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Very Strong Letter to Orthodox Jews by Linda Cohn if They Vote for Hillary or a Write In Candidate.


My comments:  First let me preface by saying that this letter is not easy reading.  It is accusatory and does not put us Orthodox Jews in a positive light.  Calling us "prostitutes" is not exactly complementary. 

So why would I put such a strong accusatory letter on my blog?

Perhaps because I have been listening some of Alon Anava's videos on youtube. Please google him. Here is one video clip I recommend them highly and they have changed my entire outlook about things.  Alon Anava experience a NDE, Near Death Experience. His youtubes are fascinating and I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt authentic. He could not have made it up.  As for me, so many truths that I had second guessed, thinking....perhaps my perceptions were off, perhaps others know more than I, ....were in fact strengthened.  

Listening to him makes one really understand that up in heaven we can not hide behind the truth.  We will be judged according to what is the truth and we will not be able to hide.  Our deepest suffering will come from understanding the long reaching consequences of our actions and we will be terribly embarrassed by our choices because we disappointed G-d, we disappointed our fellow Jews and we disappointed G-d's great expectation of us.  No words were able to describe the deep emotional pain our Neshomas experience in a heavenly court when the ramifications of our deeds are shown in a blinding light and we realize that we messed up.  

He explained that any suffering in this world is so much more worth any suffering in the world to come.  Better we correct our sins now then later in spite of our temporary discomfort or embarrassment.  The tremendous spiritual pleasures we can earn in the world to come is also not comparable to anything down on this earth.  

Rabbosai.... We have 2 days to see and share the truth.  We have 2 days to put our vote for Judea and Samaria and our rights to settle all of Eretz Yisroel our Biblical Homeland, for Jerusalem and for the Torah which is consistent with the platform of the Republican party.

Or we can vote for the party that is intimate with the Muslim Brotherhood, with a candidate and party that funded ISIS and made ISIS great and powerful.  with a Candidate that has empowered a nuclear Iran. With a candidate who speaks of rights for women and children and means Planned parenthood and Population control via abortion and any other means. 

Our Sages say that in the Desert the women refused to give of their Jewelry to the Golden Calf.  I see Linda Cohn from the Levite tribe acting as did her ancestors, full of pain, watching the men, leaders in the desert prostituting to the Golden calf .  She is begging the Rabbinic Leaders not to follow in the footsteps of the Miraglim, the Spies who spoke poorly of our precious Land.

If she wakes up our generation, she will have done the greatest eternal kindness to any man or Rabbi she might have offended.  Robin


To the orthodox Jews who would vote for Hillary, Chaya M. or any third
party candidate:  

Are you going to prostrate yourselves on the altar
of Mammon/money and forget Jerusalem one more time?  

That's what you did when you voted for Obama twice.  Don't pretend otherwise.  Don't
pretend Hillary will be different.  You are putting your social
welfare benefits (i.e. money) above the safety and security of Israel
and the lives of its citizens.

There is no comparison between the support Israel will get from Trump
vs. the grief it will get from Hillary.

Hillary who
•       as Secretary of State harangued Netanyahu for 45 minutes at 3 am in
the morning because Joe Biden was furious that while he was visiting
Israel, Israel approved building new apartments in north Jerusalem,

•       chooses as her closest advisor and friend, Huma Abedin, whose family
has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.  (Huma Abedin's mother sits
on the Presidency Staff Council of the International Islamic Council
for Da'wa and Relief, a group that is chaired by the leader of the
Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. and she founded an aid
organization called the International Islamic Committee for Woman and
Child, which at one point was said to be affiliated with International
Islamic Council for Da'wa and Relief. IICDR was banned in Israel years
later for allegedly supporting Hamas, a Palestinian offshoot of the
Muslim Brotherhood, under the auspices of yet another group, the Union
of Good. The Union of Good was designated by Treasury in 2008 for
aiding a terrorist organization.

•       .again shows her propensities by hugging Arafat's wife, Suha, after
Arafat claimed Israel was poisoning Palestinian children,

•       supported the overthrow of Mubarek and the ascension to power of the
Muslim Brotherhood,

•       supports the Iran agreement which paves the way for Iran to acquire
nuclear weapons.

•       is $25 million in debt to Saudia Arabia for their contributions to
the Clinton Foundation

Trump, on the other hand is supported by known friends of Israel
including Rudy Guilianni, Mike Huckabee, and his orthodox Jewish
son-in-law, Jared Kushner.  Trump opposed the Iran agreement, the Iraq
war, and the Republican Party platform calls for moving the US Embassy
to Jerusalem.  (We've heard that before, but the Democrats aren't even
citing that as a goal.)

The fact  that I have to spend my time explaining that Trump has
Israel's back, while Hillary supports Arab regimes bent on Israel's
destruction to you - 

You who pray three times a day facing Jerusalem,

You who pray three times a day for the peace of Jerusalem -  is
absolutely abominable. 

Give me a break, you are making excuses to sell Jerusalem out for money.

Do not forget Jerusalem; do not forsake Jerusalem.  

What happens to the Jews of Israel will happen to you next - beyond a shadow of a
doubt. The Jews of New York and Florida alone can go a long way
towards electing Trump.  

Choose between prostituting yourselves for money/welfare benefits or Jerusalem. 

The choice is yours.

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