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fwd: OU Dissent from JCPA Resln - Menachem Kovacs,Buddy Macy, Asher Eder to OU

Excellent letters by Dr. Menachem Kovacs, Buddy Macy and Dr. Asher Eder. We urge all people that are members of the OU either by their Congregations affiliation or employed by the OU to publicly protest the official policy of the OU USA.  We all know of the wonderful work of the OU in Kashrus and other areas and especially in the Israel Center in Jerusalem.  Which serious Oleh/Olah Chadash has not taken advantage of the wonderful programming, lectures, library, concerts, trips of the Israel Center.  They are the grass of the earth being there for the people of Gush Katif and the people of Sderot mamesh risking their lives under fire from Kassam's.  Now is the time for them to speak up loud and clear "Ki Mitzion Tetzeh Torah Udvar Hashem MeYerushalyim", For Torah will come forth from Zion. and the word of God from Jerusalem. Rather than defer to the official policy of the OU in the USA, they must be the spokespeople for Eretz Yisroel being inclusive of Judea and Samaria and of course Jerusalem.  How can we coexist with a Palestinian State when the entitlement is exclusively for Am Yisroel?  (see sources below and first Rashi of Breishis)
Forwarded Message:
*Dear All,
Note that there is no explicit mention by either the OU or the JCPA** of
Yehuda & the Shomron**. A two state approach ("solution" and "peace
process" are certainly not the right words) means establishing a
dangerous Islamist "Palestine" carved out of Israel, G-d forbid.  Like
our holy city of Jerusalem, Yehuda and the Shomron are integral parts of
Eretz HaKodesh.  We need to draw our red lines to retain Jerusalem,
Yehuda and the Shomron in order to maximize our security and to retain
the Holy Land which Hashem gave us as "an eternal inhertance".
Shalom Batuach,
Menachem Kovacs*

Buddy Macy wrote:
> Dear Dr. Luchins,

> Thank you for forwarding me the OU Dissent from JCPA Resolution.  I am
> curious about the sentence: "The Orthodox Union further disagrees with
> and dissents from the resolution's statement that the American Jewish
> community should support an Israeli government's negotiation efforts
> with regard to the status of Jerusalem..."  Why didn't the OU disagree
> with and dissent from the resolution, itself?
> I still urge the leadership of the OU to immediately resign from the JCPA.
> Thanks again for keeping me posted regarding this critical matter.

> Sincerely,

> Buddy Macy
> 973-785-0057

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You bring below quotes from the Tanakh which show our title to the land.
You may add to that quote that the Koran is completely in line with the Tanakh in that regard - only the "teachings" of the Arab and Moslem establishment forge it into a pseudo-theology of Jihad against Israel. It wouldn't do any harm neither to the Jews in Israel and/or abroad, nor to the rest of the world, if our rabbis would look also into that aspect.
Besides practical issues, even from that point of view, Pres. Bush's "Road Map" is a big plunder, not falling short from a slab right into the face of the LOrd God of Israel Whom he should honor even from the point of his "NT".
Dr. Asher Eder
Sources in Tanach of our entitlement:
Bereishis/Genesis 13:15-18 ; 17:8 (HaShem to Avram - promise of land; to Avraham - new name and reiteration of promise of land)
The Covenant with Abraham is Breishis/Genesis 15:18-21. (extended boundaries, from the River of Egypt to the Eurphrates River, covers boundaries of 10 nations)
The Covenant to Isaac Breishis/Genesis 26:2-6.
The Covenant of Jacob is in Breishis/Genesis  28:13-16.
The Covenants and promises to the forefathers share three points. 1. Land is promised to them and to their children afterwards 2. The Nations of the world are blessed through them and 3. the children must keep the commandments in order to be worthy of the Land.

Shemos/Exodus 6:4,8 (HaShem to Moshe - reminder of promise to the Avot)
Isaiah 11:12; 49:12; 51:11 (Ingathering of exiles; return to Zion)

Amos 9:14,15 (Return from captivity - plant on to the land - never again to be uprooted)

Ezekiel 36:24, 36; 37:21( Gathering from all the lands to your own soil)
Breishis/Genesis 15:18-21. (extended boundaries, from the River of Egypt to the Eurphrates River, covers boundaries of 10 nations)

Bamidbar/Numbers 33:53; 34:13 (HaShem to Moshe - boundaries of Eretz Yisrael, the 7 nations)

Shemos/Exodus 19: 5-6  (The Nation of Israel will be a Kingdom of Priests and a holy nation)  
In the beginning, G-d created the Heavens and the Earth

What is the reason the Torah begins with Creation? Because if the nations of the world say to Israel: "You are robbers because you have conquered with force the lands of the nations of Canaan" Israel can answer: "He created it and gave it to whomever was proper in His eyes. Of His own will He gave it to them and of His own will He took it from them and gave it to us."

-- Rashi on Genesis 1:1


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