Monday, November 28, 2016

Why are the Fires raging in Israel. Why can't Hashem just bring the rains? Let us look into the Parsha for some answers.


True there are terror arsonists in play but the weather conditions and winds aren't helping matters.  Why is Hashem allowing these terrorist arsonists to wreak havoc and displace tens of thousands of people almost as if He is being a partner in crime? 

Maybe our silence and callousness regarding Amona and parts of Ofra is taking it's toll. Maybe Hashem is trying to wake us up and remind what it feels like to be displaced. 

It seems to me very clear from Parshat Lech Lecha and Parshat Chayei Sarah, the Torah portions of the weeks why these fires have been raging. The Knesset and the Rabbi's have failed to publicize the Truth of the Torah in their failure to push through the regulation bill and in their failure to denounce the 2 State Solution which nullifies what the Torah says. . 

Fires Divine Retribution for Attempts to Destroy Settlements, Claims Rabbi
The devastating fires which swept through Israel in the past days are God's punishment upon the Israeli government for planning to dismantle several Jewish communities in the West Bank, said a settler leader and rabbi on Thursday.

Cries for help have been ignored and seemed to fall on deaf ears and many Rabbanim and those in Leadership roles know how hard we have tried to convince them to get involved to stop the destruction of the homes of our Jewish Brethren. 40 families in Amona with 200 kids etc. . 

In Parshat Chayei Sara it is clear that Avraham Avinu will purchase the land from Efron but even if they won't sell him the land he will take it by right.  גֵּר וְתוֹשָׁב אָנֹכִי עִמָּכֶם תְּנוּ לִי אֲחֻזַּת קֶבֶר עִמָּכֶם וְאֶקְבְּרָה מֵתִי מִלְּפָנָי:
If you don't allow me to purchase it then Avraham is hinting he will take it by right.

MK Lieberman is getting the hint following his statement that some of the settlements can be destroyed.  Now perhaps he has a better idea of what is feels like. 
Liberman: Our answer must be to expand the settlements
Defense Minister Lieberman visits Neve Tzuf, speaks with residents.

 ונתן שינפלד - לך לך Yonatan - Lech Lecha

לך לך מארצך וממולדתך 
ובית אביך אל הארץ אשר אראך. 

כי את כל הארץ 
אשר אתה רואה 
לך אתננה 
ולזרעך עד עולם

לך אתן את הארץ הזאת - דדי גראוכר

לך אתן את הארץ הזאת

Lecha Eten et haAretz hazot - To You I will Give this Land

הגוים יתנו לבני ישראל את כל הארץ המובטחת ברצונם הטוב Chabad and the Rebbe on the extended boundaries of Brit Bein HaBesarim

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