Monday, November 14, 2016

Rabbinic Leadership failed to present Torah message leading to 70 percent of Jews voting for Hillary


Over 80 percent of Evangelicals voted for Trump. Around 70 percent of Jews voted for Hillary.

The Evangelicals voted for a platform consistent with Torah.

Why didnt the Jews?

The time has come for soul searching....

Let us not play the blame game bc it is counter productive.

Surely Shochad Maaver Pikchim came into play.  Bribery blinds the wise. Jewish Orgs and Leaders who had money or power at stake spoke (or failed to speak),  with their pockets and ego rather than with the truth of Torah.

This has got to change in this evolving world. When Moshiach comes and speaks Torah will we ignore him and shut the door on him bc we did not yet build a working relationship with him?

It will be us Jews who voted with a platform that  rejected Torah left out in the cold far from the action.

The Chumash says it all! Hashem Promises the entire Land of Israel, in the Holiest of sites Shchem, Har HaBayit and Chevron,  whose path was paved by the footprint of our forefathers, to the Children of Israel.

UNESCO says otherwise?

Where are OUR voices?  The Voice of G-d's Chosen People. Why so silent? Why in support of a candidate whose platform was contrary to Torah?

The 7 Noahide laws are the laws of Universal Morality.

Time to actualize our raison d'estre which is to be a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation!

Come on board, Anavim Anavim...see the light that is rising from Hebron.. From where our forefathers and mothers lay...the gate to Gan Eden..

Join the revolution that will bring Moshiach!

Speak up! This time for Torah!

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