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Duma Suspects: Hilltop Youth Jewish Terrorists? Massive Protest Against the Horrible Torture of Innocent Jewish Youth by Shabak. Jews don't Torture Jews! Time for Jewish Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria


The evil crimes against innocent religious Jewish kids occurred because the powers at large in Israel, are convinced that there are "Jewish Terrorists"... They are now looking for proof and will manufacture it if necessary.  

We know that many Arab Youths are Terrorists. Their actions are consistent with Radical Islam and they see Mohammad as their role model.  They are devout Muslims. Their actions are consistent with their culture, their hate education and the teachings of Islam.  

These Jewish youths on the other hand have been brought up with Jewish values.  In comparison to Muslim Koran and Sharia law, the Torah and Halacha values and respects the sanctity of human life, of both Jew and non Jew alike. While this is the rule according to Torah and Halacha,  there are exceptions.    In Torah an enemy like Amalek must be treated in a manner not consistent with compassion. 

If one follows Torah, there is no such concept as a Jewish Terrorist.  Even the Jewish King did not act unilaterally but in  consultation with the Sanhedrin and when it was relevant with the Kohen Gadol and the Urim VeTumim.  

But the government of Israel is a hodgepodge of British and Turkish law and a corrupt Judiciary.  It is quite evident that Torah law is not consistent with the "morality" dictates of of the present Government of Israel.  For example they have instructed medics to treat the wounded according to the guidelines of triage whereby terrorists in more serious conditions are treated before the victim of terror. The organization Zaka, who is guided by the teachings and morality of Torah,  known for their exceptional acts of compassion,  in fact refuses to abide by these guidelines. 

 Adamant ZAKA refuses to treat terrorists before Jews
ZAKA director Yehuda Meshi Zahav charges 'no one will teach use what morality is,' least of all Israeli Medical Association.

In Israel, Arab Terrorists  are being treated with misplaced compassion.  I am referring to situations with explicit, documented incriminating evidence against them.  Yet young Jewish Youth with no evidence of such kind whatsoever, with no criminal record whatsoever,  are incarcerated and tortured so that they finally confess to a crime they did not commit. For Jewish Youth, acts of self defense and provoked misdemeanor acts such as graffiti or puncturing a tire is considered as a violent criminal act of terror while real violent terror attacks by Arabs upon Jewish settlers are often ignored and/or overlooked. . Then this reality is compounded because the settler youth are now fair game to be framed by others who draw Hebrew graffiti  and then commit arson etc. knowing fully well that Jewish Youth will be then be targeted, blamed, condemned, incarcerated without trial,  without real evidence,  and tortured.  

We have a precedent of a similar scenario in Tanach.

"He Who is Compassionate to the Cruel 
Will Ultimately Become 

Cruel to the Compassionate" 
Contemporary Lessons from an Ancient Midrash Eliav Shochetman  This paper was published as ACPR's Policy Paper No. 124 (2001)

...Regarding the verse located in the chapter discussing Saul's war with Amalek (I Samuel 15:9), "And Saul and the nation spared Agag," the Midrash says8:
R' Elazar said: One who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate, as it is written, "And Saul and the nation spared Agag and the best sheep and cattle.", and it is written (Ibid. 22:19) "And Nov, the city of priests, he smote with the edge of a sword."
As we know, King Saul was commanded by the prophet Samuel: "Go and smite Amalek and confiscate all that is theirs" (I Samuel 15:3). This commandment stemmed from the Torah commandment to erase the memory of Amalek (Deuteronomy 25:19), however, in the hearts of Saul and the nation, compassion on Agag, King of Amalek and on the best sheep and cattle, was aroused, and as a result, Saul refrained from completely fulfilling the words of the prophet. In this regard, the Midrash states that one who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate as King Saul acted compassionately to Agag (the cruel) and ultimately became cruel to the compassionate, in the guise of the people of Nov, the city of priests, whom Saul killed wantonly because he suspected them of having assisted David.
This is not, therefore, compassion to the cruel which ultimately leads to harming the general public and must therefore be avoided; this is rather a psychological process that claims that one who displays mercy towards the cruel will ultimately display a cruel attitude to the compassionate. The Midrash does not elaborate on how the psychological process works.

It is our hope and prayer that  those responsible of these horrendous violations of human rights get what they deserve as do all Muslim terrorists acting in the name of Jihad.  

Let us demand without letup that any youth under administrative detention be freed immediately!

Jewish Administrative detention is surely unwarranted because as mentioned above,  Jewish values and culture does not support the concept of Jewish Terror.  

Without solid incriminating evidence, Jewish Youth are being held immorally and controlled by cruel individuals, members of Shabak who side with Palestinian terrorists against Jewish youth, and their families and Jewish Settlers living in Judea and Samaria. 

It is not only the Chief of Shabak at fault. We must review and hold responsible those who have given credence to the suggestion that "Jewish Terrorists" exists thereby empowering these animals who had the green light to act as they please with no oversight.  These kids suffered 13 days of physical and emotional abuse enslaved under their control! Their families by extension suffered terribly as well. Any caring Jew is horrified....

The picture is broader...

The time has come to finally end the needless hatred between the modern day Joseph and his brothers which created the environment for this to happen.  Joseph's brothers suspected him wrongly and even years later, after having to  endure the tribulations inflicted upon them by the Viceroy Joseph in Parshat Vayigash, they finally began to understand where they went wrong.  They had to pay a steep price for stubbornly justifying to themselves and others their hateful actions to their brother Joseph. 

It is not a coincidence that many of the hilltop youth and their families are from Samaria, the inheritance of Joseph,  sharing in the present, Joseph's experience of being thrown into the pit,  isolated from his brothers whom he loved and who wronged him so deeply. 

Today the Jews living in Judea and Samaria, the Biblical inheritance of  Judah and Joseph, do not have the same basic rights as the rest of Israel. They have been expelled from their homes, not given permits to build or expand and their shuls have been slated for demolition.   The time has come to officially annex this land to the rest of Israel.  We must unite and demand Jewish Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.  

I suggest all visit the website of Women In Green who are in the forefront of this campaign.  For excellent articles and up to date information,  please read their journals. As of today there have been 6 issues, the latest #6,  which can be accessed and printed from their website. They will be happy to mail you a copy as well. 

Justice Minister: Implement Biblical Law in Israeli Legal System

fyi: In the News:

More than 1000 Israelis protested outside the home of Shabak (Shin Bet) chief Yoram Cohen in Ramot, Jerusalem. They are protesting against the ongoing administrative detentions and torture of the "Hilltop" minors, according to a TPS report.

Shalom, Shavu'a Tov,
* Jewish youth are being tortured
  in the Shabak cells
* Honenu press conference:
  Interrogators applied severe methods of torture
* Letter to Ya'alon (H)

ToNight, On Motzaei Shabbat (Dec 19) there was a protest: Jews Don't Torture Jews Protest

 Mothers of these youths were joined by over a thousand  to protest against the torture of the boys
in front of the house of the person responsible for this outrage Rehov Yigal Alon corner HaChoresh, Ramot, Jerusalem A Melave Malka was scheduled to strengthen the families. 

The organizers wrote the following in Hebrew on their flyer.
"We will show our arvut hadadit - mutual responsibility and work together   to protest this illegal trampling of basic human rights in a democratic society"

Organized by the committee of Jews Don't Torture  Jews and friends of the youths

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