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Fwd: The Clinton Foundation is still under scrutiny another Gem by Mike Huckabee

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The news media and Democratic Party operatives (but I repeat myself) are trumpeting James Comey's latest 180 as having "exonerated" Hillary Clinton. No, it hasn't. Even if you swallow the idea that mountains more evidence of lawbreaking and deliberate obstruction don't bolster the case against her, that's just the emails. The Clinton Foundation is still under scrutiny, and if Comey can't find anything fishy there, then he'll have a worse track record than a blind pig hunting for acorns.

If the FBI is looking for a place to start, somebody already did it for them. WikiLeaks revealed that a lawyer wrote a report back in 2008, blasting the Foundation for operating more like a political organization than a charity. Her 19-page report criticized the Clinton Foundation for everything from its substandard sexual harassment policies (there's a surprise!) to intertwining charity business and the business of Bill Clinton, creating confusion "at virtually every level." At that point, it had already been operating for 10 years. The attorney demanded that reforms be made immediately to bring it into compliance with rules and laws governing non-profit charitable institutions.

Needless to say, eight years later, none of those reforms have been instituted, and the lies, corruption and rule-breaking have only gotten worse. But then, you could say that about any institution that's entrusted to the Clintons for eight years. So why would anyone do that?


Mike Huckabee


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And in case you missed these:  

Vote Trump

By Mike Huckabee

Despite what we've learned from WikiLeaks (that Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified documents was as well-known and worrisome to her own staff as the beyond-shady Clinton Foundation was; that it was even more egregious and damaging than we imagined; and that a concerted effort was undertaken to hide it, which clears the unnecessary bar of proving "intent" to deceive investigators)…

And despite the impossibility of reviewing over 650,000 emails in one week…

And despite the fact that we now know that at least five foreign intelligence agencies likely hacked into Hillary's server, and that Hillary allowed even her foreign-born maid access to classified information and to go into a room forbidden to all but those with the highest security clearances…

And despite Comey's earlier claim that no prosecutor would pursue this case being blown to bits by many prosecutors such as Rudy Giuliani, who would have gladly gone to court with what they had in July, much less the mountain of new evidence that's emerged since…

FBI Director James Comey has once again yanked the football away from his outraged and dedicated law enforcement agents, and doubled down on his staggering "never mind, nothing to see here" claim from July.

If Mr. Comey has even a speck of the integrity we were led to believe that he possesses, then the only explanation I can think of is that he realized the Obama Justice Department, which has been rotted away from within by corruption and partisanship, was going to block every attempt to enforce the rule of law against Hillary Clinton. If it is true that the NYPD has devastating information taken from Anthony Weiner's computer and was threatening to make it public if Washington failed to act, then maybe this is Comey's way of flipping the fail-safe switch to signal state level authorities that the feds refuse to do their duty, so they have to take over.

If not, then the only explanation I can see for Comey's decision not to pursue Hillary Clinton is that the foundational American principles of equal justice and the rule of law are dead. In that case, there is only one way to revive them. When the system is irreparably broken by the people who were put in charge of it, the last line of defense is the voters. We Americans have to do the job of replacing those who have corrupted and destroyed our system of equal justice ourselves. We now know that if we don't drain the swamp, no one else will.

My fellow Americans: turn out in record numbers Tuesday. Stand in line all day in the rain if you have to. Cast so many votes that any attempts at fraud and rigging can't overcome them. Do not reward unbridled lawlessness and corruption with a promotion to the most powerful office on Earth. Do your duty to save this great nation and the rights and freedoms its Founders bequeathed to us for yourself, your children and your grandchildren.

Vote for Trump and throw the bums out.

Trump Rally Scare

By Mike Huckabee

By now, you've probably seen the frightening footage of Donald Trump being hustled off stage in Reno by the Secret Service when someone in the audience who was thought to have a weapon rushed the stage. He's fine, and it turned out the man was not armed. I just wanted to share a few observations:

I've been on the campaign trail with Donald, and I've been amazed at his energy and stamina. He can do one rally after another until aides forty years younger than him are exhausted, but he keeps going strong. He loves being among his supporters. I know that after a scary incident like that, the Secret Service would never advise him to return to the stage, but he did, just five minutes later. It showed amazing courage.

Trump also showed a lot of class in thanking the Secret Service, local law enforcement officers and his supporters, who spotted the threatening spectator and dived on him. Trump supporters proved that they have his back the way he's promising to have theirs. I also know from experience that his Secret Service detail and the cops working his rallies like and respect Trump because he shows tremendous gratitude and respect for him. There are some presidential candidates I could name who talk a lot about respect but show very little of it to their Secret Service people. But I won't name her.

I'm glad Donald Trump is safe and sound. I hope that the shocking footage of the scare will make the people who've been using violent rhetoric over political differences reassess what they've let their overheated passions do to them. And I hope it will make voters think very hard before they fill out their ballots on Tuesday. Do you really want your children to grow up in a nation run by those who would resort to brute strength - whether personal or government - to silence non-politically-correct speech? And whose devotion to tolerance extends only to tolerating those who think exactly the way they do?


Message from Huck PAC:  

HUCK PAC NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP: Chip in to help support Huck PAC endorsed candidates such as Tim Scott, Marco Rubio and Trent Franks. We rely on small donations from supporters to help fund our efforts, not big money donors from Wall Street . We urgently need your financial support so please respond today!


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