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Fwd: A good laugh and something to take seriously Mike Huckabee on voter recount and Investigating Clintons

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I have to admit, sometimes MSNBC offers up some absolutely delicious video, this time about Hillary's Clinton's hypocrisy when it comes to challenging election results.

From the debate stage, candidate Hillary said that Donald Trump's reluctance to automatically accept any hypothetical Election Day scenario was "horrifying." Of course, standards are meant for other people, not the Clintons, so she's since hopped onto Jill Stein's recount bandwagon.

Question: If, as Stein has said, this recount is not about changing the outcome but simply to give voters confidence in the process, why is it targeted only to the combination of three states that have even a remote possibility of changing that outcome? Hmmmmmmm???

Though it seems like the sort of frivolous waste of money liberals are known for, Republicans had better take this or any recount effort seriously. There's a method to Stein's madness, and we can see it more clearly now that Hillary is on board. When Democrats come in to count votes, they bring teams of lawyers interested not in a fair determination but strictly in furthering their clients' interest, which is, of course, WINNING. They will do absolutely anything and everything they possibly can to bring about a win. "The process" becomes all about who has the most aggressive legal team –- one that makes OJ's "Dream Team" look like slackers.

Exhibit A: Sen. Al Franken.

So Trump's people better have a rock-solid legal team in place to counter this, one that draws a line in the sand (or builds a big beautiful, termite-resistant wall with no door) that the opposition absolutely cannot cross. Democrats in close contests have taken to heart a saying you've probably heard (often attributed to Josef Stalin), "It's not the people who vote that count; it's the people who count the votes."

Point made? Okay, now here's that delicious video I promised. Laugh along!


Mike Huckabee


Message from Mike Huckabee:  

"Get my book "A Simple Christmas." Every Christmas, I still think about that guitar and the sacrifice it represented. And I hope I don't forget to think about the greatest sacrifice of all, God's gift of Himself."

Find it on here.

And in case you missed these:  

Liberal Tolerance...

By Mike Huckabee

Hillary Clinton supporters are showing Republican Electoral College voters some of that open-minded, kindhearted tolerance that should make them want to vote for her instead of reflecting their states' wishes and voting for Trump. Nah, I'm only joking: they're really harassing Republican electors with hate mail and death threats. One Michigan GOP elector said he's had Hillary advocates "talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out." Which is an odd message, coming from people who want more gun control.

But of course, in their minds, it's perfectly justified for them to try to gain political power through bullying, violence and death threats. Why? Because Republicans are fascists, of course.

Investigating the Clinton Foundation

By Mike Huckabee

When Donald Trump was taking heat from the right last week for allegedly saying he'd prefer not to pursue an investigation of Hillary Clinton, I pointed out that the story was meaningless. The President doesn't determine that, and besides, the investigations most threatening to Hillary involved the Clinton Foundation, and those weren't going away.

Now, the New York Post claims a source close to Trump's transition team told them that Trump plans to encourage other nations to investigate the Clinton Foundation. Specifically, the governments of Haiti and Colombia, both of which were supposedly the recipients of major charity programs by the Clinton Foundation that seemed to benefit few people other than the Foundation's donors. Worse news yet for the Clintons: donations to the Foundation have dropped by 37% since last year, and since the election, Norway has cut donations by 87% and Australia has cut off donations entirely. I have to wonder, if the Clinton Foundation was not a front for influence-peddling, why did the money start drying up the second everyone realized it was fresh out of influence to sell?


Message from Mike Huckabee:  

Get my book "A Simple Christmas.": Every Christmas, I still think about that guitar and the sacrifice it represented. And I hope I don't forget to think about the greatest sacrifice of all, God's gift of Himself.

Find it on here.

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