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Duma Blood Libel thoughts. Hilltop Youth - Sacrificial Lamb Parshat Bo. Judea and Samaria the real picture! Shabbat Shalom UmeVorach!


I looked on Arutz7 and I was surprised to find no articles about the Duma case today. 

 I thought to myself that my recent posts on  has made some impact.

Duma Blood Libel calling Hilltop Youth Jewish Terrorists. Yesterday Tue. Jan 12, 2015 New York Times Print Edition, Front Page blurb to article on page A9, Front cover Forward January 15, 2016

Perhaps the powers at large suddenly realized that the Diba Raah, the slanderous libel against these hilltop kids,  that they themselves have helped fuel,  has the makings of a full grown blood libel against Israel and against the Jewish People wherever they live. It can easily escalate out of control as did blood libels in the past G-d forbid!

Arutz 7 is not blameless because they published articles from right wing nationalists and politicians and Rabbi's who are credible and who "testify" that indeed there exists violent,  potential Jewish Terrorists operating in a Jewish Terrorist Network,  in these hilltop communities in Judea and Samaria.  

But it backfired.  G-d is running the show.  The leftist media, Haaretz, even the Forward,  came to the Hilltop Youth defense.  Maybe their motive was not entirely pure but their questions left gaping holes into the accusation narrative. It became clear that accusations were being made, the guilty verdict was in, in spite of no fair trial.  Who orchestrated this?  

It seems like the Establishment, the gov't, the judiciary who can easily pull strings to obscure justice. 

The Establishment, right and left, have a self interest to keep the status quo. 

Why are these kids so threatening to the establishment that they, the Establishment, would go to such lengths to persecute and prosecute?  

Possibly because there is truth and justice on the side of these supposed "Jewish Terrorists".  

Lets examine their wild, violent and terror like behavior.

For this we need some background.  Many of these hilltop youth were very young when the Expulsion of Gush Katif happened.  

Some of their family members were at Amona  

Some of their family members were victims of Arab Terror.  Probably they and their friends were the recipients of terror attacks, being  stoned, molotov cocktails, stabbings etc.  They saw that the Establishment, not only did not protect them sufficiently, but they also were biased against them.  Not only were they not sufficiently protected,  but if they tried to defend themselves they, the victims were arrested and prosecuted.  They the establishment were smug in their policies in Judea and Samaria until it hit them in Tel Aviv when the terrorist was at large, and there was public outrage to do something and they themselves felt threatened.  Then suddenly Shabak went to work against the real terrorist, for which their was real proof,  and targeted his friends and family until they finally caught and neutralized the terrorist and stopped him from further terror attacks. 

How does any sane individual deal with betrayal and the deep emotional pain of injustice?  

Well if I was a psychologist I would give this kid a big punching bag, hang a picture of whomever is causing resentment and tell the kid to just let it out on the punching bag. Hit as hard as you can.  Let it out. Cry,scream, don't keep it in because it will destroy you.

So the kid, trusting his psychologist does just that!  It helps him feel somewhat better.  It allows him to vent in a non destructive way.  But unbeknownst to the kid a camera is there filming his anger and frustration being taken out on the punching bag.  It is then used against him to show that He is the enemy.  He is the violent terrorist! 

Betrayed again by someone he trusted....Now why would the psychologist do such a thing?  Perhaps because if he took the kids allegations seriously it would incriminate the Establishment from which he himself is part and parcel, gets his livelihood,  and would force him to take on his client's case against the Establishment, to  help to correct the grievances that were committed against this kid and his family.  

This is way out of the psychologists realm, of course.  In fact, he himself might be an agent of the Establishment who has a political agenda to isolate some of the hilltop youth population and try to make them look bad so that nobody seriously investigates their own criminal actions. In addition, it is much too painful to expose and face the terrible intolerable acts perpetrated against this idealistic community who were brutally thrown out of their homes and whose livelihood and family life were almost destroyed due to some misplaced vision that peace with the Arabs comes about by painful concessions.  As if this wasn't bad enough, these battered families now had to face an empowered enemy who knows that they could get away with acts of terror, again and again without serious retribution especially when they target the communities in Judea and Samaria. 

Really addressing these grievances means that we are taking the Establishment to task for introspection and admitting guilt and feeling truly remorseful and making a serious commitment and amends not to do it again.  Basically the elements of Teshuva, repentance.

Yes, that is why these kids are extremely dangerous. 

These kids are not controlled by the establishment, financially or otherwise, and being disenchanted with the system these kids have tried to escape from their clutches as they see it and being teens they think they are omnipotent.  

They engage in civil disobedience since they have lost respect for an establishment who has committed INTOLERABLE ACTs far worse than unfair taxes, no different than the Founding Fathers of the United States of America!

How does the Establishment respond?

Lets shut up these kids once and for all.  We will incarcerate them and torture them and break their spirit!  We are powerful just like Pharaoh!  

And G-d hardened Pharaoh's heart in spite of the plagues.  

The lives of these Israelite kids became intolerable to the point where they can not take it anymore. In their distress they cry out to G-d, their only hope for salvation.  

This week we are in Parshat Bo.  The last of the Plagues...The Egyptians themselves will eventually recognize G-d and His Justice.  They will shower the Israelites with presents and sent them on their way.  Please G-d willing, may we be worthy of of the final redemption, Bimhera Beyameinu Amein!

PS.  Am I comparing Netanyahu and the Israeli Gov't and the Israeli Judiciary to the evil Pharaoh?  It surely seems that way.  But there is one major difference. These are our brothers whom we love who are doing this to us. We believe that they are like Joseph's brothers and that there is greatness among them.  We believe that like Josephs brothers they will be shamed for having misjudged and mistreated Joseph their brother and finally recognize that it is Joseph who truly loves them and  wants only the best for them, wants to feed and clothe them and protect them. Like Joseph, these kids do not want to destroy the Gov't even though their actions can be misinterpreted.  They just want the government and those who empowered and went along with their evil ways to do Teshuva.   

Hoshiva Shofteinu KeVaRishona - Please G-d return or Judges as of day of old..... S

Shabbat Shalom Umevorach  to all!


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