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Menachem Genack, NORPAC Manhattan: Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton for President (D) Thursday 1/14 5:30 PM//do u believe this??!! OU, AGUDAH seem to side with Democratic Party


In spite of over 100 billion dollars of sanctions relief, hovering and threatening Israel, not to mention the entire Middle East and with ballistic missiles even America, soon scheduled to be released to the Terror State of Iran ... Rabbi Genack supports Hillary...

US barrels toward lifting Iran sanctions By Julian Hattem - 01/09/16 03:52 PM EST
The United States is steaming ahead with implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran, and appears ready to lift sanctions as soon as this month. 
The final step in the years-long process could be just "days away," according to Secretary of State John Kerry.

Menachem Genack :
Why I Support Hillary Clinton For President. She will apply deep strategic thinking to deal with the foreign policy issues confronting us.Tue, 12/22/2015. Special To The Jewish Week

 and now Norpac is running a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. 

FYI Rabbi Genack was founding Chairman of NORPAC, a pro-Israel political action committee that has grown to be the biggest pro-Israel PAC in the country. He also serves on the executive committee of AIPAC the same group that went with the Rabbis on September 9th to lobby Congress and basically failed to make much of a difference. Schumer didn't lead against the Iran Deal and Gillibrand, Jeffries, Booker came out for the Deal.  

In answer to Rabbi Menachem Genack, please visit the blog of Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

What Jews, and everyone else, need to know about Hillary that you won't learn from mainstream media:
If someone says they will vote for Hillary,  ask them if they know this about her? Please make sure to scroll down to see the links of evidence.

Why is Benghazi so serious? Hillary and Obama were hiding treason

I want you to compare Menachem Genack's August 24, 2015 regarding Iran Nuclear Deal with Glenn Beck's speech September 9, 2015 in DC. .  

Genack describes the deal as a Misguided Policy and For US: A Lost Opportunity for Mideast Security, fait accompli, and admits that it has flaws that will inevitably lead down the path to a nuclear-armed Iran and a dramatic shift from a nuclear-free Iran to an ongoing containment mode Note this was August 24th, 2015. As far as Menachem Genack is concerned this deal was merely an unfortunate lost opportunity. No serious attempt to Stop Iran...But yes it's unfortunate....a bad deal.   No mention of G-d, no mention of miracles, no mention of Covenants......

Rabbi Genack says he does not speak for OU but it is quite clear that he and the OU Rabbi's took the side of the Democratic Party together with a Misheberach for Obama on September 9th 2015 in Washington DC when they sent a bus of hundreds of Rabbis to waste their time in my humble opinion, representing tens of thousands of Jews, in  Washington DC to "protest" the Iran Deal which was a fait accompli according to them basically to vent.   Teshuva and Aseret Yemei Teshuva and the opportunity to change things around was not in their mindset. They stood on the backs of the 500 Rabbi's who came down to Washington DC in October 6, 1943 2 days before Yom Kippur to protest the Nazi Genocide.   They were turned away then...Not clear what message this OU protest was to make.  We will assure Congress that we will simply vent but we understand the Iran Deal is a fait accomplil, so that they won't turn us away when we lobby and vent. 

OU Advocacy told the 200-300 Rabbis representing tens of thousands of Jews not to attend the other rally on the Western lawn of the capitol, following their own rally,  because it was a "political rally" and the OU is an "apolitical" organization.  

Too bad these Rabbi's missed Glenn Beck's very non political Torahdik address,  words that should have been said at their Rally and weren't. Too bad they didnt join with the tens of thousands of staunch Israel supporters, most of them non Jews, Tea Party Patriots,  because of OU's apolitical stance. 

Glenn Beck's Powerful Message at DC Rally To Stop Nuclear Iran Deal September 9th 2015: Choose LIFE Trust in G-d to fulfill His Promises

Treaty or not, the Nation of Israel will stand.  No Jew in Europe would have thought in 1944, that G-d would use the unending night to hold true to His promise and restore the Nation of Israel, but He Did!  And I testify to you that He will do the same again today in His Time and His Way.  This era of confusion and era of darkness will end cause our G-d is a G-d of Covenants.  

We as His people must understand, He will keep all of His Promises.  He has told us He will Bless those that Bless Israel.  He will curse those who curse Israel. 

I make you this promise and warning today.  Those words will be fulfilled.  Our actions as a Nation, and as individuals today, the reason I am here... because I want to be seen by the Almighty G-d because our fate is being sealed.  
LET THIS DAY BE DECLARED THAT WE WILL SERVE NO OTHER KING BUT G-D! He is a Mighty and a Just G-d and a G-d of Miracles. and I beg all with eyes to see and ears to hear...  I beg, this is our last call to return to our roots and to choose Life. The hour is later than we think and the morning will come.  

And I warn those who stand on the sidelines and claim ignorance and helplessness... not to stand, IS TO STAND...not to speak, IS TO SPEAK, there will be no spectators in this struggle.  G-d will not hold you blameless! 
We are told by those in power that we must give in or the world will abandon us.  First of all I believe that is a lie, but if it were true, GOOD, So Be IT!  We are supposed to be the Shining City on the Hill.  That's who we are. That is our purpose.  We have to be a light in a world of darkness. We are the ones who are supposed to stand for Morality.  Speak for those who can't protect themselves.  Let the world abandon us.  If that's who they are, we'd be better off alone.  
Which one sounds more authentic, more true to Torah and who is still fighting????
Rabbi Genack now supports Hillary Clinton and conveniently does not address the 100 billions of dollars soon to be released to the Terror State of Iran, intent on the destruction of Israel, Hashem Yishmor, if Obama and Hillary get their way Chas Veshalom! 

Rabbi Menachem Genack is blinded and clueless. Norpac is as well. 

Shochad Maaver Pikchim is all that I can say. How can Menachem Genack be a trusted CEO for Kashrus when he is so blinded is what I am thinking.  Others are quite repulsed as well and not only with Obama's Iran Deal.

Iran Deal Advocacy: Rabbi's, OU, Agudath Israel vs Neturei Karta. Neturei Karta Wins? Search on Youtube for "Rabbis DC" and see what comes up

Is there a connection with the funding Agudah and OU receive from Capital Hill and their Silence? I hate to be Choshed Biksherim but I don't see any other explanation for this blindness!

Government Funds are desperately needed and have been mandated to our Yeshivot and private schools for Education and for Security.  However, please Hashem, let this money not be used to bribe and Silence Agudah and the OU and the tens of thousands of Jews whom them represent, to fight with our might about speaking out with pride for our G-d Given rights to the Land of Israel and specifically for Jewish settlement and annexation of Judea and Samaria and our Biblical Heritage sites, Har Habayit, Maarat HaMachpela, Kever Rochel, Kever Yosef and against a Nuclear Iran and to stop the 100 billion sanctions soon to be released to Terror.  $100 or even $200 million dollars is a lot of money but it is nothing compared to $100 billion or more. HashemYishmor. 

  • VIDEO from Agudath Israel: A GREAT WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR: NY STATE YESHIVOS TO RECEIVE $40 MILLION  "All that knocking finally paid off"... Rabbi David Zwiebel  monies owed to them from 2006 [following Gush Katif..  My comments RT]  Why was Schumer so busy with this instead of the Iran Deal?
  • Advocacy Pays Off for Our Community's Security.Posted on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 at 5:15 pm in Homeland Security. The Omnibus Appropriations Bill introduced in Congress yesterday, and expected to pass this week, included a proposed $20 million appropriation for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP)—a program that has helped Jewish day schools and shuls across the country improve their security.
  • OU Advocacy Center » Federal. A Victory for Jewish Education. Posted on Friday, December 11th, 2015 at 11:35 am in Tuition Affordability. year, working together with state and federal legislators, our advocacy efforts helped bring more than $209 million in government funding to Jewish day schools and synagogues across the country. Today's success is another important step on behalf of our schools, Jewish education, and Jewish families.
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