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Duma Blood Libel calling Hilltop Youth Jewish Terrorists. Yesterday Tue. Jan 12, 2015 New York Times Print Edition, Front Page blurb to article on page A9, Front cover Forward January 15, 2016


Yesterday I blogged about a potential blood libel in the making when right wing Nationalists brand Jewish Duma suspects as "Jewish Terrorists" part of a "Jewish Terror Network". 

I also posted The Truth about the Duma Suspects. These are not Violent Settlers! Martin Sherman on Duma. Hakol Hayehudi Sounds like a Blood Libel against Jewish Hilltop Youth

Jewish Blood libels in the past triggered pogroms. The trumped up charges are based on manufactured evidence. When it comes to the Jewish Duma suspects, they have become Jewish terrorists, part of a Jewish network of terrorists who supposedly murdered a Muslim baby and his parents by setting them on fire.  This blood libel justifies International condemnation and  "justifies the armed struggle of Palestine" which means justifying terror attacks against Israeli/Jewish men women and children especially in Judea and Samaria.   

In America it is accepted that a person is innocent until proven guilty. In a Jewish court of law, both parties are considered guilty until proven otherwise. 

Judiciary and the Shabak vs the Jewish Hilltop Youth.   

We can all agree that these suspects have not been tried in an objective court of law. There is no evidence against them other than Shabak findings based on torturing them and possibly framing them as they have done in the past. There is no solid evidence that hilltop youths ever murdered innocent Palestinians so it seems that such evidence must be manufactured.  If I was their lawyer, I would submit counter charges against Shabak and the Judicial system but how can the Judiciary be an objective judge against itself?

It seems to me that Shabak was given a free reign by the Judicial system to treat them no different than Arab Terrorists.  Remember these kids are Jewish and come from strong Jewish family values.  Many of their parents are educators. They are a reflection of their upbringing.   These Jewish kids do not come from a culture which glorifies murdering innocent Arabs. It is not a culture that glorifies martyrdom. There is no reward up in heaven if they murder innocent Arabs. Actually Amiram ben Uliel, the one indicted for the Duma arson is Breslev...  The two boys indicted  come from functional families. Their fathers are Rabbis. Ilana Odess, Elisha Odess' aunt, said that she too wants to find the perpetrators of the Duma Arson. These kids know that they would never get any support in their community for  murdering Jew or non Jew unless it was for self defense.   These kids do not brag that they murdered an innocent baby and his parents.  They never claim that murdering innocent Arabs is a Mitzvah. They maintain their innocence except that they confessed under torture.  And then their forced confession conflicts with the initial eye witness reports of the locals. . There is no evidence, photograph, eye witnesses that prove that they did it. In this day of cell phones, it's quite surprising. Just because someone stabbed a picture of a baby in a wedding doesn't prove anything except that someone stabbed a picture of the baby.Without a thorough investigation, we don't know what his motives were or what the others were thinking.   Maybe it was a Shabak frameup? Did the other dancers really see the picture or were aware that he was stabbing a picture of an Arab baby? Why assume that the hilltop youth all support stabbing and murdering Palestinian babies. 

Shabak with the blessing of the Judiciary took away all their rights.   The Judicial system is known for their corrupt self serving appointments with a bias against Settlers of Judea and Samaria and the hilltop youth.  Please investigate if this is the case.  It is no secret that the Hilltop Youth challenge the legitimacy of the existing Judicial system and can be seen as a threat. The hilltop youth would like a court system closer to a Hebraic Judicial Court of Law. The return of the Sanhedrin.  Don't we say every day in the Shemoneh Esreh Hoshiva Shofteinu KeVarishona a prayer to return our Judges as of old.  Is it true that an Arab judge assigned to this case permitted the torture of Jewish minors to continue? Why at times do I hear that they deny torture was done and at other times claim that is was approved torture?  Approved torture still remains torture.  

The Media, like the New York Times articles below,  base their accusations on these biased Shabak charges plus on statements of governmental  leaders and  right wing nationalist leaders who call these Jewish Hilltop Youth terrorists as if their guilt is a proven fact.  In a Jewish Court of law, before a judgement is rendered, both sides are considered guilty.  If you want to assume that the hilltop youth are guilty, then we must also assume that the Judiciary and Shabak are guilty as well. Let an objective Jewish court of law, hear the case and decide.  

The sad part is that fellow Jews are responsible for feeding this blood libel.  

Our enemies can invent a blood libel without us.  Do we really have to provide them the material? 


Israel Faces New Brand of Terrorism, This Time From Young Settlers

Please note the photograph below that accompanied the New York Times article page A9. It is basically a photograph, taken in a Beis Medrash,  with Jewish youth with Peyos and Tefillin,  learning. 

The article states "These kids are the latest manifestation of Jewish terrorists, part of a terrorist network, charged with grave crimes".  

A blood libel doesn't happen in a vacuum. Please note the escalations of how this story developed.  In August 7, 2015,  Naftali Bennett's wrote an OP Ed article for the New York Times (why did Bennett have to publish accusations that were never proven, against the hilltop youth in an OP ED in the New York Times of all places????)  where he called these Jewish terrorists a small minority fringe group.  Now in this printed article  of Jan 12, 2016 they morphed into  "a manifestation of Jewish terrorists part of a Jewish Terror Network"  and are not portrayed in this picture with straggly messy payis on a hilltop, as a fringe wild group but rather sitting nicely like Yeshiva students, learning in a typical Beis Medrash with large Yarmulkas and Tzitzis and Peyis and Seforim. Yet we are told they are Jewish terrorists.

Where are the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah (MGH)?  Don't they realize that it won't take to long until Satmer Chasidim will be confused with these so called Jewish Youth terrorists with Peyis learning in a Beis Medrash wearing large Yarmulkas and hanging Tzitzis?  Will the MGH write a letter to the New York Times, distancing themselves from this fringe group as did the Mishpacha magazine when they wrote a letter in Arabic,  distancing themselves from those who ascend Har Habayit. As if chas veshalom,  the terrorist will next time enter a Beis Medrash in a Chareidi neighborhood like Har Nof and ask those davening if they belong to the group who follow the Rabbanim who permit ascending Har HaBayit according to Halachic guidelines or follow Rabbanim who forbid ascending Har Habayit. In fact will terrorists pick a shul where the Mitpallelim, the congregants,  carry Neshek, are armed, or a shul where it takes 7 minutes for a Druze policeman to show up to back up the 1 paid  security officer that the shul can afford. 

Did Hitler really care if the Jew was from Satmer or from Itamar?  They look and sound the same....Because they are the same....

Why when Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith from Itamar come to Brooklyn they are given the cold shoulder by some as if they are Treif. No need to welcome them into our circles.  This feeling of isolation is very painful to those who are living a life of Mesirat Nefesh in every sense of the word. Where is the appreciation in Agudath Yisroel or OU for that matter in Boca Raton of the sacrifice they are making on behalf of all of Am Yisroel each and every day living in the Shomron.  The underlying perception is that Yiden should not settle in Yehuda and Shomron, not until Moshiach comes.  There is no Rabbinic statement against the 2 State Solution in support of the Marienbad Resolution.  Acheinu Beis Yisroel doesn't really apply to these Settlers who have to deal with the security and terror threat and the BDS delegitimization on a daily basis on their own. Does it take a massive terror attack Henkin  hy"d style Chas Veshalom, on the outskirts of Itamar to share in the pain and to feel connected? Even then there is confusion on how to properly respond.  Yes raise money for the orphans but don't validate the right to live in a place like Itamar nor go to visit Kever Yosef because it is too dangerous to visit the Kever especially when the Palestinians are guarding the Tomb. 

It seems that the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah are confused.  Do they really want a Palestinian State to replace these settlements situated on the high ground protecting Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv and Bnei Brak, major population centers of Israel? These settlements are also protecting the water supply according to Mark Langfan. Israel in turn protects Greece and Italy. How safe would it be to fly into Ben Gurion when the planes are within a stones throw literally from a Palestinian controlled area? Many thought that the 22 communities of  Gush Katif took up valuable resources from the IDF who then needed to protect them.  This would not be necessary if the communities left.  That was one of the justifications to have them expelled. So called "peace" with Israel's Arab neighbors.  We all know that the opposite happened.  Greater resources were now needed to protect the Negev now under attack who were previous buffered by the communities in Gush Katif who took the brunt of the attacks. 

Settler families serve in the IDF. 

The MGH and the Agudah held large protest rallies against Chareidim serving in the army.  In Israel these protests were attended by hundreds of thousands of Chareidim and in the States by tens of thousands.  Agudath Yisroel of America was a major sponsor and organizer of this rally in Manhattan.  

Surely the MGH understand that it was necessary to conduct a military operation on July 7, 2014, following incessant rocket fire from Gaza at Israel.  The IDF initiated Operation Protective Edge which consisted of a land invasion to eliminate  rocket threat against Southern Israel making living there intolerable. The death of the three boys led to the miraculous discovery of a massive network of tunnels through which a Rosh Hashana attack was averted.  These underground tunnels were dug under the border, under Jewish homes through which the terrorists were to suddenly appear out of nowhere and attack the civilian population within Israel.   

In the Torah, it is a Mitzvah DOrayta to defend Eretz Yisroel,  The people were counted according to those who were of age to be in the military.  Throughout Tanach, starting with Moshe Rabbeinu, Yehoshua, Shoftim, Shmuel I and Shmuel II, Melachim I and Melachim II etc there were Holy Wars, Milchemet Mitzva to conquer Eretz Yisroel. In Chumash men were exempt from serving in the army but it was the exception and not the rule. There are  Mitzvoth specific to a Jewish Military camp ensuring that it remain a Holy camp. The Spies were castigated and punished for discouraging the people to conquer the Land.  Moshe Rabbeinu seriously rebuked the tribes of Reuvein and Gad for allowing their brothers to go out and fight for them while they stay behind until they reassured him that this was not their intention but that they will be leading the fight into battle with their brothers.  

These Duma suspects are called "Terrorists who belong to a Terrorist network called Revolt". Where is the evidence? Why wasn't there a trial before branding them as terrorist.  In the Media, they have been accused,  convicted and they have had their civil rights violated, placed under house arrest and/or administrative detention,  incarcerated  with no trial to speak of, and no credible evidence to speak of either, unless you call self incrimination following torture legitimate evidence in a Jewish Court of law.  I am not a Rabbi but see here many infractions of Commandments. Divine or Rabbinic in nature. Feel free to challenge. This is by no means authoritative nor exhaustive.  1. Bringing false testimony 2. Motzei Shem Ra, Spreading a false or evil report 3. Rechilus, gossip 4.Kidnapping 5.Lying 6. Torturing 7.Physically raising your hand against your brother 8. Causing Mental Anguish, Lo Sonu 8.Failing to love your brother as yourself 9. Stealing and Destroying his property or his home 10.Failure to release someone imprisoned unjustly, Pidyon Shuyim which takes precedence over other Mitzvoth 11. Standing idly by as you brothers blood is being spilled 12. Establishing Just Courts 13: Lo Sichanem, appeasing and flattering the enemy etc. 14. Not protecting the boundaries of Eretz Yisroel 15 Destroying ones Livelihood.  These seem like straight forward inconsistencies with the Torah, nothing very complicated.  Is it no wonder that these hilltop youth lost respect for the establishment. With all these very blatant Torah violations, are the actions of the establishment consistent with their Torah teachings?  

So far there has been no evidence and there is good reason to believe that the Shabak under legal protection of the Judiciary have their agents provoking and framing these kids.On what basis did the court decide that they are Jewish Terrorists?  How did they prove that these kids put society in danger which gave them the legal right to put them into administrative detention? There is not even one case that I know about where there is conclusive evidence of a violent crime by this supposed terrorist network.  In addition, there is no oversight over the Judicial process and  Shabak who have unchecked control over these detainees and a clear bias against these youth and the entire Settlement enterprise.   

...But Israel's domestic security agency, Shin Bet, says the younger Mr. Meyer belongs to a Jewish terrorist network, some of whose members have been charged with grave crimes, including the July arson attack that killed aPalestinian toddler and his parents in the West Bank village of Duma. The two suspects in that case also spent time in these hills.

The existence of the network, known as the Revolt for the title of its manifesto, became known about six months ago, after the arrest of several suspected members. This latest manifestation of Jewish terrorism is the creation of young extremists rebelling against what they view as the inertia of the Israeli establishment, and it has fermented in lawless outposts like Baladim, a tiny encampment outside Maale Shlomo, and Geulat Zion to the north.

This libel did not come in a vacuum. Naftali Bennett has convicted them already in August 7, 2015 in a New York Times Op Ed. without even knowing their identity he called them terrorists, anarchists, a fifth column within Israel and like Hamas and Hezbollah they must face the full force of Israel's justice system and its defense establishment.  If I was a lawyer of any of these Duma suspects, I would sue Bennett for defamation of character and mental anguish leading to near suicide,  false incarceration, torture and basically taking away months of my clients life away. 

Naftali Bennett, Prosecutor and Judge on Israel's Jewish Terrorists By NAFTALI BENNETT AUG. 7, 2015 They killed the baby and his parents....  

...The terrorists who killed Shira and Ali do not represent Israel or its people. They are a fringe group, made up of radical extremists who do not only seek to kill. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of the State of Israel. They act against and threaten the very premise of what the Zionist movement envisioned when returning to the Land of Israel after 2,000 years in exile — a Jewish and democratic state committed to equality and freedom for all its citizens. They are anarchists, a fifth column within Israel and like Hamas and Hezbollah, they must face the full force of Israel's justice system and its defense establishment.
But they are also a tiny group. They do not represent the 400,000 residents of Jewish communities throughout the West Bank, the overwhelming majority of whom are law-abiding citizens and have condemned these acts of violence.

Print Forward Front Page: January 15, 2016

The Radical New Face of the Jewish Settler Movement
Naomi Zeveloff  January 11, 2016

Please note how the Forward quote the words of Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur out of context. What they intended to say was clarified in this post.,7340,L-4090992,00.html Reading the Forward one would understand that they condone murdering non Jews  and killing children of our enemies.  

Duma according to the Forward proved that the hilltop youth is capable of murder.  How so I ask if there was no trial and no conviction? 

They write that the minor who was indicted, Elisha Odess age 17 is the son of Moshe Odess, the Rabbi of Tzofim and Amiram ben Ulliel, was born in July 1994, he is originally from Karmei Zur, a settlement north of Hebron. He is the eldest son of Rabbi Reuven Ben-Uliel, who is identified with mainstream religious Zionism and also serves as the rabbi for Mechina Nokdim, a preparatory program for religious youths entering the army.


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