Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mishmeret Yesha saves lives!


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Merkaz HaRav [Kook] students did not have to die

The recent attack on Merkaz HaRav has certainly deeply touched each of
us, but another recent attack 
on Mekor Chaim Yeshiva with completely
different results show that Jews can and do defend themselves if

adequately prepared. Properly trained councilors at Mekor Chaim
aborted the attack there with minimal injuries to themselves and no
loss of Jewish life. At Merkaz HaRav, Yitzchak Dadon - a 40-year old
part time student climbed out a window to safety then shot the
assailant when he emerged from his slaughter. Dadon himself told
Arutz-7 that it is imperative that every yeshiva begin a military
training course so that the students can defend themselves when
necessary. It was just such a course, provided by the Mishmeret Yesha
organization, that helped the counselors of the Mekor Chaim yeshiva in
Kfar Etzion kill two terrorists who came to perpetrate a massacre
there just over a month ago.

Our community recently had the honor of hosting Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
here in San Francisco. This world recognized scholar is the author of
a new edition of Talmud that makes the central text of the Jewish
people universally accessible in the original Hebrew and has been
already translated into English, Russian and French.

Just over a month ago, two armed Hamas terrorists attacked his Mekor
Haim Yeshiva in Kfar Etzion. This is not a yeshiva consisting of
college-age students studying after their IDF training. These are
high-school students without any combat experience.

Instead of entering student dormitories at 9:30 PM, the terrorists
entered a room where four counselors were meeting. As providence would
have it, two of these counselors were recently trained in
anti-terrorist combat techniques and practical weapons handling by
Mishmeret Yesha. Rather than obey the terrorists' command to "stand
against the wall", one counselor engaged in hand-to-hand combat
allowing the other to shoot both terrorists dead.

This event has been widely publicized in the Israeli media, see one
example at: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/948272.html

Over 70% of terror attacks directed at Israel and the Jews occur in of
the mountainous territories of Yehuda and Shomron. From Hadera to
Ghadera, a mere 9-mile-wide stretch of land, the entire coastal
population of Israel depends on the brave men and women of Yesha to
fend off terror for its survival. Often we hear only about attacks
resulting in injuries or deaths, but the majority of attacks are where
Israelis succeed in defending their businesses, land and families from
terror generally go unreported. This high rate of success is almost
entirely due to Mishmeret Yesha training programs and equipment

The media has not given credit to Mishmeret Yesha for training and
organizing the security detail for Mekor Haim Yeshiva.

While the IDF approves and supports Mishmeret Yesha's work, they have
no budget to support the over 4,000 volunteers that are trained and
equipped by Mishmeret Yesha.

Basic Facts:
- OVER 100 communities benefiting
- 4000 Rapid Response Team members trained
- 2000 armored protective and combat vests designed, fabricated &
- OVER 500 protective vests & helmets for men, women & children
purchased and distributed throughout Yesha
- 32 security g'machim (loan committees)
- 45 medical g'machim (loan committees)
- 300 combat vests and assorted tactical equipment distributed to IDF
- HUNDREDS of women trained in use of firearms and other self-defense

We urge you once more to support Mishmeret Yesha's work, and to help
save Jewish lives by donating to Mishmeret Yesha today.


Support Mishmeret Yesha with your tax-deductible contribution!

_____ $5,000 (US) - Fully Equip One Rapid Response Team Member
_____ $1,500 (US) - Sponsor One Day 12-hour Training Session
_____ $1,200 (US) - Single Motorola Communication Unit
_____ $1,050 (US) - Armored Lightweight Combat Vest "CHASHMONIA"
_____ $250 (US) - Armored Polyethylene Plate
_____ $250 (US) - Ballistic Helmet

_____ $1,000 (US) - Men's Armored Vest
_____ $800 (US) - Women's Armored Vest
_____ $500 (US) - Children's Armored Vest

Please make & mail your tax-deductible contribution to:

1412 Avenue M, Suite 2363
Brooklyn, NY 11230


25 King George Blvd.
Jerusalem 94261 Israel
Tel: 02-625-1548
Fax: 02-624-6885

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