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Re: Duma Fwd: Shalom Pollack from Honenu: RE: Jewish Duma Terrorist suspects: Dejavu Revisiting Rabin Murder

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As they say, it's Dejavou all over again.

The  same targets, the same cheerleaders heading the attacks and the same ones  crawling under the covers  lest they be demonized too.

First, it was the Inquisition after the Rabin murder in 1995.

I must say that the media and powers that be did quite  a job then. 

I was an uncompromising zealous  critic of Rabin  and all that he perpetrated since the Oslo perfidy. I realized then, that he and Peres were traitors to the Jewish people  and  to our land. Yet, even I, was so affected by the propaganda  brainwashing that I considered paying my last respects to the man that brought Arafat into our homes and who killed holy Jews on the Irgun  ship,  Altalena.

I came to my senses after a while but I realize now the power that they wield over our minds.

I remember a veteran "settler" of Kiyat Arba, walking around with a big sign," I am ashamed"

A couple of days after the murder, I was in a shop with two young men I did not know. I over heard them criticizing Peres, the new prime minister. I took out my pad and pen and asked them, "what did you say?' Did I hear you correctly?" 

They turned white and said ,No it was only a bad joke , I shouldn't take them seriously". I was amazed that my little test brought the results I though it might. They were not living in a democracy, Big brother was watching and they were terrified. 1984 was here.

The Rabin government shut down the only remaining  voice of opposition to the blatant treachery. "Arutz Sheva radio was casting doubt in the minds of the public. Their key personalities were arrested. The opposition to the  government and their odious lies was  were eliminated

 Israel experienced what Soviet citizens probably woke up to every morning - "Socialist Realism" 
The second time was during the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes before the historic crime of Gush Katif. Again - "Socialist Realism" 
It took just one corrupt and determined man wanting to stay out of jail to bring most of the country behind him in the senseless, cruel and suicidal expulsion of 2005.

They did not catch me in their web this time and I soberly and painfully  witnessed the decent of a country accompanied by an orchestrated psychological /fear campaign that trounced Israeli law and basic  civil rights in broad day light . Tens of thousands were just "following orders". 
Thousands, particularly minors were beaten, arrested or detained - totally illegally.  Israel 2005.

I recall , when Bush visited Israel eight years ago, the journalists were put up in the Dan Panorama hotel. A man stood outside with pamphlets containing information about the corruption and violence that is the Palestinian Authority.  They call it freedom of speech I believe. Well it wasn't what he government had in mind. They wanted the lies to go unchallenged and the Bush  "Road Map" to be bought.. Thus the man was dragged away by  a plain clothes cop. Simple.

I wanted to enter the hotel as I was wearing a free Pollard sticker on my jacket. Problematic for the government. They did  not want the journalists to ask questions about our friend the US and its cruelty to Jonathan that might tarnish the Bush visit . So I  was very rudely expelled. Were my "rights" trampled that night as well?
Who knew. Who cared?

And now, once again in 2015. Israel is experiencing  yet another phase of Arab terror. Arab men, women, boys and girls, are daily  using  what ever comes to their hands at the moment  to murder Jews - all over the country,  not only in the "territories".
The government simply has no solution to this latest phase in the  now hundred  and fifty years of war against he Jews in our land.

Giving them  land or guns of Nobel prizes will not satiate the blood lust any more. 

So what to do?

Find a common enemy that CAN be defeated; one that  is  sufficiently different from most Israelis. One that lives on the margins of society. One that will not  agree to be cannon fodder  for "peace". Gotcha! It's the hill top youth. Public enemy number one.


What is worse in Israel today than a  Jew killed by an Arab? But of course  an Arab killed by a Jew.

Add that to a weird wedding dance with  weapons and  we have a national hysteria and preoccupation that shades the daily Jewish blood letting. (Was this possibly...  a government set up as has  happened in the past.. Avishai Raviv - govt provocateur who encouraged Amir to kill Rabin)?
 Rabin in SS uniform, compliments of Raviv.. police dressed as Arabs to provoke settlers and then arrest them? Mmmm...

It remains to be seen how  these kids managed to enter  to the center of an Arab village, burn two houses, paint on the walls and  leave unnoticed. Were they  super commandos?
The family killed in the fire were  involved in a bloody clan feud ( a common phenomenon in Arab society)  in the village  for years.

The  Jewish suspects have been denied their legal rights and have undergone prolonged and severe torture, according to them , their families and their lawyers.
The government MUST  get their man and it had better be a Jew!
All "according to the law" of course  and with approval of the courts.

Once again the "Right wing " are heading for cover and hoping for  an approving pat on the head from the powers that be.

After decades  of witnessing  this rule of law, I am reminded that  there were also  laws and courts in the USSR... and in Sedom too.


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