Friday, January 01, 2016

More In Defense of Hilltop Youth. Torture of Jewish Duma suspects: Queens Jewish Link Defense of Article Defaming Hilltop Youth and letter back


In defense of the Hilltop Youth: 

Attorney General approved torture of Duma suspects - Arutz Sheva

JPOST: Martin Sherman Into the fray: Duma, 'dirty dancing' & deeply disturbing detention

NO JEWISH TERRORISTS. Chronology of Events. So far conclusion is that Shabak is to blame for framing Jewish Kids. Hoshiva Shofteinu KaVarishona. Return OUR judges as of OLD. Veheishiv Lev Avot Al Banim... Eliyahu HaNavi will return the heart of the Fathers to the Children...

To my great disappointment Queens Jewish Link, QJL had a front page article putting the Hilltop youth into a bad light.  Totally inconsistent with QJL typical leanings which has been a strong backbone of the settlers.  This made it especially hurtful. Here is the give and take: Robin

Robin Ticker: Letter Queens Jewish Link re: Op Ed: Discussing Jewish Extremism; by Sergey Kadinsky. Editors: Why did you have to take the side against the Hill Top Youth???
Fwd: Chava Shulman: Letter to QJL Re: "Jewish Extremism" and Duma ISA Torture: Take responsibility for what you publish: not everything is sensationalism!
Fwd: Sergey Kadinsky responds to Chava Shulman and Robin's Letters to QJL:
Robin Ticker Letter back to Sergey Kadinsky

Shabbat Shalom UmeVorach

Robin Ticker

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