Sunday, December 20, 2015

re: Duma Suspects TODAY: Jerusalem: Gesher HaMeitarim: Demonstration Against Shabak Torture of Nationalist Youth. Demonstration New York: Tuesday 12pm Israel Consulate



12/20/2015, 10:26 PM Report on Demonstration:
Hundreds riot over Duma suspects' treatment; 4 arrested 

Angry protesters block entrance to Jerusalem over ISA torture of suspects.

Duma detainee 'tried to commit suicide'

Recordings exposed of youth arrested in Duma case begging to be killed, scars found all along arms. ISA denies wrongdoing.

Protest in Jerusalem

You Shall Not Stand By While Your Brother's Blood is Being Spilled

Stop the Torture Now!!!  Our Children are being tortured in the cells of the Shabak  

Do not be silent!!! 

Come Join in a Demonstration Today 

DATE: Sunday, December 20 

TIME: 8 p.m. 

Near Gesher HaMeitarim (Strings Bridge)

Entrance to Jerusalem

Transportation: All buses to Central Bus Station:

Please forward to family and friends 

Publicity of evil really does help!!!

Protest In New York: 
VIGIL of CONSCIENCE; at Israel Consulate, this Tue. Dec 22 12pm Asara B'Tevet, Against Shabak Torture of Nationalist Youth in Israel

Details on Torture:
Duma Suspects Severely Tortured by Shabak 


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