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Letters Duma: Robin Ticker to Sergey Kadinsky, re: Chava Shulmans letter to QJL Take responsibility for what you publish: not everything is sensationalism!


Fwd: Sergey Kadinsky responds to Chava Shulman's Letter to QJL: Take responsibility for what you publish: not everything is sensationalism!

My Response: 

Dear Mr. Kadinsky, amv'sh

I don't believe you did your proper research and as a result have been Choshed Biksherim suspecting innocents. Did Rav Shteinman investigate and find these boys guilty of murdering innocent Arabs.  Who stabbed the picture of the Arab baby?  Are you sure he is not a provocateur? Nobody saw his face.  Why was this video released now when Shabak is under attack for good reason? The wedding was weeks ago. Also, Is stabbing a picture equivalent to stabbing a baby? Do you have past history with proof that any one of these kids was violent, that is, wounded or killed an innocent Arab with premeditated murder?  No you don't.  Not yet.  And I believe you never will. You may get false confessions which brings these kids to self incriminate and become false witnesses against themselves or you may succeed others to become false witnesses against them  due to blackmail, or bribery. These are all terrible sins and miscarriage of justice.  We have here a system of self appointed judges and corruption. Speak to Moshe Eyal of The Legal Forum. Hopefully, this will lead to an investigation of a corrupt Judiciary within the Gov't of Israel. 

Did you know that Damiel Pinner, the guy with a toy gun was released. Did you know that years ago he was walking on the beach and was shot at. He shot in the air in self defense. An Arab claimed he was hit by Daniel Pinners.  Daniel Pinner does not believe in shooting Innocent Arabs.  Neither did he want to be sitting duck when shot at. I don't know if the Arab had conclusive evidence that his wound in his foot came from Daniel Pinner's gun, but halachically i believe one is allowed to defend oneself when attacked.   Pinner has a licensed gun btw.  He too was interrogated by Shabak and you can read about him in Haaretz. Google him.  He is not a dangerous Jewish Terrorist.  He blogs for Arutz7 and is a nice guy.  

If Ami, Mishpacha and Hamodia concluded that these boys were Jewish Terrorists before they were charged and went to trial, then they too will have to face a heavenly court as per why they were Motzei Shem Raa, spreading false and evil reports.  The Miraglim were the Gedolim, leaders of the Dor HaMidbar, the generation in the desert,  and they rationalized their Dibba Raah, evil speech.  Yosef's brothers were all Tzadikim, righteous,  and they too were convinced of their justification of throwing Yosef into the pit.
Do you have to be as frum or more frum then they? Please investigate and write about those who have destroyed Jewish homes in the name of peace, defamed and malligned, spread lies and falsehoods about a Holy Torah community who yearns for the Beit Hamikdash, for Moshiach ben David and  for the Avodah of the Beit Hamikdash.

We all pray for the above as it is in the Liturgy.  Do we daven with real kavana, real devotion as these kids do? Or is our davening mere lip service.

I yearn to yearn like they do as is directed by our prophets, yet I never contemplated taking the law into my own hands, blowing up Al Aqsa, and neither have these kids because it is suicidal, stupid and most importantly not a Torah approach to take the law into your own hands.

But these kids and or their families support building homes in Judea and Samaria and Gush Katif which the govt bulldozed and Israel received rocket fire in return. How should one respond to intolerable acts of a gov't?  Maybe we should ask the founding fathers of America. 

Building is not violence and revenge.  Shabak under someone's orders, tries to discredit and provoke to frame them.  

They have been VICTIMS of violence and revenge for daring to yearn the actualization of our Tefillot of thousands of years but in so doing they put the established Jewish Leadership in a bad light. Can they actually be more authentic and more devout than established Daas Torah?

The Rodef here is Shabak and it all is happening under Netanyahus leadership who talks of a 2 State Solution (Hefer Brisi) and consistently puts his faith in powers other than in the Almighty. 
The govt has betrayed the hilltop youth who live their life according to Emunah Peshuta. Simple and genuine. It is sad to say but so have these Rabbi's.

Please read others analysis of the wedding scene.  Please read all the links in

Pictures do not tell the whole story. Let us get to the bottom of it. We have lots of questions.

However, let me tell you that this is not just about vilifying hilltop youth.  This is about distancing ourselves from our brothers and sisters in Judea and Samaria who are holding down the fort.  Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith of Itamar, Shomron came into New York. Did Agudah welcome them into their shuls trying their hardest to bring them Chizuk?  I have no doubt that it would have been greatly appreciated. 

These communities are being attacked physically, existentially in EU, UN Obama, and economically with BDS etc.

What happened to all the rhetoric about Acheinu Kol Beis Yisroel?

The leading Rabbanim have yet to validate settling Judea and Samaria leaving a minority of Jews shouldering the burden of protecting the Land and People of Etetz Yisroel.  These Jews are Gems. So are their kids.  We just are clueless as per how valuable they are and will be shamed when our eyes are opened.

Hakol bechezkat Sumin...

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