Friday, March 07, 2008

Ed Koch on American Jewish Leadership during Holocaust, by Dr. Rafael Medoff

In the front page article in the Jewish Press February 29th, 2008, entitled "Ed Koch Still Pulls No Punches. " Dr. Rafael Medoff writes:
"Koch was also critical of the American Jewish leadership's response to the Holocaust.  "Jewish leaders did not do enough," he said.  "Did they get arrested?  Maybe they would have, if some other group was being persecuted.  They should have stormed the gates of the White House to demand action.  But they were afraid of antisemitism--afraid they would 'make things worse'.  Only a few people, like Ben Hecht, spoke out."
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Do we really need history to repeat itself, we the Children of the Survivors?  Each and every person, whether or not he/she considers himself a leader, must speak out and yell and insist that our official leaders speak out and claim our Jewish Heritage. WE ARE ENTITLED TO ERETZ YISROEL and not the Arabs.  They are the imposters.  We must observe the Torah and the Commandments. The Land belongs to G-d.This is the Promised Land, Promised to the seed of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and we in turn are obligated to keep the Commandments thereby infusing the world with holiness.  Only the nation of Israel has that mandate.
In response to my last email  posted on Sara Lehmann,  formerly an editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell, and currently a mother and freelance editor for the Jewish Press among others commented.
Fantastic and heart-wrenching letter Robin!!
I feel as if we are all responsible for what happened in Yerushalayim. American or Israeli, religious or non-religious, we all are to blame for the silence that we practiced or let others practice while the best of the best are murdered. This is truly a time of "Hester Panim".
Shabbat Shalom,
Shabbat Shalom and thank you Sara for your activism and your voice as well (See Sara's Op Ed article in the Jewish Press in breaking the Silence.


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