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Jonathan Pollard - Have every stone really been left unturned?


 I strongly disagree that Pollards team left every stone unturned.

The Pollard campaign have consistently and stubbornly refused to speak out for our entitlement of all of Eretz Yisroel and against a Palestinian State and neither have they expressed strong disapproval of American and Israeli financial (USAID) and political support for "moderate" Fatah whose ideology is not that different than Hamas.

I would not put the total blame on a political leader in Israel such as Livni who failed to ask Bush for clemency.   There is a reason she and her fellow politicians didn't speak out.  They don't want to admit that their current policies in promoting a Palestinian State is supporting terror threatening Israel just like it did in the past when Jonathan Pollard attempted single handedly to do something about it.

The problem goes much deeper than simplyLivni's betrayal of Jonathan Pollard.  It is about American Foreign Policy who is in cahoots with the Government of Israel in betraying the Nation of Israel by their willingness to give away our birthright thereby endangering Israel, and the entire world.

This in my opinion is what is keeping Jonathan Pollard in Jail.

When Pollard will defend his decision to transfer intelligence that was rightfully due Israel and necessary to protect Israel from a terrorist regime, then perhaps G-d will perform miracles on his behalf.

Apologies on the part of Pollard are said in return for the hope of freedom but is it truly heartfelt or morally justified?

Yes, sometimes it appears that the truth seems to make matters worse.  Moshe Rabbeinu asked G-d "Lama Haraeosa?"  Why did you make things worse for the Jews when I approached Pharoh?  Pharoh after all intensified the suffering of the Jews.

Yet, G-d replies, Just witness the great miracles of redemption that is about to happen!

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Jonathan Pollard - Why isn't America expressing remorse?

22 January 2009  J4JPnew January 21, 2009

Why was the Pollard clemency bid dismissed?

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