Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fwd: FWD & RSVP: Rachel's Children Reclamation Fdtn. Taanit Esther at Kever R...

As we cry for our victims, as the Jews in Iran go to the Kevers of esther and Mordechai on the Fast of Esther, join RCRf at the source, the Kever of Rachel, mother of Benyamin, the leader of the tribe of Esther and Mordechai.
Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation, 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235 054-224-2649
THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 2008 7:30AM
Please Join Us as we bring our 2nd RCRF Sefer Torah housed in Kever Rachel since 2005 to the new Aron Kodesh Safe in Beit Bnei Rachel, the only Jewish owned property within the Rachel’s Tomb Walled Complex.
Reservations please
Buses Leaving Arze Habira, Kings Hotel, Tsomet Gilo 7:30 AM
Torah Transfer on Arrival.
Shacharis in Beit Bnei RachelShiur by RABBI AHARON ADLER
“The Rachel Imeinu, Esther Hamalcha Message”
As we fast our bodies, let us nourish our spirit and heart in Ima Rachel’s Place with such holy roots.
I would like to make ____reservations at 40nis per person_____.
I would like to donate ____megillahs to the chayelim guarding Kever Rachel at 25nis each.
______ I would like to contribute to the Sefer Torah Safe and be recognized on the wall plaque _______$260 each
Please Register for Ongoing Women’s Shiurim and help us build Medreshet Chaya Rachel and Ruth
Tuesdays via 9:10 AM Egged #163 bus
“Women in the Gemorrah “ by Devorah Mandel
Wednesdays via 10:10AM Egged #163 Bus
“In Depth Shiurim on Rachel Imeinu” by Atara Gur
Thursdays via 9:10AM Egged @163 Bus
“Duties of the Heart” by Rebbitzen Sheindel Schnitzler

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