Sunday, March 09, 2008

Action Alert from Susie Dym re: honor a terrorist, call Yishai for Tzvia,Aish Ko

Merkaz haRav Mass-Murderer honored publicly in Israel's capital

The family of the terrorist who mowed down 8 young rabbinical students in Merkaz haRav have erected a "mourners' tent" to allow throngs to come and comfort them for their terrible loss. This is EXACTLY what publicly upholding terrorism -- which is illegal -- consists of. Please write to:,; 

(Mayor of Jerusalem, Minister for Jerusalem Affairs Rafi Eitan, Minister of Police Avi Dichter), saying something like:


"Urgent: it is imperative that you dismantle the tent erected to honor the terrorist who massacred 8 yeshiva students. This tent constitutes public worship of a terrorist and of the Islamo-fascist culture and is a danger to the security of the people of Jerusalem, and to world peace. Sincerely, (name)"


Jews don't deserve water?

Last week, a special pro-Palestinian department of the Israeli army tried to cut off the water supply of a little Jewish neighborhood, Esh-Kodesh, numbering 6 families, each of which has babies, pre-schoolers and agricultural produce. The neighborhood is NOT, by the way, illegal -- this was just another one of those "confidence building steps". This is a new and satanic way to drive out Jews -- if they have nothing to drink, they will be forced to leave. Here is a Hebrew-language article:;jsessionid=3edb07f230d5ad31d361cbcc49eab5a6a19f14099647.e34Mc3aTbNiTby0LaxmNbxqRchmMe0?articleId=29106&channel=1&subchannel=5

Ask Israel's right-wing Knesset members to please shout about this -- to prevent it happening again. This is urgent because new military orders have already been issued to repeat this type of bullying in other agricultural neighborhoods in Yehuda & Shomron:,7340,L-3516784,00.html

For example, you can write simply: "Jews deserve water -- Esh Kodesh must never happen again!" to all of the following: 



Merkaz HaRav needed someone called Tzvia


18 year old Tzvia is going to get a medal from the Israeli government…?? No -- actually not -- that's just wishful thinking on our part. Actually, this teenager from Elon Moreh is still in jail -- 3 months now -- for trying to literally push out several Arab men who were being allowed to farm inside the Jewish community of Elon Moreh. Tzvia was shocked that these men were allowed to be present in her community, because she knows that in the past, Palestinians who become familiar with a Jewish community have often come back to kill. This week we got a terrible reminder of this principle, which only little Tzvia remembered on behalf of Elon Moreh: It turned out that the terrorist who massacred the 8 yeshiva students at Merkaz HaRav was a former driver who had worked at and around Merkaz haRav.


Eli Yishai is the ONLY right-wing minister who still insists on being part of Olmert's government. Please call him:

Minister Eli Yishai -- Fax 02-6662909   Phone  02-6662255


Ask him: Why endanger the lives of hundreds of Jewish men, women, children and babies living in Elon Moreh???  Give the Arab "farmers" in question substitute land far away from Elon Moreh -- to the extent they own this disputed land at all -- and get them out of Elon Moreh!


And of course -- let brave Tzvia out of jail! If there had been someone like her in the neighborhood of Merkaz haRav, like the little boy who was the only one who noticed the danger and stuck his finger in the dyke -- 8 young Jews might be alive today despite the terrible failings of the Olmert Government. Save lives today -- call Minister Eli Yishai today -- and tell him: If you want to stay in the Olmert Government it is YOUR job to stand up and say:  The people of Israel needs MORE Tzvia's -- not less!!  Phone  02-6662255 Fax 02-6662909   



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