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Duma, leSheker ain bo Raglayim. Falsehood has no leg to stand on. There will be a protest this Motzaei Shabbat, January 9, outside the home of Yoram Cohen, head of the Shabak. Jewish Blood Libel helped spread by Jews? Doesn't one need 2 eye witnesses to convict a murderer?


Write or email Netanyahu for a fair and open trial. "The Israel official who oversees all Shabak policies is the prime minister of Israel. Send him a short, reasonable letter. Best place to write to Benjamin Netanyahu is:

Fwd: Protest Against Shabak Cover-Up of Torture. There will be a protest this Motzaei Shabbat, January 9, outside the home of Yoram Cohen, head of the Shabak. 

Blog: Tuvia Brodie, Is the Duma indictment credible? - Arutz Sheva

Arlene Kushner from Israel  January 4, 2016: It Is Time re: Duma

'Who is investigating Weinstein's Duma torture orders?'
Movement for Governability and Democracy asks Attorney General: Who's probing your conduct over Duma case torture?

Mike Huckabee on Abuse of Power and who oversees the Justice Dept. Just apply his statements re: NSA(National Security Agency) to ISA (Shabak)

'Half-a-year in jail over a complete lie'
Mordechai Mayer, released after 5 months on administrative order, was arrested 'because I have a kippah'; parents say 'Israel has problems.'

Meir Ettinger, In His Own Words: The Delicate Bridges Does he sound like a terrorist that wishes to kill a bunch of innocent Arabs?  He sounds like a Jew  who wants to be protected against Arab terrorists.

Must see video of interview with  Dov Shurin the composer of Zochreinu Na, Dov Shurin: Jews are Sons of God Dov Shurin is interviewed on the London and Kirschenbaum show on Israel Channel 10, broadcast on December 31, 2015. In the interview Dov Shurin shares how he composed the melody of Zachreini Na, and shares his insights regarding the people who danced to the song at a wedding.

Shabak is digging itself deeper and deeper to support their libel against Hilltop Youth and their community.  

Why are they so stubborn after 5 months of investigation and no evidence other than a forced confession from a tortured suspect whose testimony following torture is not even acceptable according to the law?

I think that Hashem is hardening their heart. Please read Va'eira(Exodus 6:2-9:35) Pharaoh's Heart

What the powers here desperately want is some conviction to prove that there are Jewish terrorists and a Jewish Terror Organization.  They wish to discredit the settlement enterprise. From there they can then justify the "armed struggle" and the 2 State Solution peace process. Why is the  gov't, left wing judiciary interested in promoting this narrative?  Probably because they like the status quo with themselves in control and need to appease and gain recognition from International communities like the US,  EU and UN and those who push the "Peace process and the 2 State Solution" agenda. 

To help this libel,  they need evidence of real violence,They need something more than just graffiti. Otherwise all the terrible accusations against Israel violent occupation against Palestinians has no leg to stand on. Their goal for now is simple. Let us believe the narrative that Jewish Terrorists exist, This is a gateway to libel all the Settlers, it justifies the BDS campaigns on College Campuses and Food Coops, and maligns them and defames settlers from Judea and Samaria.  Just like Israel destroyed the homes of Arab Terrorists, will it be an excuse for the government of Israel to destroy Jewish homes of these so called Jewish terrorists? They have put them under administrative detention, house arrest, taken away their rights and then in the media they are falsely accused of  violent terror attacks against Arabs, with descriptions of  blood flowing,  no different than what Arabs terrorists have committed  or have attempted to commit against Israel.  The next step is to defame their families and then their communities and then the entire Jewish population.  

So far they have tried very hard to build up their case.  So far this is their narrative. 

There is a Jewish terrorist organization in Judea and Samaria, hilltop youth probably called Givonim. BTW the Givonim  in Tanach were not authentic Jews. They were deceptive Givonites pretending to be Jews. Back to modern times. This terrorist group wants to take revenge on all Arabs. Their goal is to overthrow the government of Israel. They justify their terror activity and usually blame revenge on a recent Jewish terror incident to justify their action. The boys who set Mohammad Kheidar on fire was to avenge the blood of Gilad, Ayal and Naftali. The Duma arson is to avenge the death of Malachi Rosenfeld.  They will spray Hebrew Graffiti at the scene to leave their Jewish mark. All the right wing Rabbi's and community will distance themselves from the "heinous" crime and condemn Jewish Terror saying it is not our way. In the process they assume as a given that the allegations against Jewish youth are true and credible. The alternative, not to condemn will be taken by the gov't as their justification of this "heinous act" because to defend the suspected "Jewish Terrorists" in any way makes them into accomplices and partners in the "crime". Then they too are under observations, subject to false arrests and interrogations etc. There is no serious open minded attempt to find the real perpetrators of the crime and the facts but rather the emphasis is bring evidence to a forgone conclusion even if it means a forced  confession on the part of some of these kids.  

I feel that the goal of the interrogators, be it Shabak or Yaalon or even Netanyahu,  is achieved with or without any conviction. All they want to do is to affirm the narrative that there are Jewish terrorists and they are the most right wing of Jews,Rabbi's etc.   Rabbi's and community leaders, by their distancing and quick condemnations and rebuke of Jewish Terror are making it easy for this false narrative to be solidified.  Once you repeat a false narrative enough times, you begin to believe it. 

So far this has been their case:
  • Arson of a church by Jewish hilltop youth. Incriminating evidence other than ISA (Shabak)?
  • The arson/murder of a homosexual Arab MOhamad Khdeir by Jewish kids  Incriminating evidence other than by ISA (Shabak)
  • The arson of an Arab home killing a family 3 people including a baby in Duma an act done by Jewish terrorists.  Evidence other than by ISA (Shabak)?
  • Baruch Goldstein massacre in the Mosque in Hebron years ago Purim (Out of character, doesnt make sense.  )

I don't believe the narrative that Jews were behind the arson and murder of innocent Arabs.  I think they are being framed for crimes committed by Arabs or else perhaps as in the case of Baruch Goldstein, fought back in self defense.  But these allegations and admissions of guilt is sufficient to bring terror and libel against  the Settler community of Judea and Samaria and accusations of Jewish massacres, barbarity, slaughter, seeing Palestinian blood flow for 70 years in the thousands etc. Also it neutralizes any attempt to stop Arab Terror since both sides are engaged in this unjustified terror activity. 


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