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For reasons of political correctness, the only prayers that seem immune to criticism right now are ones directed towards Mecca. After the terrorism in San Bernardino, it's not radical Muslims being blamed so much as Christians who insist on praying when they should be agreeing with President Obama and calling for "common-sense" gun control. There's actually a term for this: "prayer-shaming;" and it went on even as victims were texting others to pray for them. Did you see any of the liberal politicians or media mock Muslims for throwing down a prayer rug and praying in a very ritualistic and regimented manner? Of course not!

Never mind that "common-sense gun control" is an oxymoron; more gun restrictions on the law-abiding won't stop jihad here any more than they stopped it in Paris. It's odd that those who claim to speak for rationality have such an unshakable belief in something for which there is no evidence. But that's an argument for another time. Right now, let's talk about prayer.

I've called for a national day of prayer for San Bernardino, and I want to explain why. It shouldn't require explanation, but too many pundits simply do not get the concept of prayer and smugly dismiss it as a magical mystery tour to visit the "Invisible Man in the sky" and ask Him for things, like a winning lottery ticket. That's not what prayer is.

Prayer is a reach into the depths of one's heart, far from the otherwise-incessant blare of political rhetoric. As a man of faith, I believe God is there, in one's heart, as He is everywhere. Prayer offers a quiet time to seek wisdom, compassion, humility, and the right path.

We don't pray because we're trying to get God to get in on our plans and priorities; we pray so we can humble ourselves and step away from our pride and selfishnessness and ask God to get us in HIS plans and priorities.

Choosing the right path is of utmost importance now. We need thoughtful leaders of experience who know it takes more than flashy oratory or snarky Tweets to handle problems of great magnitude; leaders who have searched their souls and, yes, called on the incalculable strength of a Higher Power. I would hope that whoever becomes President, upon first entering the Oval Office, will say a prayer for strength, wisdom and guidance, just as I'm sure that Americans of both parties and all beliefs will be saying a similar prayer for their new President.

I believe the help comes from God, and I'm not ashamed to say it. If that invokes the contempt and ridicule of others, so be it. But it doesn't hurt for those in San Bernardino to know millions of people sincerely and unapologetically have them in their prayers.

Increasingly, though, our country is led by those who would rather call names and label believers as bigoted. Ironically, their approach reveals their own bigotry --- against anyone who whispers a Christian prayer. But Christians will pray for them, too. Because that's just what Christians do.

If you would like to join me for this day of Prayer please do one of two things:

RSVP for our event here.

THEN I ask that you forward this email to 10 friends and ask them to join you. This isn't a partisan moment this is a moment for prayer --so Democrats, Republicans and Independents are all encouraged to participate.

Friends, joining together for this moment of prayer will send a powerful signal to our enemies -- we are undeterred in our faith in God.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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