Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tzviya Sariel to be Released on Wednesday

Yasher Koach to all of us that didn't give up and worked on her behalf  and the mitzvah of Pidion Shvuyim, freeing captives, and recognized her struggle as being one that is not a personal one but one that exposed the rotten core of the judicial system within Israel.  Even her most basic civil rights of requiring proof of evidence of a crime  in order to be imprisoned was ignored and they continued to harass her and imprison her when charges were dropped.
This should just be the beginning in my opinion of our activism for an authentic judicial system based on Torah.  Tzviya's treatment proved that she was right on target for her unwillingness to recognize Israel's judicial courts.  The way they treated her proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that their system has nothing to do with justice but is simply the gov'ts tool to harass it's loyal citizens in Judea and Samaria.  The whole reason Tzviya, a young girl,  was so stubborn regarding her refusal of being heard at the secular court was from experience in witnessing the way others were treated by the courts. 
Let us work to promote the idea of a Torah based judicial system which is Tzviya's desire. Even the secular are interested in Mishpat Ivri rather than a hodge podge of British, Turkish and Israeli law. Judges can not be above the law and neither can policemen and policewomen.  We say in the Shemoneh Esreh (18 blessings in the morning and afternoon prayers) the following blessing. Hoshiva Shofteinu Kavarishona Veyoatzeinu Kevatchila.  Return our judges and advisors as in days in the past.  Tzion Bamishpat Tepadeh Veshaveha Bitzdaka.  Zion, with justice will be redeemed and those that return (or those captured) with righteousness.


On the day Tzviya is released, let us give thanks to Hashem! 


Baruch Ata Hashem elokeinu Melech Haolam Matir Assurim.  Blessed are you Hashem, King of the Universe for releasing the captive.

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