah daily haven't at the very minimum acknowledged his platform with great appreciation and Hakoras Hatov.  According to David Friedman, he has had to rely primarily on Evangelicals to do that.  

How will we as Jews be able to face the Borei Olam, the Olam HaEmes, in a Heavenly Court, when they asked us why we were sitting on the fence afraid to speak forthright for Torah because there was a chance that the Democrats would get elected and we needed to be on their good side. 

Are we so afraid of the collapse of our Jewish Institutions and its funding if Trump got elected and who as President may not be so generous with gov't funding for Jewish social programs and institutions? 

Why aren't we afraid of the poison we are ingesting with blood money that has bought our silence about Iran and about the nullification of the Torah  with the Government of Israel's willingness in principle to negotiate for a 2 State Solution. 

This "Solution" would not even benefit Palestinians, as they themselves will find themselves under a corrupt regime, with worse economic opportunity and health and education benefits than under the State of Israel,  and puts all of Israel. not to mention the entire Middle East, in dire danger?

 What about Ein Old Milvado?  

With Nuclear threats, economic collapse etc, we need Hashem to fight for our battles, not Obama or Hillary.  

Rabbosai, but we need to merit Hashem's salvation!  Trump will get his reward for sure in Olam HaEmes, for his pro Torah platform that rejects the Two State Solution. 

How about us?  That can only come when we, the Jewish People testify on G-d's behalf the Truth of the Torah!

But Trump more than anyone knows the power of being bought...  

Trump has not been inconsistent with his Pro Israel stand.  The proof of this can be judged by the company he keeps.  


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