Thursday, January 21, 2016

Conflicting lessons to learn from recent Terror atacks from Froman Family and from Dafna Meir Family hy"d following terror attacks


There is a fine line between desiring peace, cooperation and coexistence with Arabs and ensuring security for the settlers, non settlers, Jews and non Jews alike, and throwing out those who are hostile and dangerous to Israel.  
The key to the Middle East Conflict,  I believe is the Biblical Path to Peace.

True peaceful coexistence is dependent on whether or not the Arab resident will support Jewish Sovereignty and adhere to the 7 Noahide Laws in the G-d Given Land of Israel.  Re: the non Jewish residents, these were the same conditions the Israelite demanded under the leadership of Joshua of the Canaanite nations. Either they accepted these conditions or they were welcome to leave.  If they chose neither, it meant the obligation to fight them to win.  

Israel can not tolerate in its midst, a hostile people,  hateful education, and the product of such education. This education has nourished Palestinian kids unchallenged, teaching them "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free". Intifada, Intifada...

This past week's terrible tragedies via terror attacks brought this debate into the forefront. So while the people of Israel yearn to be at peace with its neighbors, the reality is by contrast very stark.  

Does it mean we let go of our dreams or rather... do we approach the matter with greater clarity and distinction.

It requires Israel first and foremost to apply Jewish Sovereignty over the entire Israel including Judea and Samaria.  Then there needs to be a way to vet out the terrorists.  Sounds very logical to me....

Time To Be Sovereign Again By Varda Epstein January 20, 2016

It needs to be determined who among the Arab Population is friend or foe.  Who accepts Israel Sovereignty and the 7 Noahide laws? 

Conflicting messages from the Froman Family:
Conflicting messages from Dafne Meir Family


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