Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Please forward to the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah. Why the 3 Oaths no longer apply. comments from Chaya Witkin and others


Shalom Robin,

I just clicked into your blog and started reading it.
You wrote (in the article Clarification for Congressmen: Israel Wants a Palestinian State but do the Jews or do Bible believers? Mishpacha Magazine "Dear Mr. President" by Rabbi Moshe Grylak Editor in Chief):  "those antizionists that justify their existence based on the 3 oaths actually themselves go against the 3 oaths."
It isn't clear if you mean the "3 oaths" that are upon the world: 
   - one is that Am Yisrael shouldn't rebel against the nations of the world,
   - another is that Am Yisrael shouldn't go back to Eretz Yisrael and raise a state "b'choma (as a wall e.g. with force)",
  - and the third - that the goyim shouldn't oppress us "too much".
The Shoah is considered by many Gedolei hador to have been "too much".  Being so, the 3 OATHS HAVE BEEN BROKEN BY THE GOYIM, SO AM YISRAEL CAN GO BACK TO ERETZ YISRAEL "B'KOACH (with force)" BECAUSE the Oaths HAVE BEEN BROKEN ALREADY.  The Oaths do NOT exist anymore.
In short, the 3 oaths no longer apply because the GOYIM broke the Agreement of the 3 Oaths, so that these Oaths haven't applied for over 60 years since the Shoah.  All this is agreed to also by Rav Meir Kahane, and can be read in great detail in his book "Ohr HaRayon" (in Hebrew - Chapter 26 "Shilosha Hashavuot")

Dear Chaya, amv"sh

Excellent!  Please let me expand on what you wrote addressing oaths one and two and to elaborate on oath three: The points raised in this shemittahrediscovered post 
are further proofs that the 3 oaths do no apply in delegitimatizing the State of Israel.  Here are some points that I believe were sent to me by Joe Gemeiner,Toronto.

* As clear as the sun shines in the morning, Israel from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River was given to the Jewish people world wide in 3 legally- binding international treaties - the 1920 San Remo Conference treaty, the  Mandate for Palestine1922,  and The British American covenant regarding Palestine 1924 -  all of which stated unambiguously that Palestine would be reconstituted as a "National homeland for the Jewish people worldwide" based on the recognition of the " Jewish historical ties to that land." Even for the ethically deaf and blind world it's a pretty simple mission to understand.

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