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VIGIL OF CONSCIENCE REPORT Fwd: Yesh Din V'Yesh Dayan For Duma Suspects, Boys Tortured by the Shabak. Bennett is terribly mistaken!


Naftali Bennett: 
Duma suspects 'tried to dismantle Israel'. Jewish Home leader defends Shin Bet interrogation of suspects, says they prevented 'Duma2.'
In Rebuttal:

I totally disagree with Bennett. Actually I believe Shin Bet interrogations of these hilltop youth will create Duma 2 and Duma 3 and Duma 4 etc. or until this charade comes to  a halt.   If these Jewish Hilltop boys are innocent as I believe they are, and the perpetrators are indeed Arab, which I believe they are, than there is much to gain for Arabs to learn from this "success" story and copy this modus operandi.  From this incident they have learned that if they wish to eliminate feuding Arab rivals, which is not unheard of in their circles,  they can simply do so by arson and then frame Jewish Hilltop youth with simply writing some Hebrew graffiti at the scene of the crime. This way they can eliminate 2 enemies, the Arab enemy with whom they are feuding and some random Jewish hilltop kids who like to settle Judea and Samaria.  A bargain.. 2  for the price of one and the best part about it is that the Shabak will do half the dirty work and investigate and torture Jewish youth and let the real Arab arsonist/terrorist off scot-free...

I expected better from Bennett.  All the times he spoke so eloquently about the settlers was it lip service? Does he have intelligence regarding Jewish terrorist activities that their parents or grandmother, aunts and relatives don't have other than a confession made under duress?  Maybe he should pay a visit to these relatives now rather than wait for Shiva calls. We know that Bennett is quite good at eulogies of  dead settlers. But on judgement day, the heavenly court will judge him on how good he was in preventing  tragic deaths due to terror attacks, not on how wonderfully he eulogized.

Now about the Vigil of Conscience in front of the Israel Embassy:

We stood in front of the Israeli Consulate a group of stalwart activists under the leadership of Helen Freedman and staged a Vigil of Conscience.  Helen spoke about how she knows these Hilltop youth and what a beautiful bunch of kids they are.  The exact opposite of the way they are portrayed in the Media. I am sure she knows these kids better than Naftali Bennett. She literally was in tears for having to speak about such disturbing reports of Jews  against Jews. It puts the govt of Israel whom we care about and hold dear as we do our own family in a very negative light. But sometimes even with family we need to take a stand if they make a terrible mistake.  And we are all human said Helen.

Doesn't Naftali Bennett know the power of Dibah Raah, false and untrue accusations and testimony.  Isn't one of the 10 commandments, Thou shall not bear false witness? It can literally destroy a person. How dare Bennett falsely accuse these Jewish suspects of being  arsonists? 
What is wrong with this quote from Arutz7. Maybe it was a typo.
Bennett said everyone in Israel has been exposed to the reported torture the suspects are undergoing at the hands of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA), and went on to call the suspects "terror suspects. They burned people in their sleep with the goal of dismantling the state."
If he himself calls them suspects why did he then say that they burned people in their sleep with the goal of dismantling the state.  Were they convicted? Also, how in heavens name does he know their motive?

Who is Bennett or Ayelet Shaked to convict Jewish kids without a trial or evidence when they are denied a lawyer and tortured? How can he justify these kids having an Arab Judge assigned to their case, clearly with an anti settler bias who is not interested in finding out who the real arsonists are,  never investigating other leads that might lead into the Arab village itself. He relies upon the PA for the investigation of Arab suspects and the foregone conclusion that surely it was the hilltop youth of Judea and Samaria.  Another nasty thought comes to mind. Maybe it was a Shabak setup?

The aunt of one of the kids living here described how this just turned 17 year old (same age as Yosef when he was thrown into the pit by his well meaning brothers) told the judge to just write up a confession with all the details of where and how it happened and he'll sign it cause he can't take the torture anymore. So now we know how the State got a confession.  The kid becomes a false witness against himself.  I hope they are very proud of this accomplishment. His aunt said that he cut his wrists and tried to commit suicide. 

The Shabak denied reports of the attempted suicide. 

Any clear thinking individual who believes a 16 year old kid was responsible for the attack in Duma, can't but help conclude that he wanted to commit suicide. Why else would he risk his life by going into a closed Arab town, setting fire to some random Arab's house and write Graffiti as a Kahanist. Surely that alone would have alerted the Arabs who would have lynched him.  But "miraculously" nobody noticed. He or his friend(s)  also wrote some graffiti as a Chabad Mashichist. he a radical Kahanist who wants to overthrow the gov't of Israel or a radical Yechi HaMelech Chabad terrorist who wants to overthrow the gov't of Israel?  Quite delusional for a 16 year old to believe that he is so powerful to succeed such lofty goals.  The question is why does the State of Israel feel so threatened with such a crazy kid who actually would have the nerve to attempt such a suicide mission. Then there is a plausible theory that a Shabak agent whose goal is to delegitimize the Hilltop youth planted the graffiti to make it appear as a price tag terror attack. 

Let's continue with this line of reasoning that the Hilltop Youth actually impulsively went into Duma, into the center of the village,  and committed this terror arson attack and quite miraculously  didn't get caught nor lynched by the Arabs.  Couldn't they have just picked the closest house to the edge of the village to make a quick escape.  Nor is there evidence placing them at the scene of the crime.  They must have magical powers that enabled them to escape unnoticed from the center of town following a fire.  Wait maybe there were 15 such hilltop kids setting the fire in Duma.  If you take 15 kids and torture them all, then by statistical probability at least 1 or 2 will break and sign a confession.  According to this theory, they are impulsive youth with a deep hatred of Arabs. 

How come when Arabs commit an act of terror there is always a camera around documenting the terror attack. 

Lucky them.  In Duma there were no cameras and no people who were awakened by this terrible fire who could have spotted them. But surely the Hilltop Youth couldn't have known that they would escape unscathed by this terror attack.  Jihad is not a Jewish concept.  Jews generally don't want to die as martyrs .  Given this very dangerous operation in enemy territory, in the middle of an Arab Village, which set a home on fire and burnt to death a family  of 3, one can easily come to the conclusion that these kids were probably insane and suicidal.  Again, had they been Arab we could have attributed it to Jihad....Radical Islam..

Why Shabak denies that this minor contemplated suicide,  is beyond me.  But then again, they don't want to incriminate themselves of murder of an innocent teen. 

lets continue with the analysis....
Obviously the family, must be a breeding ground of Jewish Terrorists since this kid wouldn't just become one in a vacuum...

Therefore, his aunt and cousin were also interrogated for several days and are still having nightmares of this encounter with Shabak.  His aunt who is a principal of a school was basically threatened with her job since she wasn't more helpful with their investigation.  They told her if she didn't notice a "change in his behavior" at the time of  a family Simcha she is not fit to be an educator. I suppose the Simcha was at the same time that the arson in Duma occurred. She said she would love to help them but she simply has no information that they wished to hear. The yelled spit and degraded her for 3 days...

This family is the most Tzioni as they come.  The American grandmother, Blumi Odess, who was there at the AFSI Vigil told us that they made Aliya after the 67 war to help Israel restore losses as a result of the war. She described leaving successful careers.  She now shares her time with her children who live in the States and in Israel.  A model family.  Her grandson Elisha has dual citizenship.  

Why would anyone want to come on Aliya after hearing this story?

People might be afraid of coming on Aliya because instead of recognition and appreciation for having sacrificed everything to move to Israel,  one day their grandchild might be interrogated unjustly by the Shabak and tortured. 

Others upon hearing this story won't want to make Aliya for an entirely different reason. They are now afraid that if they come on Aliya, idealistic, leaving their successful careers behind, wanting to build the country they will become radicalized in the hills of Judea and Samaria and one day their grandson might become a hilltop youth settler terrorist, develop a  hate for all Arabs, and ultimately will want to set some random Arabs home on fire and dismantle Israel. 

Getting back to reality of this particular case:

This family too would like to know who committed the arson.  Forced confessions by minors is not the way and is a stain on Israel's justice system said the kids uncle who happens to be a lawyer.

At the Vigil, I read a translation of Chief Rabbi of Bet El, Rabbi Melameds letter to the G-d fearing MKs and wrote said that this is a matter of Pikuach Nefesh  (saving a life in danger) as well as Pidyon Shvuyim (Mitzvah to redeem a captive) which is keneged, equivalent, to  the entire Torah. He said that if this is the case, the MK's should not be part of such a govt.

I also read a post written by  Elyashuv Har Shalom of Kol Hayehudi.  He wrote Jews are not terrorists.

Jews are not the source of terror. He then described Arab terror that blows up buses, kidnapped, murdered dozens of soldiers and children, that stab, massacre and drive into men women and children (he forgot to mention Arab lynchings and using their own children as  human shields and glorify jihad among his list. He also didn't bring up Muslim sanctioned perverted lifestyle (see videos of Isis and what they have done to the Yezhidi men, women and children population) nor their hate education. (PMW) He compared this Terror culture to Jewish terror which consists of graffiti,  punctured tires, and broken tree branches.  

28 days this kid is sitting in the pit of Shabak interrogation rooms...5 months they are still manufacturing evidence to prove that he is a real Jewish terrorist of the Arab type. No success yet...except a forced confession.... Wonder why not...
Ain Chadash Tachat Hashemesh.  Nothing is new.
Yosef too was misjudged by his brothers.  They paid a steep price. 
Those who are compassionate to the cruel will ultimately be cruel to the compassionate.  This is a phenomenon that occurs says the Midrash...and we see it not only with Shaul but right now with these kids....

Examples of Being Compassionate to the Cruel
  • Israel Medical Association says that medics should treat terrorists before victims according to the rules of triage. 
  • Engaging in warfare that endangers IDF soldiers in order to save enemy civilian 
  • Compassion on a terrorist when he is down, only to have him attack once again, another example...
  • Not dealing forcefully with the terrorists but rather dealing forcefully with Settler Hilltop Youth

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Date: Dec 23, 2015 12:02 AM
Subject: Yesh Din V'Yesh Dayan For Boys Tortured by the Shabak


Every individual who played a part in the torture of the Jewish boys in the Shabak KGB   headquarters should know:

Yesh Din V'Yesh Dayan
 ישׁ דין וישׁ דיין 

Your hands have taken part in barbaric acts against innocent Jewish souls: 
   ישׁ דין וישׁ דיין 
Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel
Moshe Ya'alon, Defense Minister of Israel
Naftali Bennett, Jewish Home Chairman
Elazar Stern, Yesh Atid MK
Yoram Cohen, Head of Shin Bet 
Knesset members who watched in silence and said nothing
Judges who refused to allow the children basic rights to see lawyers and who ignored their cries for mercy
 ישׁ דין וישׁ דיין 

Have mercy on me, O Lord, see my affliction from my enemies, You Who raise me up from the gates of death.

PSALMS (9:14)

יד חָנְנֵנִי יְ-הֹוָה רְאֵה עָנְיִי מִשּׂנְאָי מְרוֹמְמִי מִשַּׁעֲרֵי מָוֶת

תהילים ט:טז

Never Forget, Never Forgive How The Government of Israel 
Colluded to Destroy Innocent Jewish Children Through Torture   

Bibi Netanyahu Condoned the Torture

  ישׁ דין וישׁ דיין 

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