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Campaign to Divide and Conquer Yesha. Duma Suspects get Guilty Verdict! Condemned in the Media. Verdict is decided before the Trial has begun...


Verdict Guilty! by Credible Right Wing Nationalist Leaders! No fair trial needed, forced confessions, tainted Judicial evidence...biased Judiciary

Jury:                        Verdict:

Bibi Netanyahu:         "Terrorist Acts performed by Jews" 
Naftali Bennett:            Duma Arsonist Terrorists.
Moshe Yaalon:              Radical Jewish Terrorists
Hananel Durani:          Anarchists, not part of religious Zionism
Rabbi Eliezer Melamed:   Violent group of hilltop youth
47 Rabbis  (list below)    Jewish Terror. 

 Rabbi's who reject and oppose with disgust every expression of hate and violence such as "price tag" directed towards Arabs:
Dr. Chaim Charles Cohen:There is a small, extreme, anti-Zionist, sometimes violent, fringe Right  
Op Ed Arutz7 very subtle yet very damaging from an author who claims to be a 'balanced, professional and both realistic and idealistic analysis of the questions sparked by the Duma arson investigation" who concludes "today we are dependent on the Israeli judicial and security forces to properly handle the above threats to the ongoing enterprise of Yesha Jewish settlement." Again, where is his evidence that this small, extreme group exists other than coming from Israeli judicial and security forces with an agenda?????
Caroline Glick:              Jewish Terrorists with active terrorist networks 
                                            Homegrown enemies...

We need only look in the Torah to find a precedent of unfounded hatred among brothers of Bnei Yisroel.  Joseph's brothers were quick to accuse him of wrongdoing. They threw him into the pit.  Even when they actually met Joseph in Egypt they still did not recognize their brother nor even considered his innocence. 

Deja vu... 

What will it take to face reality and the truth... that these kids, (just like Yosef HaTzadik, who wasn't perfect either at 17 years old),  are anything but what they are being accused of... Is it coincidence that this is all happening in the territory of Yosef HaTzadik in the hilltop of the Shomron...

But why are all these "right wing" leaders so quick to condemn their own when they can simply wait until there is a guilty verdict from objective judges,  following an objective and fair trial? 

Why is Yaalon and the powers at large,  so anxious, so desperate,  to get credible personalities and leaders within the Yesha community to condemn the Duma suspects to defame them and convict them in the media with a guilty verdict before a Trial has begun?  There are so many condemnations being blasted in the media by many trusted Right Wing Nationalist that we are seeing a pattern. Trusted Nationalists.  They first distance themselves from these hilltop youths and then condemn them. I assume there must be some incentive to badmouth these kids as "Jewish Terrorists".  Alternatively, perhaps there are punitive threats if they do no condemn them? Here is the bottom line:

They testify that there are Jewish Terrorists.  Jewish terrorists who are acting as part of an organized group of Jewish Terrorists. 

This is the wanted treasure!   Nobody really wants to know more than that. This is what is sufficient for a blood libel.  Obama and our enemies, the UN, the EU, the Leftist Media will run with it....

I have no doubt that there exists incentives and blackmail towards Israel's gov't leaders, Netanyahu, Yaalon etc by internationals forces to achieve this prized objective which is to acknowledge Jewish Terrorism and Organized Jewish Terrorism even if it is fabricated!  

What real evidence is there other than forced confessions,  and condemnations in the media by respected individuals using evidence coming from Israeli judicial and security forces with an agenda against Judea and Samaria settlements,  without a fair trial or judge(s) who are clearly objective with no hidden agenda? 

The Judiciary apparently has conducted an investigation of themselves, since apparently there is no one else who provides proper oversight, and examined the way this investigation has been conducted and has determined that they are (surprise) innocent of any wrongdoing.  (see Mike Huckabee on Abuse of Power and who oversees the Justice Dept. Just apply his statements re: NSA(National Security Agency) to ISA (Shabak).

 "The Prime Minister said the ISA interrogations are carried out under law and under the close supervision of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice, as well as the courts, and with their consent." Ayelet Shaked confirms  this. 
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked the latest to defend ISA, says she 'was told' interrogations were 'under the law.' 

'Who is investigating Weinstein's Duma torture orders?' Movement for Governability and Democracy asks Attorney General: Who's probing your conduct over Duma case torture?

In light of the fact that it is obvious that the evidence against these kids have been unsustainable on almost all of the cases and/or only evidence gotten by self incriminating confessions following torture or threat of torture,  isn't something glaringly amiss in the Judiciary????

I have been told from 2 reliable sources close to the families that the trial is now going to be a closed court whereby no one will be allowed to see the State Evidence.  Sounds like a Kangaroo Court to me. No surprise on this one.....Follows the pattern of unwarranted and unlawful Administrative Detention, unlawful arrests, unlawful torture....These kids and young adults are being hit with trauma big time!
fyi A kangaroo court is a judicial tribunal or assembly that blatantly disregards recognized standards of law or justice, and often carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides. Merriam-Webster defines it as a "mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted".[1] The term may also apply to a court held by a legitimate judicial authority who intentionally disregards the court's legal or ethical obligations. A kangaroo court is often held to give the appearance of a fair and just trial, even though the verdict has in reality already been decided before the trial has begun.
  • Rabbi Eliezer Melamed , Rosh Yeshiva of Har Bracha  calls them Violent group of hilltop youth
  • 47 Rabbis quick to condemn these kids without them having a lawyer or a trial or reliable evidence  Calls it Jewish
    We the undersigned rabbis reject and oppose with disgust every expression of hate and violence such as "price tag" directed towards Arabs.  
    The names of those who signed are rabbis:Hananiya Avitan, Ori Einhorn, Chaim Borganski, David Bigman, Menachem Blank, Binyahu Broener, Rachamim Barchiyahu;Baruch Gigi, Avraham Geiser, Yehudah Gilad, Oriel Ganul, Yehoshua Greenstein; Oren Duvdevani, Benny Holtzman, Tzachi Hershkowitz;Ayal Vered, Mordechai Vardi, David Zano, Tzvi Yanir; Yehudah Yesharim, Aharon Katz, Benny Lau, Ronen Lobitz, Amit Mashiach, Chaim Navon, Meir Nehorai;Ronen Noyberg, Asher Sabag, Danny Segal, Yair Silverman, Yisrael Samet, Ilan Sayadia, David Stav, Rafi Feuerstein; Tzvi Koren; Avi Kanai, Avichai Ronzki, Avraham Ronikov, Shmuel Reiner, Aryeh Stern; Sharon Shalom, Shlomo Riskin, David Shmuel, David Simchon, Yosef Shanah, Moshe Shefter, and Yuval Sherlow. 
Rabbi Avichai Rontzki, the former chief rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces, also issued a statement. “I am the rabbi of ‘Ruvi’ Ben-Uliel, the father of Amiram,” he said. “I held the babies at the family’s circumcisions. The father is the salt of the earth, but sometimes rabbis’ sons kick in all directions, acting contrary to their fathers,” he added.
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