Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where the current message of the OU is lacking. Clarity by Dr. Menachem Kovacs.

An excellent letter to the OU by Dr. Menachem Kovacs. What he is telling the OU is "Im Hachareish Tacharishi"  which is Mordechai's message to Queen Esther to speak out 'Ki im hechareish tacharishi baeis hazos, revach vehatzala yaamod layehudim mimakom acher.' Because if you remain silent at this time salvation and deliverance will arise for the Jews. 'Veat uveis avich toveydu.' But you and the house of your father will be lost. 'Umi yodeiah im laeis hazos higaat lemalchut.' Who knows if this is not itself the very moment, the very opportunity, the very significance, the reason why you attained monarchy.
An Urgent Message to the OU Leadership
It is crucial for Israel's survival that Judea & Samara (Yehuda & the
Shomron aka The West Bank) be retained as integral parts of the
historical Biblical Heartland of Israel.  The OU can make a difference
by clearly opposing the creation of any:"Palestine" carved out of the
Jewish State & affirming the spiritual, Halachic, historical and
security imperatives of retaining in their entirety Yehuda & the Shomron
as well as all of Jerusalem, 
The OU should also logically call on its
members to lobby the President & their Congressional representatives and
to encourage _prayers_ to G-d to save the entire Jewish State and
Nation, What is at stake is not only retaining our literally G-d given
Holy Land, but in saving the lives of our People.  Pikuach Nefesh, the
danger to Jewish lives, is fundamentally related to our keeping the Holy
Surely a central message of Purim for us now is that Mordechai &
Esther directed their efforts to the royal palace in Shushan while their
ultimate petition was in their prayers to G-d Himself to cancel the evil
decree of that time. The OU and other Jewish religious groups and
individuals should be our leaders.  If they will not, we must petition
the authorities on earth & in Heaven to do so without them, as Mordechai
told Esther, the Jews will be saved with you...or without you.
Shalom Batuach  &   Purim Samaych,
Dr. Menachem Kovacs
Director  Jewish Roots Center  Baltimore
Professor Emeritus of Sociology  Montgomery College  Maryland

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