Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Duma: Letter to the Editor: Queens Jewish Link re: Op Ed: Discussing Jewish Extremism; by Sergey Kadinsky. Editors: Why did you have to take the side against the Hill Top Youth???


Dear Editors:

Why are you so quick to jump to conclusions against these kids? I would like to know who was the Settler kid in the white shirt on your front page with the rifle.  You must realize that such a picture puts all those who dress in that way in a negative light. Was this rifle real or a toy?  Pictures tell a story. But not the entire story. Are you sure that these screenshots weren't photo edited?  Where is the original video itself? Why do we just get screen shots? If we had the video we could probably see the faces far more clearly and not just the backs.  Who took the video and why is it that only Defense Minister Yaalon had a copy of it? Why didn't others post it on their facebook page? It's not like Shabak hasn't in the past incited and provoked this kind of behavior in order to frame settlers? Why is the Queens Jewish Link, a respected paper, one that usually takes the side of the settlers, so quick to spread Diba Raah, in word and with pictures on Hilltop Youth to the tens of thousands on your circulation not to mention the millions who now have access to your paper via a link, without really knowing the facts. Your report causes much more damage than a Haaretz report because, a Haaretz report of a similar nature would be suspect.  QJL on the other hand has credibility.  

My guess is that this wedding terror dance was staged as well as a frame up. I see no reason to believe otherwise at this point in time. 
Fwd: Video at Wedding Was Made By the Shabak

bs"d In Tribute to the Boys In The Hands of Shabak. Uzia Tzadok 13 Singing KeSheHalev Bocheh - When the Heart Cries

Dear Queens Jewish Link: Why couldn't you have picked any of these articles in support of the hilltop youth as your OP ED rather than an OP ED that jumped to conclusions against the Hilltop Youth?

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