Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Truth about the Duma Suspects. These are not Violent Settlers! Martin Sherman on Duma. Hakol Hayehudi Sounds like a Blood Libel against Jewish Hilltop Youth


In Tribute to the Duma Suspects, The Boys In The Hands of Shabak. Uzia Tzadok 13 Singing KeSheHalev Bocheh - When the Heart Cries

Into the Fray: Presumption of Guilt  By MARTIN SHERMAN \  01/07/2016 
The attempt to equate Arab terrorism against Jews with Jewish "terror" against Arabs is playing right into the hands of Israel's most vehement detractors.

 ...Chaim Levinson, Haaretz correspondent covering Judea-Samaria, writes: "... however, apart from their confessions, which were extracted under torture [sic], the Shin Bet and police have no additional evidence incriminating them. The [Duma] file has a several additional problems the Shin Bet and the prosecution will have to contend with in order to convict the two."

He notes: "Except for the confessions of A. and Ben-Uliel the Shin Bet and police have no further evidence tying them to the crime. At the scene there were no forensic indicators at all and surveillance of the area produced nothing useful. The statements of the Palestinians witnesses were contradictory and confused."

Op-Ed:David Wega:A pedophile collaborating with the PA to kill is not a crime, but dancing with an unloaded gun at a wedding can get you arrested.


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