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Tsvia Sariel, Strong letter from Ruth & Nadia Matar, Action alert Buddy Macy.

Dear friends,


 Instead of waging war against the Hamas in Gaza;  instead of arresting and prosecuting those Israeli Arab Knesset members who, in a anti-Israeli demonstration held a few days ago in Umm- El- Fahm, openly called for the destruction of the State of Israel; the Olmert regime is busy persecuting the Jews, lovers of the Land of Israel, who live in Judea and Samaria.

 Last week, Israeli "security forces" destroyed some shacks in different outposts thinking that it will deter the youth from living there. It didn't! Then, on Friday they came and tried to chase away Jews who were planning on spending Shabbat in Chomesh.Luckily, the Chomesh activists were not deterred by that either.

 Yesterday, the same Israeli  "security forces" arrived at the yishuv of Aish Kodesh adjoining Shiloh in Samaria, to destroy structures and a water tower.   Aish-Kodesh is a community of tens of people, including couples and young children. SMS messages were sent o the public at large to come at once to Aish Kodesh to defend the place. Within minutes, hundreds of people arrived and succeeded in preventing the destruction. 

 As if this is not enough, the persecution of the Jews of Judea and Samaria by the Olmert government takes place  also in the courts.

 A few weeks ago WOMEN IN GREEN  emailed  the story of an eighteen year old girl from Elon Moreh who had been arrested three months ago and was still languishing in jail for her trial on trumped-up charges had not started yet. We asked you to write to her a letter of support. Tens of letters were written and given over to her in jail by a Honenu lawyer.

 Her name is now known to all, Tsviya Sariel from Elon Moreh. Last week Tsviya's court case was supposed to have started. But the judge had deliberately called for the session to start very late in the afternoon. Nothing was accomplished. There were no translators in court (to translate the Arab "witnesses") and thus the judge decided to postpone the session for the week after. Tsviya had to be in jail for one more week.

Yesterday  she was once again brought to court. We urge you to read the hair-raising details of the session in the release posted below by

 To sum up what happened in court yesterday: despite the fact that the Arabs in court yesterday clearly said that Tsviya was not the girl who allegedly "attacked" them and that they were dropping all charges against her- the judge sent Tsviya for another month in jail!!!

 As we said: enough is enough!

 This persecution of our youth on the hilltops and in the courts has to be stopped.

 Below please find all the contact information  to reach the Shas Members of Knesset. They are the ones keeping this government alive.

They are the ones giving a hand to this persecution and to all other crimes against the Jewish People and the Land of Israel committed by the Olmert government. They must be pressured day and night.

 Call them, email them, fax them. Don't let a minute go by without there being a call,fax or email about Tsviya, about the persecution and about the fact that Shas must leave the government to free all of from the Olmert nightmare.

 In addition, for those living abroad, bombard with phonecalls and faxes the Israeli Embassy and consulates.Express your outrage at this grave injustice against Tsviya .

 A government that persecutes its own Jewish children and youth is a government that does nothing to save the children of Sderot and Ashkelon. It is all connected.

 With love for Israel,

 Ruth and Nadia Matar

Women in Green

Dear Fellow Activist,


I am sending this email to the 777 people who have emailed the Shas MK's at least once during the past month.  I just obtained the cell phone numbers of all of the MK's.  Would you PLEASE do the following at least once?  Dial each cell number (if you live somewhere other than Israel or the U.S., please replace the 011 with your Country Code and dial the rest of the number as listed below).  If someone picks up, or when the tone from the voice message sounds, please say, "מנעו את השואה השניה. עזבו את הממשלה עכשיו" if you speak Hebrew, or, "Shalom. Prevent a Second Holocaust: Leave the Government Now."  Then say, "Toda Raba" (the o is hard, as in toe, and the a's are soft, like the o in dot. It means, "Thank you very much," in Hebrew.) Please make as many of the calls as you can, starting with Eli Yeshai.


Here are the cell numbers: first, from within Israel, and second, from the U.S. 


Eli Yeshai: 050-624-0932 - אלי ישי From USA: 011972-50624-0932


Ariel Atias: 050-530-7028 - אריאל אטיאס From USA: 011972-50530-7028


David Azulai: 050-549-4151 - דוד אזולאי From USA: 011972-50549-4151


Chaim Amsalem: 050-900-9393 - חיים אמסלם From USA: 011972-50900-9393


Benizri: 050-633-1155 – בניזרי From USA: 011972-50633-1155


Izchak Vaaknin : 050-545-6706 - יצחק ועקנין From USA: 011972-50545-6706


Nisim Zeev: 050-541-1752 - ניסים זאב From USA: 011972-50541-1752


Izchak Cohen: 050-545-7005 - יצחק כהן From USA: 011972-50545-7005


Amnon Cohen: 050-551-5361 - אמנון כהן From USA: 011972-50551-5361


Yaakov Margi: 050-496-3737 - יעקב מרגי From USA: 011972-50496-3737


Avraham Michaeli: 050-333-1526 - אברהם מיכאלי USA: 011972-50333-1526


Meshulam Nahari: 050-744-0120 - משולם נהרי USA: 011972-50744-0120


I truly appreciate you taking this critical action.




Buddy Macy


P.S. Please feel free to email me, letting me know who you have called.

 To find the Consulate nearest you in the USA  click on

 Embassies and consulates in the world

 Write to the following senior Israeli officials and embassies (do not worry if a few of the addresses don't work):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mgafni@KNESSET.GOV.IL,,,,,,,,,,,,

email addresses of knesset members:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Shas Members of Knesset:

(we apologize if not all numbers are correct. Sometimes they change their numbers)

 1. Chaim Amsellem Tel:  02-649-6457 02-675-3474  fax 02-649-6527

cellphone: 050-900-9393

 2. Ariel Atias  Tel: 02-675-3220  Minister of Communications


 3. David Azoulay Tel: 02-640-8184 02-640-8185  fax:02-675-3908

cellphone: 050-549-4151

4. Shlomo Benizri Tel: 02-640-8196  02-640-8197  fax:02-675-3747

cellphone: 050-633-11-55

5. Amnon Cohen Tel: 02-640-8372 02-640-8373 fax 02-640-8927


 6. Yitzhak Cohen Tel: 02-640-8397  02-640-8398 fax: 02-670-6157


 7. Yakov Margi Tel: 02-640-8187 02-640-8188 fax: 02-675-3759

cellphone: 050-496-3737

 8. Avraham Michaeli Tel: 02-640-8128  02-640-8129 fax: 02-675-3961

cellphone: 050-333-1526

9. Meshulam Nehari Tel: 02-640-8446 02-640-8447 fax: 02-649-6447

cellphone: 050-744-0120

 10. Yitzhak Vaknin Tel: 02-640-8106 fax 02-649-6027

cellphone: 050-545-6706

 11. Eliyahoo Yishai Tel: 02-640-8406 02-640-8407 fax: 02-666-2909 

      Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

cellphone: 050-624-0932

 12. Nissim Zeev Tel: 02-640-8151 02-640-8152 fax: 02-649-6549

cellphone: 050-5411-752

 More Shas Contact Info:

Tel: 02-675-3550

Fax 02-649-6543


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