Sunday, December 27, 2015

Re: Today: Demonstration On Behalf of Jewish Duma Suspect Prisoners Today Dec 27 leminyanum 5pm Kikar Tzion Center of Town. Davan for 6 boys being tortured

Rabbanim, amvsh
Isnt there a Mitzvah of Pikuach Nefesh, Pidyon Shvuyim and Al Taamod al Dam Reyacha here which takes precedence to all other Mitzvoth even Limud Torah? Is the legal system in Israel with self appointed  judges, anti Torah Bias according to your liking? Shtika keHodaya Damya.
Is this simply a matter of politics justifying you ignoring their situation in prison and reports of being tortured. 
Do u  concur with Shabak that they are Jewish terrorists without evidence, without access to a lawyer with a biased judge?
On Dec 27, 2015 12:50 AM, <> wrote:

There will  be a demonstration today on behalf of the boys being held in administrative detention 
by the Shabak.
Sunday, Dec. 27
Time: 5 pm
Place: Kikar Tzion, center Jerusalem.
Come and show your solidarity for the young boys being tortured by the Shabak to extract confessions in the Duma arson. (Not one Knesset member has denied the torture allegations or asked for an investigation) 
There is no place for torture of ANY human being in a democratic society.
If someone is guilty of a crime, bring evidence and give the accused to a fair trial.
Any confessions obtained through torture are meaningless. Torture is a crime.   
Please daven for the following boys who are being held and tortured in the Shabak dungeons.   

Meir David Chai ben Tova

Elisha Chaim ben Na'ama Leah
אלישע חיים בן נעמה לאה

Chanoch ben Chasia Anat
חנוך בן חסיה ענת

Amiram ben Nurit
עמירם בן נורית

Tzur Yisrael ben Dalia
צור ישראל בן דליה

Moshe ben Rivka
משה בן רבקה

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