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In response to the Manhigut's newsletter. Why I am still not a member of Likud


This is in response to the Manhigut Yehudits Newsletter (see below),

Feiglin openly disagrees with Likud's platform and yet defiantly wishes to be under their umbrella.

Do the majority of Likud members and administration agree with Feiglin's strategy to reconquer and return Jewish settlement to Gaza?

My impression is that the official Likud's goals for this war is merely to stop the rockets from coming, a defensive position..

Feiglin is opposed to sending in ground troops without the proper goals.  He says that we will lose and not to bother fighting. Time will tell if his predictions pan out.

Feiglin is obviously not loyal to Likud's official position.  Will he argue that the founding fathers of Likud would have agreed with his position and therefore he is the authentic Likudnik and the others are merely hijacked Likudniks.

Furthermore, what difference does it make what the founding Likud members would have said in Today's world.  Isn't it enough to see what Netanyahu is saying along with his supporters and say I am not part of this!

Feiglin expects the members of Manhigut Yehudit to be loyal to him yet how would he like it if they remain in his party and then criticize his leadership saying that they know better? Chances are he would cut them off his mailing list so that they would stop pestering him and wearing him down.  Logically he would say, you don't like it? You don't like my leadership or my direction? Start your own party.  

No wonder Netanyahu wants Feiglin out of Likud.  It's no fun having such opposition within your own party.

 Feiglin's platform is very distant from Likud's.  But it is very close to Ichud Leumi.  Ichud Leumi is religious and secular.  Why is it sector based as Feiglin puts it?. It stands for Eretz Yisroel Hashsleima and their leaders speak of Torah and educating the people of the basics which is the Covenant between Hashem and Avraham and his seed thereafter.  It is hard to understand why Feiglin fails to join them. 

Why is being under the banner of Likud necessary.   As one Ichud Leumi supporter said, if Feiglin will succeed in taking over Likud, all the Likud bigshots will all leave and say that they miss the old Likud.  They will say that they are leaving Likud because the Likud turned into being a party for Feiglinites and is not the real Likud.  Feiglin would be left with the supporters he brought in by himself and with those that believe as Ichud Leumi.  Very sector based, very Feiglin like and very not like Likud.( I personally have no real problem with that because I'm a bit tired of Likud. Robin)

There is still opportunity, though it takes hard work and unity and Siata Dishmaya  to actually win the minds of the people and convince the people that reconquering Gaza and resettling the Land with Jews is our only option.

A real Jewish King like Kind David will do what is right in Hashem's eyes and not be swayed by the people.  We believe in the coming of Moshiach.  Moshiach is not revealed and if he was, he wouldn't be that concerned with politics but rather in fulfilling Hashem's commandments.  In the meanwhile, this gov't has started the job with or without the proper motives and goals.  Baruch Hashem they have not yet succumbed to the UN though there are talks of a premature cease fire even before the gov'ts goals are reached.
But one would be blind if they did not notice that Hashem has been supporting Israel's efforts in this war as we witness miracle after miracle.  Our soldiers have individual merit and perhaps so does the nation as a whole. Read this amazing first hand report posted on Arutz7 January 15th Fighters' Jewish Spirit Returns

It is our job to unite and collectively influence the people to refine the goals to be based on Fear of G-d and a desire to reestablish our Heritage based on Torah and Mitzvoth..

If we are successful in this campaign to reconquer and resettle Gaza, it will be the entire Nation of Israel who will have achieved this. 

This election is not merely about getting Feiglin or any individual elected.  Ichud Leumi speaks out as strongly as Feiglin does about our entitlement of EY.  If Feiglin and/or his supporters would join IL, then IL can become a stronger party, much stronger than Likud  beezrat Hashem because of the strength of their conviction and they won't be carrying excess baggage that Likud is shlepping along.  Their combined strength will let the gov't know where the people are heading, unadulterated!

Newly formed Kadima was successful in establishing an independent party very quickly, but their unification was based on corruption.  With a good campaign, IL can win over supporters of UTJ and Shas because they are consistent with what is written in the Torah and because they do not masquerade politics as "Daas Torah". 

The majority of the people hated the expulsion of Gush Katif and would be thrilled to see it once again in Jews hands. 

Please read the following by Aliza Karp. Obviously she is a IL supporter.  She did not mention UTJ  whose decisions are supposedly based on the rulings of Rav Eliashiv, Rav Shteinman and the Gerer Rebbe members of the Moetztet Gedolei Hatorah.  I am surprised she left them out since they have a following that reaches hundreds of thousands in the Diaspora and Israel. They are perceived to be the authentic Torah position but their political choices are clearly tainted by promises of tuition subsidies and child allowances - showing a willingness to give away our birthright not quite getting it that this is literally blood money.  Not only are the lives of people in Judea and Samaria at stake but so is the entire Israeli population, the entire Jewish Nation in the Diaspora and by extention the entire world.

Each member of IL has lowered their ego to unite on a platform, see below in Aliza Karps article.   The supporters of Feiglin vote are faithbased and have voted for him because they support his platform. 

But it is very clear that Manhigut's platform is consistent with Ichud Leumi and not with Likud. By voting Likud they strengthen the platform of Netanyahu and not the platform of their choice..

Moshe Feiglin writes in the MY newsletter

Israel is on the brink of difficult times. We will need all of our emotional strength to deal with the expected frustration. Remember that we predicted the oncoming reality some time back. Most important, remember that we have a solution. If we internalize that fact, Israel will look to us for leadership. During the primaries, we saw the first signs of the nation looking to us for leadership. With G-d's help, that appeal will gain momentum.


"I heard that you oppose sending ground troops into Gaza. Is that really true?" a leftist Meretz member asked me the other day.

"Yes, it's true," I answered.


"Because we're going to lose," I replied.

"But we're winning," she questioned.

"Let's say that you're the Hamas," I said.


"What do you have to do in order to win?"

There was a short silence.
"Nothing," she answered.

"Now you understand," I said to her.


We stand in awe at the self-sacrifice, the holiness and the inspiring unity flowing in the veins of our amazing soldiers and in the hearts of the entire nation that - in a surge of national health - has eagerly gone to battle to defeat its enemies. But all of these holy energies are stifled - under the control of leadership that does not believe in our nation, not in our land and not in our G-d and His Torah. As a result, it cannot formulate worthy goals and it cannot win.

The same leadership that destroyed Gush Katif has sent our sons back to fight there. If they had admitted their mistake, we could possibly delude ourselves that the self-sacrifice of our sons would be used to achieve just and intelligent political gain. But sad to say, just the opposite is true. It is much more likely that the result of this Disengagement War (and the ascent of the new government in Washington) will be a new process of retreat.

When one side is fighting for its right to this land while the other side is fighting for its right to defend itself, one side will win the land (G-d forbid) while the other side will (possibly) win the right to defend itself - in Uganda. There is no national leader today in Israel who is willing to simply declare that this is our land. Including Gaza. And if we can't say that, we can't win. The real purpose of the current war is not to conquer our land. The real purpose of this war is to re-adjust the post-Disengagement reality so that we can abandon our land without getting hit with missiles.

And that is impossible.

Eventually, the current euphoria will fade into deep frustration. It is likely that the exasperation will be channeled toward the current government and that support for the Likud will grow. If that happens, more and more forces will be drafted to try and improve Israel's situation in Gaza - or at least to create the illusion of improvement - before the elections. But the result of the combat after the enemy's initial shock wears off will always be the same; defeat - as in the Second Lebanon War. The entanglement that will begin to strangle our country will make it very likely that the elections will not be held next month.

Don't Miss the Opportunity
By Moshe Feiglin

18 Tevet, 5769 (Jan. 14 '09)

It is entirely possible that the two National Religious parties – the rejuvenated NRP and the rejuvenated National Union – will not garner enough votes to get into the next Knesset. That eventuality will be the best thing that has happened to Religious Zionism in the past years.

Allow me to explain. When I found out that I had been elected to the 20th place on the Likud list, I was a bit disappointed. All the polls and the positive feedback pointed to a much higher placement. But it turned out that the technical obstacles intentionally wrought upon the voting stations in which I had strong backing together with the healthily funded campaign claiming that "Feiglin will cost the Likud six mandates" took their toll. The very fact that we overcame all the attempts to block me and that I nevertheless was elected to a realistic place on the Likud list created a genuine revolution of consciousness in the faith based public. When I heard "hilltop youth" who would never have considered voting in the elections saying that they would of course vote Likud, I understood the depth of our achievement.

"On that night, I felt that this country also belongs to me," a resident of Kedumim told me. The self-imposed wall that had separated the public that is first to fight for this country from the political and sociological tools with which it could direct it had been broken on the night of the primaries. The result: the faith based public streamed to the Likud. Instead of losing six mandates as the campaign against me had threatened, the Likud steadily climbed in the polls, reaching 40 mandates.

The political significance of the new consciousness was tremendous. At that point, when the faith based public felt that the Likud was its ideological home, it was clear that it would register for the Likud and vote Likud and that no Likud MK would even dream of betraying the values of the national camp. We can even say that on the night of the primaries, the Oslo concept was buried and Israel started out on the long road to national recovery. And it was all because a substantial part of the national camp had dared to abandon its sector-consciousness and join up with the rest of the nation in the Likud.

Afterwards, Netanyahu managed to bump me down to 36th place and in doing so, re-erected the consciousness wall. "Don't let Netanyahu force you back into the sector," I begged the newly liberated faith based voters. "Stay in the Likud." But it didn't help. The new consciousness of belonging created on the night of the primaries evaporated into nothingness. The Likud took a plunge in the polls and the public that is the only hope for the State of Israel once again returned to its sector-shtetl.

"How do you expect me to vote for Bibi?" the faith based people ask me. They don't understand that a vote for the Likud is not a vote for Bibi. A vote for the Likud means that the voter has joined the earthly arena on which the fate of the State of Israel is determined. If you register and vote for the Likud, you have bought a ticket to participate in the game and not just to watch it. "It's your fault," I always tell the people who ask how they can vote for Bibi. "You are not even in the party. So what do you want from Bibi?"

We are now in the midst of a war. If "Big Brother" manages to create a feeling of accomplishment, the elections will be held on time and I will probably not be in the Knesset. If the almost inevitable failure will become apparent before Election Day, the Likud may very well get 40 mandates. But in that case, the elections will be postponed. Nevertheless, when they will be held, I will stand a good chance of entering the Knesset.

One way or another, it will be best for the faith based public if the two national religious parties do not get into the Knesset. In that case, the public on the front lines in battle will have no political choice. It will simply have to join the Likud and save Israel.

*printed in Makor Rishon 
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Ichud Leumi/National Union: HOW DOES IT STICK TOGETHER?

By Aliza Karp 

Everyone knows that when you have two Jews you have three opinions. How is it, that five political groups can form one united front as we have with Ichud Leumi/National Union? And when you look closely, you see the partners lead very diverse lifestyles.  

Number eight on the list of candidates, Professor Ron Breiman from North Tel Aviv, chairperson of Professors for a Strong Israel, has a very different profile from first place candidate, Ichud Leumi party chairman, Yaakov Katz of Beit El, and an even more distant profile from Baruch Marzel, who may not be a candidate, but is an active member of the Executive Committee.   

Although when I wrote the word 'profile' in the above paragraph I was referring to an informal biography, I quickly realized that an actual visual profile would also show the differences between Breiman, the clean shaven leader of an organization made up of professors from exact sciences, and Katz, the full bearded leader in the initiative for Jews to take up residence in the Biblical areas of Eretz Yisroel, who has established Yeshivot and a right wing media network.  

And the contrast to Marzel? Breiman lives in North Tel Aviv, where houses are modern, convenient and upscale. I was just at Boruch's home in Tel Rumeida, Hevron for Shabbos lunch. It is definitely his home, but it is not a house. It is a caravan. For all the Americans who have visited Boruch and wanted to upgrade his simple accommodations, Boruch will only take money for his many organizations and social projects.  

Different philosophies, different 'profiles' and different lifestyles… all in one political party.  

MK Professor Ariyeh Eldad, explained to me that there is one common denominator in Ichud Leumi. ERETZ YISROEL. Ichud Leumi is made up of people who give their life for Eretz Yisroel. They are not interested in personal recognition or personal gain, they are interested in Eretz Yisroel for Am Yisroel.  

Eldad himself is on leave from his successful career - professor of medicine and department head at Hadassah Ein Kerem - because he saw a need in the Knesset for members who are uncompromising when it comes to the integrity and security of Jewish life in Eretz Yisroel. His position is third on the Ichud Leumi ticket, following Uri Ariel.  

Ariel represents the Tekuma Party, the only party in the Ichud Leumi that is directly influenced by its rabbis. Well respected Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba heads the rabbinical council in Tekuma. Despite a risk in loosing popularity, Lior supported Ariel's move to Ichud Leumi from another party that was striving to bring achieve unity at the expense of compromise. Ariel would not compromise.  

Number four on the list is Michael BenAri, PhD, the candidate representing the partnership of Rabbi Sholom DovBer Woplo of Eretz Yisroel Shelanu and Boruch Marzel of Hazit.  

When the Ichud Leumi was being restructured for this election, Wolpo and Marzel realized that by giving up their chances of being elected and instead appointing one representative to the Ichud Leumi list, they would be using their influence to the utmost for the benefit of Eretz Yisroel. In political circles in Eretz Yisroel, giving up one's potential seat in the Knesset is unheard of. And yet that is what Wolpo and Marzel did. Since they were already registered, it was also a financial loss. I have heard a lot of praise for Wolpo and Marzel for their self sacrifice. Director of the Shomron Liaison Office and member of the Shomron Strategic Board, David HaIvri of Tapuach expressed it nicely and concisely, "Rabbi Wolpo and Baruch Marzel proved to be very noble by agreeing to step aside for the union. BenAri is a great choice." 

BenAri is a student of Rabbi Kahane who has a great respect for the teachings of Chabad and is increasing his own familiarity with Chassidus. He told me that he is very excited to fulfill what is expected of him and that he is confident he will have success in the Knesset because he will be representing the teachings of the Chabad Rebbe.

Number five, the primary candidate representing Moledet, is missing. He is doing his army reserve duty. I received an email entitled "Uri Bank, Standing By His Principles." It reads, "He could be out there campaigning. Time is of the essence. Elections are only a month away. But rather than try to finagle his way out of it, he met his obligation, and went to serve along side the thousands of other reservists who have recently been called up." That's candidate number five. And he matches the others on the list. They are all breaking the mold of typical Knesset members.

They are a group of productive, industrious, responsible, moral, committed, honest members of Am Yisroel… dedicated to Am Yisroel… and dedicated to Eretz Yisroel for Am Yisroel. Period.

Representing a coalition of parties – Tekuma, HaTikvah, Moledet and Hazit/Eretz Yisroel Shelanu – Ichud Leumi will be following what is known in the Knesset as Coalition Discipline, where there are certain issues that the group must vote according to the party lines and other issues which the individuals are free to vote according to their personal judgment. It's like a mosaic where each tile retains its own color and together the tiles form a beautiful image – as long as they fit inside the given boundaries of the total picture.  

The Ichud Leumi team has been working tirelessly to form party policy that will accommodate all the factions. But the main issue: Eretz Yisroel for Am Yisroel is unquestioned. 

Like the individuals in the party, the party line also breaks the mold typical other right wing parties. Below is a list of the other so-called right wing parties and the proof of the depth of their (lack of) commitment to Eretz Yisroel for Am Yisroel:

    • Likud – the Likud is responsible for uprooting Yamit and the surrounding area. They are responsible for the Disengagement. Netanyahu, the current leader of Likud, sent an envoy to Syria to negotiate the Golan and he surrendered Hevron in the Wye Agreement. Netanyahu, Livnat, Shalom, Steinmetz, Katz and other Likud members at the top of their list voted for the Disengagement. Netanyahu denounced the Disengagement as being immoral only after he had given his support so it could be implemented. I asked Eldad for his understanding of Moshe Feiglin's role in the Likud, "Moshe Feiglin gives the wrong impression of the Likud – he is like a fig leaf covering the essence of the reality in the party."
    • Yisrael Beitenu – The platform of this party clearly states under what conditions they consider it legitimate to establish an Arab state in Eretz Yisroel. Once a party is comfortable with the idea of land concessions, the rest is negotiable. Leader of Yisrael Beitenu, Avigdor Liberman, openly states that he is willing to give up his own home in Nokdim to make room for the enemy state in the Jewish homeland.
    • SHAS –Shas has been showing concern for Chomesh and they even set up an office in Beit Shalom. But their history shows them as being for sale for any government. They allowed the Oslo Agreement to pass – by one vote! They could have stopped Oslo had they participated in the vote instead of abstaining. They are currently sitting in the government with Olmert. It was Shas that gave then Prime Mininster Ehud Barak the support he needed to offer arch terrorist Yasir Arafat Jewish land. Luckily, Arafat declined the offer. Spritiual mentor of Shas, Ovadia Yosef, says that we can give up land for Pikuach Nefesh, to save lives, when it has been proven that giving up land costs lives. 
    • The Jewish Home Party, which is actually the National Religious Party, gave Ariel Sharon the support he needed in order to carry out the Disengagement. Their policy is that should they have to choose between closing one classroom of one of their schools or giving away land, they would choose to give away land.

In order to get public approval for the Disengagement the public was convinced that it was because Jews were living in Gush Katif were the reason the army had to serve there. They did not want their sons to have to serve in Gaza just because of 'settlers.' The current war should be proof that the army is in Gaza because of the terrorists, not because of the Jews. The land give away produced not peace but war. But lo and behold even the right wing parties are willing to support further land giveaways. The country is so small! We are being attacked in the south and the north… and Ichud Leumi stands alone in adamantly refusing to concede land!  

How will the mosaic of Ichud Leumi stand strong in the midst of a hostile Knesset? Even the most beautiful tiles in a mosaic need mortar to stay in place. What glue is strong enough to keep the Ichud Leumi/National Union unified? The secular, the Religious Zionists, the Kahane followers, the Chabadnikim agree that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews, not because of the UN and not because of the might of the army, but by the will of Hashem and the Torah of Israel. This basic foundation of faith is our four-thousand year old glue that has proven to survive turbulence and turmoil… as it keeps Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel sticking together.  

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