Sunday, December 27, 2015

Open letter to Caroline Glick. Shabak staged Jewish Terror Dance and Duma Suspects and Hilltop Youth Framed

Dear Caroline Glick, amvsh
I have come to a conclusion and Shabak has come to a different conclusion.  I have concluded there are no Jewish terrorists.  Shabak has concluded there are.  You have sided with Shabak.I will therefore explain the situation to prove that Shabak is framing settlers rather that accept their conclusion there are Jewish terrorists. Shabak creates the situation to support their conclusion that there are Jewish terrorists where there are no rules and the end justifies the means.
Kahana ideology from what I remember when i lived in KA in 1980s was that they believed rhetoric was justified to prevent terror.  So even though they wouldnt actually go to a random bus and throw a molotov cocktail and murder innocent Arabs, they did not object to rhetoric mimicing Arab behavior, learned from the Arabs behavior, to make Arabs afraid of them. This is the language Arabs understand is their justification.
Stabbing a picture is not stabbing a baby.
If you call someone a terrorist when they are not, especially teens, and I can attest first hand of a reaction of a 15 yr old kid being thrown out of Yeshiva bc he broke mpl rules with friends like cutting class to go to a pizza shop after his Rebbe deceived him or seen publicly talking to a random  girl after specifically being told it was against the rules just to break a rule he considers dumb and sneaking a bottle of alcohol into a dorm for fun, plotting with friends a fireworks display on the roof of the Yeshiva, using inappropriate language etc is accused of being a bad kid a bad influence, will give a bad name to the Yeshiva and a kid who will destroy the religiosity of other good boys and therefore they justify expelling him wo a safety net in place, his reaction is to say "if they really think Im so bad I will show them how bad I am, he will take off his Kippa, use the foulist language he can think of and draw obscene graffitti and try his very hardest to make them see how very bad, bad really is compared to the pranks he did before.  Then when he is actually on the streets with all the other former Yeshiva kids who were thrown out, each from a different Yeshiva, one because he smoked hookah and another cause he had a facebook page and another cause he had a girlfriend and they meet seasoned truants who are smoking weed, addictions both prescription and non prescription and stealing and talking like a cesspool it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.  But the difference is these kids excel in VeAhavta LeRayacha Kamocha - Po Lo Maznichim Chaver. Acronym Palmach, like their Yeshivas did.  So when their friend is sinking in quicksand, they become his lifeline risking their own life and they dont let go.
  The ones who created the monsters are those who called them terrorists to begin with.  The truth is that there is not an ounce of evil in their veins.  However i would seriously investigate Shabak provocateurs who were paid to stage this Jewish Terror dance just like drug dealers are at the scene of very vulnerable kids recently thrown out of Yeshiva to entrap them.
Your editorial fell into their trap. You started off good talking about Raviv but then you veered off course completely and did more damage to these abused kids, the ones thrown out of Gush Katif when they were between the ages of 5-15 who lost faith in their Rabbinic leaders, their govt for very good reason. Now their friends are being tortured. They want to join their friends in the quicksand and be their lifeline.
They have turned to Hashem and beg Him to return judges as of days of old and for G-d to be once again the King of the world, they pray for the Davidic Kingdom and for the Temple service.
If u were this kind of idealistic kid, from a beautiful family, how would you feel towards a govt guilty of intolerable acts and I am not talking of taxation wo representation.
I wonder if Amos and Rabbi Sorotzkin and Maoz Tzur and Shemoneh Esreh are all in cahoots with these Jewish Terrorists, responsible for their "radicalization".
You, Caroline Glick, the voice of reason have not been thrown into the dungeon to need G-d as desperately as these kids apparently.  You can not relate to their desperation. This of course would  never happen probably bc u are not stupid enough to be the lifeline of someone in a sinkhole.  But I hope when u are hurting, nobody puts salt on your wounds...
Robin Ticker
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