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Clarification for Congressmen: Israel Wants a Palestinian State but do the Jews or do Bible believers? Mishpacha Magazine "Dear Mr. President" by Rabbi Moshe Grylak Editor in Chief


Dear David Bedein and Rabbi Stein, amv"sh

This is in response to Rabbi Stein's question "Which Congressmen are against a 2 State Solution" and David Bedein's  response that AIPAC has instructed all Congressmen that Israel wants a 2 State Solution thereby confusing them.

My comments are as follows:

AIPAC does not represent authentic Judaism. That is why it has become so imperative of the major Orthodox Jewish organizations with offices in Washington such as Agudath Yisroel, Young Israel, OU and Chabad International to make matters clear with a statement that the majority of  Torah Believing Jews are against a Palestinian State and that Fatah and Hamas  have the same goals.   Fatah wishes to achieve it's goal of Israel's destruction via diplomacy and Hamas is upfront.

I was pleasantly surprised to read a letter to the newly elect President Obama  by Rabbi Moshe Grylak, Editor in Chief of Mishpacha Magazine, that clarifies the authentic Jewish position that Eretz Yisroel is our land and any claim by the Palestinians to the Land of Israel is fiction.  If you can, please read the whole article. Rabbi Grylak wrote on Page 10-11 Issue 243

"...And Mr. President, there is no difference between moderates and zealots other than in the tactics they use to achieve their desired goal of destroying us, G-d forbid.

Since their propaganda is so effective, and so many people are convinced that it is just as they say - that the State of Israel was born in sin -- it is only right that you as president of a country where the Bible is the Book of Books, should refresh your biblical knowledge a bit and familiarize yourself with the historical facts before you sit down to deal with this painful and convoluted subject..."

I was pleasantly surprised  to read this in Mishpacha this past week since up to this point Rabbi Grylak will only speak out according to Daas Torah.  When the Gedoilim have been silent in speaking out against the Disengagement, Rabbi Grylak has staunchly defended them saying that the Gedoilim see a greater picture and it is not up to us layman to question their Silence.

Apparently, the Gedoilim BaTorah must be speaking out more forcefully and perhaps this is an opportune time for the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah to come out with a clear statement to correct the misconception portrayed by AIPAC that Jews are for a Palestinian State.  This statement can be followed up with a strong campaign of hundreds of thousands of caring Jews to express our yearning and desire of our birthright, the Land of Israel and the precepts and laws that are associated with the Land of Israel.

Judiasm and Zionism is synonomous even for Satmar Chassidim. Antizionism is a rejection of Judaism.  Satmar Chassidim, especially those living in the Land of Israel happen to be the strongest and staunchest supporters of Zionism in the truest sense of the word. One merely has to visit a typical class play in Satmar Bnos Yerushalyim and hear the love and devotion that these girls have for Yerushalyim Ir Hakodesh and Eretz Yisroel, Eretz HaKodesh.   Tzion is Yerushalayim and the Resting Place of Hakadosh Baruch Hu on Har Habayit.

Any antizionist activities on the part of Satmar Chassidim have more to do with commercial and political considerations rather than on the teachings of the Satmar Rebbe tz"l.  Given the reality of today, those antizionists that justify their existence based on the 3 oaths actually themselves go against the 3 oaths.

The Government of Israel does not represent Judaism or the Torah!

Congressmen have to answer to their constituencies.  If they are made aware that the Government of Israel misrepresents not only Torah Believing Jews but also millions of American citizens that makeup the Bible Belt then hopefully they will be able to distinquish between being loyal to the Government of Israel that takes its position based on American Foreign Policy and American interests rather than on Israel's own best interests.

2009/1/24 Israel Resource News Agency <>
Nothing is clear right now.
AIPAC, which represents the State of Israel on the Hill, has instructed all congressman that Israel wants a Palestinian state. Even those who oppose it are now confused as to what to say in public on the matter.

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