Sunday, December 20, 2015

Asara B'Tevet Global Shma This Monday at 9 pm Israel time and 2 pm EST...Everyone say Shma Yisroel the same time and have this in mind....


Subject: This Monday at 9 pm and 2 pm EST.... Everyone should say Shma Yisroel at the same time. Rabbi Shalom Arush!

  1. That the Kingdom of Heaven should rule on earth;
  2. That King David should rule in Israel;
  3. That the Holy Temple should be rebuilt forthright;
  4. That we should all return to Hashem in complete teshuva.
Rav Arush shlit'a stresses that this is a critical time and conducive for the Geula, the full redemption of our people.
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Rabbi Sorotzkin Teshuva - Tikun of ending the Golus - yearn for recognition of G-d's Kingdom, yearn for Davidic Kingdom and yearn for return of Temple Service. Msg following Har Nof Massacre


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