Friday, March 14, 2008

Why is Tzvia Sariel being punished in jail w/o commiting any crime?


To Whom It May Concern,
Tsvia Sariel has no evidence against her. She has no charges against her anymore. Her only "crime" is that she does not want to recognize the judicial system in Israel whom she feels does not enforce justice but rather is in serious need of correction itself.
Why doesn't the court respect her freedom to protest and simply judge her case, whether or not she recognizes their legitimacy, simply on the evidence. It is quite clear that Tsvia is innocent especially when no one is even pressing charges against her. No one that is, except the Judge and the prosecutor who are
Nogea Badavar (there is a conflict of interest and they should not be the ones to judge themselves). Judge Bechor and Shir Laufer ought to be ashamed of themselves. What gives them the right to do such a thing? Why isn't there a higher court that allows them to get away with it?
For this Tzvia is imprisoned for 3 months going on four, her modesty violated as religious young girl, with required stripped searches or else face solitary confinement. It seems obvious that this is her punishment for exposing the deficiencies in a court system that is supposed to defend her rights as a citizen.
She has proven her point. What kind of democracy is this and where are her rights as a young and caring citizen to protest? She has clearly won this round and the Judicial system is getting very bad press, but at what personal expense?

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