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Fwd: Outrageous Obama administration security failure

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Subject: Outrageous Obama administration security failure
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Democratic Congressman Steven Lynch (D-MA) disclosed this week that 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security were on the terrorist watch list. In light of this information, I ask that these taxpayer-funded employees either be prosecuted or fired.

There is no excuse that those responsible for our homeland security are on the terrorist watch list and thereby a potential threat to our national security – unless in fact, they are on that list by mistake which confirms a complete failure of the system.

If these employees are on that list by mistake, then the federal government has truly shown a level of incompetence that exceeds the colossal failure of the launch of the Obamacare website, except this time our national security is at risk.

Something is clearly amok with those responsible for protecting us from terrorists show up on a watch list as potential terrorists. Yet no one ever is held accountable. If the employees are on that list by mistake, someone owes those employees an apology and that same someone owes America a resignation. If the employees are on that list because they are truly considered a terrorist risk, then they should be immediately terminated and/or prosecuted.

This glaring example of complete incompetence certainly should put an end to any notion of importing so-called "Syrian refugees" who we are assured will be thoroughly investigated and vetted. If the Obama Administration can't do a background check and properly check the employees in our Department of Homeland Security, then they certainly cannot be trusted to do such checks on unknown persons in the Middle East.

Fighting for America and our families,

Mike Huckabee




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