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Fwd: URGENT! קהילה שכולה תורה - עמונה Hareidim are the deciding factor regarding Amona. From Mattot Arim Please lobby Chareidi Rabbanim to not allow Amona Demolition.


I have been in touch with Susie Dym, Director and spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an political advocacy group for Judea and Samaria and now specifically for Amona..   

Apparently there are two Chareidi MK's on the Amona Committee that can make a difference on the  Knesset vote on whether 40 families with 200 children are thrown out of their homes and their homes demolished. The names of the Knesset members are Uri Maklev of UTJ (United Torah Judaism) and MK Avrohom Malkieli (Shas).  Please send them emails! 
(If you wish cc: or  bcc: me and I will publish  your letter on my blog). 

MK Uri Maklev MK Avraham Michaeli,

Regulation Law goes to Knesset for vote
Tension mounts for backers of the bill in light of doubts as to how the Kulanu and United Torah Judaism members of the coalition will vote.

Please read the letter below from Susie Dym of Mattot Arim.  Please post it on social media and publish in your paper. Forward to all the people you know who can make a difference. Don't stand idly by.   Please call up your Rav!  

We don't sit by when arson strikes and destroys homes in Israel and we can't sit by when legislation rules to demolish Jewish homes in Samaria with a bulldozer.   Please call Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rabbi Feldman, Mr. Michael Rothschild,  and any Rav you know to ask their Organization to please use their influence, contact UTJ and Shas and to please save these homes.  Davening for them after the fact is not helpful.  We must prevent the Gezera. 

Please read MK Yariv Levin's analysis of the regulation law that is now pending in the Knesset that can hopefully help all settlement in Judea and Samaria so that what is now happening in Amona, with homes slated for demolition will not happen elsewhere.  

'It's time for the court system to change'
Tourism Minister Yariv Levin talks to Arutz Sheva about Amona, the Regulation Law, and the court system as a whole.
Don't we pray every day הושיבה שופטינו כבראשונה

A Kabbalist connected the fires in Israel to this Regulation Law and our failure to pass it threatening Amona and other Yishuvim. 

Fires Divine Retribution for Attempts to Destroy Settlements, Claims Rabbi
The devastating fires which swept through Israel in the past days are God's punishment upon the Israeli government for planning to dismantle several Jewish communities in the West Bank, said a settler leader and rabbi on Thursday.
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I think you might write to the hareidi positions of power in the USA to remind that the Knesset committee on Amona has only 10 proponents of the rights vs. 8 opponents. So, if the 2 hareidi representatives to the committee, MKs Malkieli (Shas) and Maklev (UTJ) do not vote with the right, there will no longer be a majority and there will be a churban of the kehilla of Amona.
About this it may be said למה יאמרו בגויים איה אלוהיהם because this is a Kulo Torah community.
As was once told, the kindergarten aged children in Amona were taught by their teacher that one is prohibited from shaving during Sefiras haOmer.
The children asked: "What does 'shaving' mean?" – because their fathers all have beards and they have never seen someone "shaving".


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