Tuesday, December 22, 2015

TODAY Asara B'Tevet at KOTEL Women's Tefilla 3pm Jerusalem Time! TODAY NY VIGIL of CONSCIENCE at ISRAEL CONSULATE 12 PM. Letter From Rav Zalman Melamed to Knesset, Disturbing video (H) of their Attorneys from Honenu.


Jerusalem: Kotel  Women's Tefilla Gathering
Do Not Stand IDLY! Today Women's Tefillah at the Kotel on Behalf of the Boys being Tortured by Shin Bet. 3 pm Asara Be'tevet by Kotel. Mothers will be present...

Protest In New York: 
VIGIL of CONSCIENCE; at Israel Consulate, Today 12pm Asara B'Tevet, Against Shabak Torture of Nationalist Youth in Israel

Fwd: Letter From Rav Zalman Melamed to the Knesset Re: Youth Being Tortured by the Shabak

Very Disturbing Video of  Attorneys from Honenu Adi Keidar and Itamar Ben Gvir report re: their meeting with the minors who were finally allowed to meet their lawyers after a few weeks. They reported that they were physically tortured by Senior Members of Shabak.  Sign Petition (H) and see Video.
Call to Stop the Torture of Teens by Shabak
ב. חיתמו והפיצו את העצומה:

Duma suspect's father: 'Inquisition-like torture'
Concerned father speaks about the brutal torture his son is undergoing, and the systemic effort to extract a false admission.

Details on Torture:
Duma Suspects Severely Tortured by Shabak 


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