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A virtual Mishloach Manot - Happy Purim from the



Dear Friends, amv'sh


The theme of our Mishloach Manot is BANNER.  (In light of recent bans that have been put upon the religious communities).


Our Mishloach Manot is an orange banner in the shape of the Land of Israel (basically a triangle). It says Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Gaza.  It has a Magen David encased between 2 lines like in the Israeli flags and in the Magen David it says Zachor and it has the words Vehaya Machanecha Kadosh, Devarim 23:15.


The banner wraps a 4 sectioned container which contains, shmaltz herring, gherkin pickles, mandelin and dates.  YUM! Just imagine it and it will be as if you received it.  Kol tuv, and Happy Purim!  We also included news articles featuring Rav Eliashiv remark that these times is worse than pre holocaust times, Rav Kanievsky ban on Arab Labor, Rav Lior, Rav Yaakov Yosef  with similar halachic ban and the article about the Belzer Rebbe and the Gerrer Rebbe sharing in the pain with the people in Mercaz Harav Kook.


This was our letter in the Mishloach Manot:




As you all know, many Gedoilim have banned the BIGevent Concert, a Shia Mendlowitz production, starring Lipa Schmeltzer and Shloime Gertner.  This event was to be a separate seating concert with separate entrances for men and women.  The reason for the ban was based on the Pesukim (Biblical verses)  Vehaya Machanecha Kadosh, and your camp should be holy. The Rabbanim were worried that such an event would cause light headedness and mixing of the genders.


Being that it is Purim we have decided to be Baal Mosif (adding on to what the Torah has commanded) on this ban and ban any Zecher,  remembrance of this NONevent.


Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to ban

  • SHMALTZ Herring                        So as to obliterate any remembrance of Lipa SHMELTZers participation in this NONevent


  • GHERkin pickles               So as to obliterate any remembrance of Shloime GERtner's participation in this NONevent and…


  • MANDELin                          So as to obliterate any rememberance of Shia MENDELowitz's participation in this NONevent.


In addition, we have taken upon ourselves, an added ban, an additional Chumra (stringency) so that we will be Baal Mosif, LeMahadrin.  We are sure you will be happy to hear that we have decided to ban DATES! Tzepast Nisht! It's simply not the proper way to meet.  Even the way Yaakov Avinu met Rachel Imeinu and Moshe Rabbeinu met Tzipporah is to be banned as WELL. So now we ban WELLS as well.  (a Well is not food so we couldn't include it in our Mishloach Manot)


On the serious side, we applaud all the Rabbanim that have raised the BANNER on behalf of our brethren in Eretz Yisroel. As the newspaper articles report, Rav Eliashiv has recognized the dangers our generation is facing as does Rav Kanievsky.  If this is a time of War then indeed the Mitzvah of  "Vehaya Machanecha Kadosh","that your military camp must be Holy", needs to be addressed with an added Chashivus (sense of urgency). However, banning concerts with separate seating and separate entrances is not peshuto shel mikreh, (according to its simple meaning,of the words)

Wishing you a Happy Purim filled with Levity and Levter, The Tickers

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