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Fwd: from Voice of Judea...regardless who wins, American Jews are in deep trouble (only if we dont put our faith in G-d...Robin)


Many of these predictions of doom can actualize chas veshalom. However, those who trust in Hashem and remembers that He is All Powerful must have deep faith in His Salvation and trust in His Salvation.

However, now we need to earn His Salvation. Let us fight for an Israeli Judicial System consistent with Torah. Let us assert our rightful claim to Judea and Samaria and Har HaBayit.  Then we deserve for G-d to then fight our battles.

Let us acknowledge and appreciate the Republican Platform which has left out the 2 State Narrative and calls to move the embassy to Jerusalem. The most pro Israel platform ever!

Trump is surrounded by G-d fearing people! At this point this is our greatest weapon!

Agudah and OU have lost their religious compass and are digging themselves in a hole by either openly endorsing Hillary or with a non vote message that both candidates are bad.

We still have a way out.  Placing our faith in the Almighty and His Torah and Ein Od Milvado.

Let's reiterate! G-d fearing Judges! Let us assert Jewish Sovereignty on Har HaBayit and Judea and Samaria and support Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria, revoke Oslo and the 2 State Solution as it annuls G-ds Torah

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> Voice of Judea – 1 Mar Cheshvan (Nov. 3, 16)

> 1-Historic window of opportunity to bring drastic change to Israeli High Court
> 2- U.S. Elections - any outcome really bad for the Jews
> Israel  Judiciary Watch worried about pro-Arab slant of Israeli justice system – seeks to seize opportunity to bring drastic change to Israel
> The national uproar in Israel after an Arab terrorist who was released on bail massacred two Israelis in Jerusalem last month has yet to subside. Many continue to demand the resignation of the Jerusalem Magistrate judge who released the terrorist thereby enabling him to carry out the fatal terrorist attack that left two Jews dead.
> Last week another Israeli judge came under fire. Raffi Carmel a Jerusalem District Court Judge was condemned even by the leftist media in Israel for giving a mere 9 year prison term sentence to Arab terrorist Jon Kakish, who was convicted of stabbing two Jews, despite the 20 year sentence maximum for a serious stabbing terror attack. The average sentence ranges from 8 to 16 years. The judge explained that although the prosecutor's request and the average sentence suggest a harsher sentence, he decided to show compassion on the terrorist, because his motive was not only hatred of Jews but also due to his sister's drug addiction. Whatever that is supposed to mean? The terrorist had a criminal record prior to the incident in which he stabbed two Jewish youths who were on their way to the Kotel on Shevuot Eve.
> Knesset Member Eichler responded, why does the public not elect the judges appointed to the High Court of Israel? Freedom of association is a right that is given to all parties. We have not seen the High Court attempt to limit the Israeli senior's Party from fielding a list composed strictly of seniors. We have seen no High Court intervention against Arab political parties fielding a Knesset list which is free of Jews. Even in Poland Jewish religious political parties were permitted to associate and to run for parliament, added Eichler.
> Elkin: Watch out if you try and clip the wings of the Israeli judiciary
> Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ze'ev Elkin Warns that any Israeli legislator who attempts to cut into power of the courts, will be destroyed by the Israeli establishment and the courts
> Zev Elkin Minister of Jerusalem Affairs in the Israeli government warned earlier this week in his address before the Kohelet Conference that any Israeli legislator who is courageous enough to attempt tabling laws and legislation that will in any way limit the exaggerated powers of the Israeli judiciary, will find himself behind bars or destroyed in some other fashion. This he said came as a warning from a close friend who knows what he is talking about.
> This comes at a time when Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked of the Bayit HaYehudi party is trying to pass a law that would curb the controlling influence that Israeli High Court Justices have over the appointment of new judges. This year 4-5 new High Court Judges will need to be appointed to replace judges who are due to retire. It is no secret that the Israeli courts are not loved by the general Israeli public composed primarily of rightwing traditional people who oppose the super-liberal, pro-Arab and anti-Torah rulings of the courts.
> The grassroots in Israel were outraged with the indictment of Seargent Elor Azarya (the soldier who killed an Arab terrorist) and the soft treatment given to Arab terrorists. The time is ripe to demand drastic change within the Israeli Judiciary. In Israel and anywhere else everything is timing. There is a time for everything. It is now ripe to rally the people behind demanding such change now, before the next judges are appointed. Will they be judges who love Judaism and Jews or judges who favor universal western style democracy and who all too often favor our enemies before their own people - placing Israel's security and Israel's Jewish character at risk.
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> 2-Jews will be in trouble regardless who wins the elections in America
> Voice of Judea Commentary on upcoming U.S. Elections:
> Neither a republican nor a Democrat am I, and despite favoring Trump for his pro-Israel, pro-"settlement" rhetoric, I must admit that the current election debacle scares me, as they should scare any Jew who is not entirely brain-dead.
> It is a no-win situation for the Jew in America. Allow me to explain. If Hillary and her openly anti-Israel VP Tim Caine are elected, they will clearly continue the anti-Israel pressure exhibited by the Obama regime. Let us not forget that 20 percent of Hillary's election war-chest comes from Saudi Arabia and that Hillary feels forever indebted to George Soros and other extremist self-hating Israel-bashers such as her buddy and email pal Blumenthal. Huma Abedin her number one long-term aid who would likely receive a high post in Hillary's back-office - perhaps a powerful position such as Chief of Staff, or a behind-the-scenes equivalent in Hillary's White House is highly connected to extremist Islamic terrorists and maintains strong ties with Saudi Arabia through a network of organizations and close relatives who she remains affiliated with. She herself lived in Saudi Arabia from age 2 through the age of 18.
> If Trump wins, something which is becoming more and more feasible as we approach the election's finish-line, we could expect Obama to pull the rug out from under Israel's collective last leg in the United Nations. It has become open knowledge that Obama plans on dealing Israel a diplomatic death blow sometime between November's elections and the transfer of power in January. Everybody knows that there will be no smooth transition of power on any front, especially when it comes to Israel. Obama clearly wants to leave office and to leave his mark on establishing the guidelines for a two-state solution and for the suicidal terms he plans on dictating and imposing upon Israel. This is the type of stuff that will fuel anti-Israel sentiment and will empower movements such as the BDS on campuses throughout the U.S. Israel will be blamed for their "intransigence". Arab terror and the instability in the Arab Islamic world will all be erroneously blamed upon Israel's "intransigence". Anti-Israel, anti-Jewish - anti-Semitic incidents will flourish as American Jews will indeed begin to feel what it is like for French and European Jews who live in fear in this type of hostile environment.
> Anyone who expects a smooth transfer of Power from Obama to Trump has got to be kidding themselves. Anyone who predicted that Trump would be a sore-loser has seen nothing. Clinton had a hard time accepting an ABC – Washington Post poll that showed Trump leading by one percent, two days ago. There is no way that the corrupt establishment and the powers that control Hillary will accept a defeat. Minorities and others backed financially with millions of dollars from the likes of Soros and Saudi Arabia will potentially finance well-organized riots in the streets most likely targeting Jews more than anyone else, creating havoc on the streets of major cities with large Jewish population centers. There has never been greater potential for the eruption of race riots in America more than these volatile elections which threaten to unravel the very social fabric in America. Social and economic unrest will challenge Trumps newly elected government and the weakest link; the usual resident scapegoat; none other than the Jew.
> Jew, read the writing on the wall and get out of that mess while you can. There is no future for the Jew in the Exile. Things are changing rapidly and with a passion, like a hurricane. Modern technology enables the immediate transfer of information. People can be incited and organized at the click of a key stroke on a keyboard. One minute, millions of people can be moved and swayed to support Trump and then to support Hillary. Facts become meaningless in the game of incitement online. The same crowd that chants "lock her up" and "clear the swamps," with their fists clenched and waving in the air, can tomorrow wear white sheets and chant "burn the synagogue". The white people wearing white sheets can be replaced by people of color locking hands with those wearing colorful Muslim headdress as they chant slogans against Israel and all Jews. Technology and world events, coupled by racial and social unrest can create an explosion at any time. A Trump victory would be more than enough to trigger a living hell for the Jewish scapegoat, who would be blamed for Trump, the failing American economy all of the other ills which embrace America. Nobody will even remember that the Jews ironically and foolishly supported Hillary. Time to come home to Israel!
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