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Fwd: Dog training in Israel. Fyi Fwd: Jew stabbed by Arab in Hebron sensed he was in danger, appealed to I.D.U. for dog.

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Date: Dec 7, 2015 9:46 PM
Subject: Jew stabbed by Arab in Hebron sensed he was in danger, appealed to I.D.U. for dog

The victim of the Arab attack in Hebron sensed he was in danger -Jewish gardener stabbed in Hebron by Arab, asked Israel Dog Unit for a protection dog

Gennadiy Kofman the Jewish gardener from Hebron who was critically wounded today in Hebron felt that his life was in danger, weeks before he was stabbed by an Arab terrorist Monday Dec. 8th Lminyanam.. Gennadiy called the Israel Dog Unit and asked to adopt a dog for protection that could escort him on his daily gardening chores. The chilling text message sent to I.D.U. (Israel Dog Unit) is still on the I.D.U. cellphone that was transmitted on October 19th. The next message from Gennadiy's phone was received by I.D.U. earlier today by Veronica, Gennadiy's wife, pleading with all of Gennadiy's friends and phone contacts to pray for his recovery.  Gennadiy had started attending classes in Kiryat Arba to learn how to use and maintain a security dog and I.D.U. was working on pairing Gennadiy with a dog.

Many people have been contacting the I.D.U.(Israel Dog Unit which provides security dogs as well as Search and Rescue services)  over recent weeks, in wake of the recent wave of terror. Unfortunately the I.D.U. lacks the resources to immediately station dogs with everyone who needs security dogs in Israel. Dozens of guard dogs and patrol dogs have been allocated in recent months. It is very possible even probable that had Gennadiy been working with a patrol dog at his side that the Arab terrorist would never have succeeded in stabbing him.

We have been working to bring as many good patrol dogs as possible to Israel over recent months to meet the immediate and urgent need for dogs ready for service. Later today I will be meeting with the owner of a large European service dog kennels, who is visiting in Tel Aviv to discuss importing protection dogs ready or close to ready for immediate deployment. Two weeks ago we placed two dogs in Hebron, but that is not enough.

In the meantime, I urge all of you to forward this email to whoever you can and to urge them to pray for Gennadiy Haim Nutah son of Raya Rachel. He is in very critical condition with stab wounds to his heart and lungs.

 If you are in a position to help sponsor a highly trained good dog - our cost to buy the dog, finish the training and deployment of the dog and handler costs between 5000 and 10000 dollars.

We are also in need of good volunteers to work with the dogs, help train and maintain them. We have dormitory facilities. Volunteer work with the dogs could be combined with Torah or academic studies, or part time employment.

Let is hope and pray for speedy and complete recovery of Gennadiy and let us hope and pray that there be no more bloodshed here in Israel.

Wednesday, tomorrow, training in Hebron and Kiryat Arba with security dogs 12 PM, In Jerusalem's Gan Sacker training will be held at the same time with Zhenya, 2 PM in Tapuach, and at 4 PM in Leshem. If you plan on partaking in the training please call in advance today as well as calling again tomorrow before leaving for the training.

See the attached link below– this is the type of dog Gennadiy should have had at his side – we need your help to train and sponsor more service dogs in Israel.
Donations to I.D.U. can be sent to "Maginei Eretz LMaan Hazulat POBox 6592 Jerusalem Israel 91060

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