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ACTION ALERT! Israel's right to its Land and Security!!!! HALAMISH BROTHERS!


Dear List, amv"sh

The Police and the Justice System are punishing trained security personnel for doing their job and protecting the lives of their fellow Jews.   There have been too many instances where soldier and security guards that respond in self defense are imprisoned for doing their job or asserting their right to defend themselves.  This is a terrible situation where the police, the judicial system and the government of Israel actually persecute and criminalize those that defend themselves or others.   THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!.  This does not only occur in the settlements.  The government of Israel has simply abandoned their obligation to defend their citizens and then persecute those that have taken up the slack.  They have abandoned their citizens of Sderot and arm their enemy with weapons.  They don't even want Sderot to have fortified bunkers.  They want to give away Yesha thereby putting all of Israel in Danger.  When Jews defend themselves they put them in jail.

These 2 boys is a symptom of a much bigger diseases.  It is imperative that we use all of our international clout to raise awareness of the government of  Israel's persecution of those that defend the people of Israel, and the dismal failure  of the government of Israel to defend and protect their loyal citizens thereby betraying their public trust.  This evil government chooses instead to empower the enemy with supplying them with weapons,



Call, rather than e-mail, the Israel Embassy in Washington [telephone 202-364-5500] and demand to speak to the military attaché.


2) To find the Consulate nearest you in the USA, click on

3) Embassies and consulates in the world:


 In addition to pressuring in the States, we must pressure the authorities in Israel too.The only  way the Halamish brothers can get out of going to  jail is by having the President of Israel pardon them. A demand for a pardon has been filed by the family with the President and with the Department of Pardons at the Justice Ministry. The more faxes and phonecalls they will receive from the friends of Israel in Israel and abroad, outraged by this injustice, the more chance we have to save Itzik and Danny from prison.


*President's House tel 972-2-6707211

                             fax 972-2-6707274

ask to speak to the department of Pardons and make sure your fax arrived. (They are open every day from 9am till 11 am and from 1pm to 3 pm)


* Ministry of Justice-Department of Pardons

tel: 972-2- 6466801

fax: 972-2-6466813

Send your faxes to the Attention of Attorney Emmy Palmor


* Very Important: send a copy of your letters to Shas Minister Eli Yishai and other Shas ministers and urge them to act on behalf of the Halamish brothers

Shas Members of Knesset:
(we apologize if not all numbers are correct. Sometimes they change their numbers)

1. Chaim Amsellem Tel:  02-649-6457 02-675-3474  fax 02-649-6527
cellphone: 050-900-9393

2. Ariel Atias  Tel: 02-675-3220  Minister of Communications 050-530-7028

3. David Azoulay Tel: 02-640-8184 02-640-8185  fax:02-675-3908
cellphone: 050-549-4151

4. Shlomo Benizri Tel: 02-640-8196  02-640-8197  fax:02-675-3747
cellphone: 050-633-11-55

5. Amnon Cohen Tel: 02-640-8372 02-640-8373 fax 02-640-8927

6. Yitzhak Cohen Tel: 02-640-8397  02-640-8398 fax: 02-670-6157

7. Yakov Margi Tel: 02-640-8187 02-640-8188 fax: 02-675-3759
cellphone: 050-496-3737

8. Avraham Michaeli Tel: 02-640-8128  02-640-8129 fax: 02-675-3961 <
cellphone: 050-333-1526

9. Meshulam Nehari Tel: 02-640-8446 02-640-8447 fax: 02-649-6447
cellphone: 050-744-0120

10. Yitzhak Vaknin Tel: 02-640-8106 fax 02-649-6027
cellphone: 050-545-6706

11. Eliyahu Yishai Tel: 02-640-8406 02-640-8407 fax: 02-666-2909

Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee    cellphone: 050-624-0932

12. Nissim Zeev Tel: 02-640-8151 02-640-8152 fax: 02-649-6549
cellphone: 050-5411-752

More Shas Contact Info:
Tel: 02-675-3550
Fax 02-649-6543


Brigitte Gabriel was interviewed on Dov Hikind radio tonight.  American Congress for Truth (ACT) was founded in October 2003 by Brigitte Gabriel.
Ms. Gabriel, a Lebanese immigrant, came to the United States after losing her country of birth to militant Muslim fundamentalists during the Lebanese Civil War.

Now an American citizen, Gabriel founded ACT to give Americans their voice

She says that Israel must fight back!!!  She understands the Arab threat!  She is very powerful but we shouldn't need someone else to tell us what is the obviously the right thing to do. IDF combat unit veterans Danny and Yitzchak Halamish are set to begin 7-8 month prison terms next month - unless President Peres accepts their request for a pardon.

They have been convicted of attacking Arabs who infiltrated the fields of their town - but they claim they did not shoot at all, and that the Arabs attacked them.

Please read Caroline Glick as well!

Column One: Israel's accountability problem
March 28, 2008

On April 10 two brothers are scheduled to begin serving prison
sentences for a crime they never committed. Yitzhak and Daniel
Halamish were convicted of aggravated assault and were sentenced
respectively, to seven and eight months in jail.

The two men, who live in Ma'aleh Rehavam south of Bethlehem, were
arrested on February 22, 2004. The day before their arrest, the
brothers were serving as IDF-trained and armed security guards in
their community. They were called by Baruch Feldbaum, the head of
security at the neighboring Sde Bar community, to assist him in
dispersing an illegal gathering of Beduin in land adjacent to Sde Bar....

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