Monday, November 07, 2016

Pray for Trump! R; Yeruchum Olshin says Vote for Trump. Recap of My Latest Posts Reveal The Magnitude of Hillary's Path of Destruction in the World. Thank you Wikileaks for exposing the truth.


Renanah (Goldhar)Gemeiner suggested a new slogan. Pray for Trump. Let me add Pray for America. Pray for Israel. 

R' Yeruchum Olshin says to vote for Trump because while he might have sinned in his private domain, Hillary has done so in her public capacity.  How right he is, more than any of us could have imagined!!!

In the past 48 hours, it has become clear to me the magnitude of the evil and corruption that has surrounded the Clinton's and their Foundation and the establishment she is so much a part of.  I do not say this lightly.

Even if she is elected, I suspect she will be indicted and need to step down to someone else in the establishment and all her corruption with go unpunished and pardoned and the crooked establishment she is part of, the DNC will continue with the Obama's legacy...that is, unless the Republican's win...

Documentation of worrisome intimate ties to the Muslim Brotherhood via Huma Abedin connection has unfolded, documentation of a Foundation where quid pro quo and personal gain seems to be the common denominator of all the players, a political laundering foundation masquerading as a Charity with  serious questionable conflict of interest issues with the State Dept.. Hillary has received millions of dollars from foreign gov'ts without full transparency,  these same Gov'ts empowered ISIS.  She brought down Qaddafi in Libya which  left a void which empowered ISIS, which has brought chaos, death, destruction and homelessness to hundreds of thousands, not to mention the Iran Deal which empowered a nuclear Iran threatening the Middle East and beyond.   They hide under the veneer of   "Women's and Children's rights" while actually supporting Radical Islamic regimes and practices which support and encourage anything but,  for example,  female mutilation, abortions and making women into 2nd class citizens. Deceit is the name of the game.  Sheker.   Many in the Orthodox Jewish Community has trouble seeing whom we are endorsing with open eyes.  It's too bad.. I pray we don't reap what we sow. 

fyi  Recap of Recent Posts on Shemittah Rediscovered:

Very Strong Letter to Orthodox Jews by Linda Cohn if They Vote for Hillary or a Write In Candidate.

Friday, November 04, 2016
In Response to Rabbi Billet's endorsement of Hillary and comparing the treatment of women of both candidates.

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky When Asked, Says That He is Voting for Trump.... "A man is known by the company he keeps" Aesop

R' Yeruchum Olshin says to Vote for Donald Trump. Received via Whatsapp group.

Rabbi David Algaze answer to the endorsement of  Rabbi Kenneth Hain and Rabbi Hershel Billet for Hillary.

MUST READ INTERVIEW WITH JULIAN ASSANGE THE FORCE BEHIND WIKILIEAKS exposing truth and further investigation into corruption etc.
Monday, November 07, 2016
Julian Assange's Most Incendiary Interview: "Hillary Clinton Is The Central Cog Of The Establishment" - Tyler Durden . Comments. Today's news Pardoning Felons to rig the Election

Wow! Clinton Foundation Exposed with Intelligence Coup! MUST SEE VIDEO Wikileaks backed by Intelligence Network, not Russians


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