Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fwd: Why I Chose Trump


We need to continue to remind ourselves after the election because of the Soros funded campaign to discredit Trump...

A good example of their toxic agenda is Hakeem Jeffries telephone townhall meeting last night to discredit the Election.  Another example of deceiving and betraying his constituents once again. 

Jeffries can't deceive me any more.

We were fooled with his brilliant display of breath of knowledge of the Iran deal and deceptful convincing show of being a staunch friend of Israel. Boy were we fooled.  Even the Russians in Brighton Beach.   

It was all a coverup for his advocacy of the disastrous Iran deal.

Betrayed once but never again.  His advocacy for Planned Parenthood and now his efforts to discredit Trumps victory is in character.

My analysis is that Hakeem Jeffries operates like a charming snake not to be trusted...

Our fight is not over with a Trump has just begun...

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Date: Nov 17, 2016 9:13 AM

Someone asked me today how, being an educated guy, I could stand up for Trump, a misogynist, a racist and a bigot. Here is my answer:
Because I use my head to research and find out what candidates really are, not what the media wants me to think.

Because DT has more women in executive and managerial positions than any comparable company, which tells me he is not a misogynist.

Because he pays these women the same or more than their male counterparts, which tells me looks for capacity and skills in people, not color, gender or race.

Because he fought the West Palm Beach City to be able to open his newly purchased club, so he could include blacks and Jews as members, who had been banned until then. This tells me he is not a racist. 

Because he has raised wonderful children that have turned out to be outstanding, hard working and compassionate adults. He must be doing something right. 

Because his economic plans makes sense, are conservative in nature, and I vote based of what is best for my family, my friends and my country.

Because everybody, the left and the right are afraid of him, the media is trying to destroy his image, and even foreign governments are voicing their opinion, so he must be doing something right. Clean house maybe? 

Because I want a SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the U.S.) that will uphold the Constitution, not behave as minions of the administration. I have had enough with judges that are more like political activists than law enforcers. I do not want the same fate for the SCOTUS.

Because I fear for my families safety if the current trend of not confronting blatant terrorism continues which is a threat to our way of life. 

Because I am fed up with the rampant corruption of this administration. Accountability in government is paramount, and as this administration has demonstrated, it is a foreign concept to them.

Because I am fed up with the political correctness gone wild, and because he is not afraid to say what everybody thinks but does not dare to say. A thug is a thug, regardless of color, and that's it. 

Because it is about time someone puts America's interests ahead of other countries.

Because I know he recognizes and embraces America's exceptionalism, and will not tour the World apologizing for who we are. That tells me he is a patriot. 

Because, unlike HRC, he has actually held a job, worked hard and achieved success.
And last, but not least, because I am more offended by what Hillary does than by what Trump says.
Obama belonged to a church for 20 years that had as its pastor Rev. Jeremy Wright, an outright vicious anti-Semite.  Obama denied ever hearing any of Wright's Jewish diatribes, which was a major lie. The press dropped this issue in a few days, but they are not giving up on Bannon, who has had major Jewish organizations and important Jewish individuals vouch for him. 
The only Jews who are still making a Federal case out of this is the slimy left wing Jews (there I said something nasty about Jews, so I guess I am an anti-Semite) and the progressive (really Liberal, but they are embarrassed by that name).
LW is appalled by the hysteria being whipped up by opponents of president-elect Donald Trump who are lobbing unsubstantiated and untrue charges at a Trump aide, claiming he is anti-Semitic.

"Steve Bannon has been described repeatedly by those who know him well as an ardent Zionist and one who is overly-sensitive to anti-Semitic claims by others," said Lori Lowenthal Marcus, co-chair of " are thrilled to have an ardent supporter of a strong Israel and a strong America in the White House."

Steven K. Bannon, former editor-in-chief of Breitbart News and recently appointed Chief Strategist to Trump has been smeared by charges of being both anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. At least one organization is using its title and history as a mantle of piety courageously calling out anti-Semitism as a cover for engaging instead in a partisan political attack.

A prime example of this is the tweet [ issued by the Anti-Defamation League's executive director, Jonathan Greenblatt, immediately after Bannon's appointment was made. Greenblatt condemned Bannon as promoting "white nationalists" and "unabashed anti-Semitics."

"The Anti-Defamation League's attack on Bannon is ludicrous," said Richard Allen, co-chair of, "The ADL and its CEO Jonathan Greenblatt have brought partisan politics out of the secret passages and in through the front door."

"Jews who love Israel and who want an organized defender of the Jewish people and the Jewish State now know, to a certainty, that the ADL is not that defender," Marcus added. "Those who continue to financially support the ADL are on notice that their money is being used to support the Democratic party, not Jews or the Jewish State."

" is enthusiastic about the Bannon appointment because he is a strong fighter for the American people. His appointment signals that political correctness will not be allowed to silence truth. Fighting against Islamic terrorism, opposing the disastrous Iran deal and honoring our military are back at this White House," explained Carol Greenwald, co-chair of is confident that the man chosen by president-elect Trump to be his chief strategist will be a great friend of Israel in the White House and we will be vigilant on our watch to ensure that is the case. is a national network comprised of many thousands who chose Trump because of his strong positions on national security and foreign policy, including opposition to the Iran Deal and an ironclad commitment to the security and sovereignty of Israel.

Other pro-Jewish organizations and individuals have been quick to support Bannon and pushback against the ADL's calumny. The Zionist Organization of America immediately condemned the attack on Bannon, as did writers such as David Goldman and Melanie Phillips.

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