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2 States = end of Israel. Y Silence and even endorsement of Roadmap? Tamar Yonah

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Ramon: Destroy Yesha Towns Quickly

( Vice Premier Chaim Ramon said Saturday that Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria that lack government approval should be destroyed as quickly as possible.  The government should decide within the next two weeks which towns will be destroyed, he said in a radio interview.

The towns should be destroyed even if the destruction will lead to violent clashes with the residents, he said.  Ramon explained that in his opinion, the communities are worsening Israel's image in the international community, and the sooner they can be destroyed the better.[end]

From what combination of suicidal psychoses is Chaim Ramon suffering?

As Israeli radio show host Tamar Yonah writes in her blog, "Two States = The End of Israel."

7 Adar Bet 5768, 3/14/2008

Two States = The End of Israel

by Tamar Yonah

Anyone who supports the idea of two states, Israel AND a Palestinian state carved out from the belly of Israel, essentially supports the end of Israel.

As stated in a previous piece I wrote of what the two-state map would probably look like (see 2nd map below), Israel could not possibly survive another land amputation.  It would be like cutting out Israel's heart and placing inside its body, a time bomb.  Installing a Moslem Terror State inside Israel would be the means to her end. While both a heart ticks and a bomb ticks, one gives life, the other explodes in a rain of death.

Please view the map below and realize that this 'vision' and road map plan that U.S. President Bush wishes to implement before the end of his term, another 9 months, will birth the end of Israel.  This Palestinian State he wishes to see would bring Israeli population centers within rocket range of PA kassams and katyushas.  Every major city (including Haifa) would be in their scope.  This includes Israel's Ben Gurion Airport.


  Map below from Israel Unity Coalition.

Every plane that takes off or lands could be targeted.  If just one plane carrying residents and tourists were to explode, it would be the end of tourism and air travel for Israelis.  Import and export business could come to an end, contracts canceled, when products ordered do not arrive in Europe, or when Israelis could not get insurance to cover their products because of the terror threat.  Economically Israel could fall, not to mention the human life lost that could go into the mega-count. Israel would be unable to defend itself, its new tiny borders and it's population.[end]

To Russell Robinson & Ronald Lauder of JNF: Who would want to live in the Negev were Israel to look like this???

Leaders of the OU: Please, Please, leave the JCPA immediately!

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